04 Mei 2009

Singapore Joins Joint Strike Fighter Programme

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F-35 JSF variant (image : MilitaryImage)

Singapore has signed the Letter of Offer and Acceptance to participate in the System Development and Demonstration Phase of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme as a Security Co-operation Participant (SCP). The JSF programme is a US-led multi-nation project to develop an advanced, cost-effective multi-role stealth strike fighter that can perform air defence and ground attack missions with precision engagement, enhanced combat survivability and lower cost of maintenance.

F-35 weapon (image : MilitaryImage)

Singapore’s bilateral SCP arrangement with the US provides an early opportunity to assess the JSF’s ability to meet the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s longer-term operational requirements for a multi-role fighter. Singapore will have insights into the JSF’s development progress and be able to conduct studies for integration of Singapore’s requirements into the JSF. As an SCP, Singapore can also request early purchase of the JSF for delivery from 2012 onwards.

Singapore is the only Asian country to sign an SCP Letter of Offer and Acceptance for the JSF programme. The LOA follows a Letter of Intent signed in February 2003, which laid down the broad principles for the SCP arrangement.


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