08 Mei 2009

Cambodian Army, Navy Order New Patrol Craft From China

1 Oktober 2005
Cambodia patrol ship (photo : China Daylife)

General Di Ban, Cambodian Navy chief of general staff, announced Aug. 8 that the sea service would be procuring seven new patrol craft from China.

The $62 million order was placed on July 29 for three small-scale patrol boats of 19.5 tons and four larger vessels of around 70 tons. Additionally, the Cambodian Army ordered six units of the 19.5-ton patrol craft design for an undisclosed amount, bringing the total order to 13.

Cambodia patrol ship (photo : China Daylife)

The contract agreement reportedly indicates that all 13 units will be delivered within the next two years; however, specifics regarding financing and offsets were not released.

Navy League)

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