19 Mei 2009

Malaysia Considers ATGWs

2 Maret 2007

MBDA's Trigat ATGW (photo : Defensie)

Malaysia is evaluating anti-tank guided weapons to meet an army requirement for 18 launchers and 200 missiles after closing a Finance Ministry tender deadline on 30 January, writes Dzirhan Mahadzir.

Denel's Ingwe ATGW onVBL (photo : Army Recognition)

Metis-M ATGW (photo : Rusarmy)

Kornet-E ATGW (photo : Army Technology)

Systems under consideration include the Russian KBP Metis-M and Kornet-E, China's Norinco Red Arrow, Pakistan's Baktar Shikan, the MBDA TRIGAT and the Denel Ingwe from South Africa. The army already has a limited number of Metis M and Baktar Shikan systems, but the Kornet-E is said by sources to be favoured due to its performance in 2006 against Israeli armour in Lebanon.


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Malaysia Accepts Pakistani ATGW
8 Juli 2004

Malaysia has taken delivery of its Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) 300-series tracked armoured vehicles fitted with the Pakistani Baktar Shikan anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW). A contract was placed in late 2000 with FNSS Savunma Sistemleri of Turkey for 211 ACV 300 vehicles in 10 configurations.


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