02 Juni 2009

Mine Warfare Forces of Vietnam

14 Oktober 2008

Sonya class MCM of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : Militaryphotos)

The Vietnamese Navy (PAVN (People's Army of Vietnam) Navy) operates three classes of MCMVs. There are two steel hulled Yurka (Rubin) (Project 266) class ocean minesweepers: HQ 851 and HQ 885, which were built in the early 1970s and transferred from the USSR in December 1979. Four Sonya (Yakhont) (Project 1265) class coastal minesweepers/hunters are also in the inventory: HQ 861, HQ 862, HQ 863 and HQ 864 transferred from the USSR between February 1987 and March 1990, with two of these based at Da Nang. Two Yevgenya (Korond) (Project 1258) class inshore minehunters are in service. The first was transferred from the USSR in October 1979 and a further two in December 1986 with one of these three vessels deleted in 1990. The PAVN Navy operate five K 8 (Project 361T) class minesweeping boats, transferred from the USSR in October 1980, though these are probably used as river patrol craft.

Minesweeper of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : Militarynuts)

The three classes of MCMVs have a minelaying capability; the Sonya and Yevgenya classes both having a capacity of eight mines, with the Yurka class able to carry 10 mines. The two Gepard (Project 11661) class frigates due to commission in 2010 and 2011 are likely to have a minelaying capacity of 48 weapons on two racks.


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