09 Mei 2009

ASTT Simulator for Indonesia

1 Desember 2005

Action Speed Tactical Trainers simulator for the Indonesian Navy (photo : Rheinmetall Defence)

In 2005, the Bremen-based company Rheinmetall Defence Electronics handed over one of the world's most modern Action Speed Tactical Trainers (ASTT) with a value of several million EUR to the Indonesian Navy. In the course of the tendering procedure, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics was able to prevail against international competition.

ASTT is a multi-proven simulation system for the training of naval personnel in the areas of tactics, operations and command decision-making. The training scenarios, tactical environment as well as ships, submarines and aircraft can all be operated with very user-friendly graphical interfaces.

For this, the system offers – over and above the developmental workstations for the scenarios, charts and diverse platforms – several game-controller and debriefing stations and a large number of exercise consoles.

The ASTT simulation system of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics offered convincing benefits for the customer, from both the technical and the economic viewpoints.

The training centre in Surabaya was already equipped with an appropriate training suite, but this had since become outdated. Through the targeted use of commercial off-the-shelf products and special consoles, it was possible to cut the procurement costs and at the same time extend the lifetime of the system considerably.

The ASTT product package was expanded with the aid of modern software development technologies to obtain a large number of new functions. Amongst other features, the latest Voice over IP audio technique is used for the communication within the simulator; unlike conventional systems, this is based on Internet technology.

In addition, it is possible to open ASTT to external applications by means of simulation interfaces, e.g. "Distributed Interactive Simulation" (DIS). In this way, ASTT can be linked to a large number of other simulators worldwide to implement complex training scenarios with them.

Besides the entire technical equipment of the training centre in Surabaya, the order also included the comprehensive renovation of the associated building.

To complement the delivery of the ASTT system, the corresponding support and service contracts were also concluded. Thanks to the good reputation that high-quality German products enjoy on the Indonesian market, follow-on orders are expected.

Almost simultaneously, a second navy has also received a highly modern ASTT simulator for one of its training centres. "With the delivery of these ASTT systems, we have been able to make a valuable contribution towards improving the standard of training for future crews," emphasized Ralf Lieske, the project manager responsible for ASTT.

For 20 years now, the company Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH, Bremen (the former STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH), has been a supplier to the armed forces in Southeast Asia and a recognized industrial partner.

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics belongs to worldwide leaders for simulation and training systems and the supporting services. The company covers the entire spectrum of simulation systems – from CBTs through handling simulators and part task trainers up to full-mission and tactical simulators. Rheinmetall Defence Electronics is a trusted partner for the navy, army and air force and is also active in a wide range of civilian fields.


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  1. Good blog!

    Am surprised that not only Malaysia, but Indonesian Navy also operates/uses the same ASTT system for its training facilities. A good move indeed.

    Keep up your work!

  2. I wonder if Pakistan Navy is using this system
    Humayun W. Malik