09 Mei 2009

Singapore Seals Deal to Acquire Twelve F-15SG

12 Desember 2005
F-15SG will replace A-4SU Skyhawk (photo : Boeing)

The Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with The Boeing Company on 12 December 2005 to acquire 12 F-15SG (designated "SG" for "Singapore") fighter aircraft. The F-15SG, which has a configuration that is unique to Singapore, will be the most advanced variant of the F-15 and will operate as the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) next generation multi-role fighter jet. The contract also provides an option for the acquisition of another 8 aircraft at a future date.

The F-15SG will replace the A-4SU Skyhawks which have been retired. They will be equipped with sophisticated avionics and weapons systems and will give the RSAF significantly better system-level capability. The acquisition of these advanced fighters marks a milestone in the transformation of the RSAF, and will significantly enhance the capabilities and operational readiness of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

The twelve F-15SG are expected to be delivered in 2008/09. The Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) will manage the F-15SG programme.


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