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Weapons Options For Indonesia’s LF-105 Frigates

1 Februari 2007

Lurssen LF-105 (image : Tempur)

The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) has shortlisted two anti-ship cruise missiles-Brahmos and C-802A- for arming its six LF-105 light patrol frigates that are to be ordred later this year. The TNI-AL has also shortlisted two types of 100mm main guns of Chinese and Russian origin for three frigates.

By the middle of this year, Indonesia is expected to ink a contract with a consurtiom of two German companies-Lurssenwerft and Atlas Elektronik-for procuring six LF-105s. Lurssen, which along with Indonesia’s state owned Surabaya-based shipbuilder PT. PAL, has so far built eight Nav-1/2/5-class large patrol craft, is offering to build the first LF-105 in Germany, followed by PT PAL fabricating the remaining five frigates under licence.

MU-90 triple torpedoes launcher (photo : Flickr-Modly)

Each such vessel will have length of 105 metres, breadth of 14 metres, speed of 30 knots, range of 6,000nm, crew complement of 119, and a displacement of 2,500 tonnes. The weapons suite will include either a 100mm or 76mm main gun, Kentron of South Africa’s UMKHONTO vertically launched short range air defence missile or MBDA’s VL-MICA air defence missiles, up to eight anti ship cruise missiles, two triple-torpedo tube launchers for MU 90 or A-244 torpedoes, a 35mm gun for close-in defence, and a Terma-built SKWS offboard decoy dispenser suite.

ILDS-a 35mm CIWS (photo : Rheinmetall)

The combat management system will be the ARGOS from Atlas Elektronik, while other on-board sensors will include an integrated VIGILE/Scorpion 2 ESM/EW suite, one TRS-3D/16-ES three-dimensional air/surface search radar from EADS, one marine integrated machinery control system will be SAM Elektronik’s Geamar 100/Geamot. Raytheon/Anschutz will provide the MINS-2 inertial navigation system, while Rohde & Schwarz will supply the integrated communications system.

The stern-mounted helicopter deck will be able to accommodate two 5tonne multi-role helicopters.

MICA VLS SAM (photo : Luiz carlos)

Lurssenwerft has navigation radar, two TMX/EO Mk2 (X- and Ka-band) optronic fire-control directors, Mk12 IFF, one long-range search radar (probably THALES Nederland’s MW-08), and one ACTAS towed-array sonar and one ASO-94 hull-mounted panoramic sonar. The CODAD propulsion system will comprise four MTU 20V 8000 M-90 diesel engines driving Renk-Tacke reduction gearboxes.

The already appointed a consortium of European banks to arrange a syndicated loan for financing this contract. The first frigate will be delivered within 44 months of contract signature, with the remaining five rolling out of PT PAL in 10-month intervals.

BrahMos SSM cruise missile (photo : Trishul)

While the supersonic 300km-range Brahmos, already in service with the Indian Navy, is clearly superior to the subsonic 120km-range C-802 in terms of performance and kill probability, it is surprising why the China National Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp (CPMIEC) has not yet offered its more advanced anti-ship cruise missile-the YJ/62/C-602-for the Indonesian requirement. The C-602, on the other hand, has already been approved for export by China, and will be equipping the four F-22P guided-missile frigates that are now being built by the China State Shipbuilding & Trading Corp (CSTC) for the Pakistan Navy. The subsonic 300km-range C-602 has been christened as the “Babur” by Pakistan.
A-190E 100mm gun (photo : Bharat Rakshakt)

On board the LF-105, the chosen anti-ship cruise missile will be housed in inclined launchers mounted amidship. For the 100mm naval gun requirement, Russia’s ARSENAL is offering its stealthy turret-mounted system, which currently equips the three Project 1135.6 guided-missile frigates of the Indian Navy. NORINCO of China’s 100mm gun bearing a close resemblance to the Creusot Loire-designed 100mm gun, has been in series production for the past three years and currently no less than four principal surface combatans of the PLA Navy.

(Tempur Februari 2007)

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