12 Mei 2009

Kuala Lumpur Seeks Self-Propelled Mortars

3 Mei 2006

ACV-300 Adnan 120mm self propelled Mortar of the Royal Malaysia Army (photo : Militaryphotos)

The Malaysian Army is understood to have a requirement for up to eight 120 mm advanced self-propelled mortar systems to provide organic firepower for units equipped with the Turkish FNSS armoured combat vehicle (ACV).

There are two contenders to meet this requirement: the French TDA 120 mm 120R 2M rifled system and the Swiss Ruag Land Systems Bighorn 120 mm recoiling mortar system. Both have a number of advanced features, including a computerised fire-control system, which allows them to rapidly come into action, carry out a fire mission and redeploy before any counter-battery fire is returned.

The latter was shown at DSA 2006 integrated into the latest Turkish FNSS ACV - Stretched (ACV-S), which is a further development of the ACV already in service with the army. With its increased internal volume and payload, the ACV-S can carry a total of 64 120 mm mortar projectiles and associated charges.


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