03 Juni 2009

VERA-E Will Boost Malaysia's Counter Stealth Aircraft Capability

25 Oktober 2008

VERA-E Mobile Long-range Passive Surveillance System (photo : KLSReview)

Czech VERA-E Mobile Long-range Passive Surveillance System will boost Malaysia's detection on stealth aircraft capability.

Malaysia had signed a MOU with OMNIPOL which is only exporter of VERA-E on August 7th, 2007 at Malaysian Ministry of Defense. But, top rank officers of MINDEF denied it due to the sensitiveness of importing VERA-E system.

However, Annual Report of MINDEF 2007 has revealed that MINDEF is in the process of negotiating with OMNIPOL pertaining to offset and counter-purchase programs. This is the first time that MINDEF admits this deal is ongoing in written form.

In order to find out more about VERA-E's capability, KLS has interviewed the representative of OMNIPOL, Zdenek Burian. He disclosed that VERA-E able to detect stealth aircraft if it emits signals of radars, jammers, SIF/IFF transponders and TACAN/DME interrogators.

KLS:According to malaysia topography, how many Vera-E systems needed?
Zdenek Burian:The VERA-E system has a typical range of detection 450 km. The range can be different according to the landscape and other local operational conditions.

KLS:How far the effectiveness of Vera-E in detecting stealth aircraft?
Zdenek Burian:The VERA-E system is capable to detect signals emitted by air, ground and naval transmitters of all kind, radars, jammers, SIF/IFF transponders and TACAN/DME interrogators. That means that the main basic condition of successful detection is that the aircraft (of any type including stealth) must emit any of above mentioned signal.

KLS:What is the deployment time of vera-e?
Zdenek Burian:Up to 1 hour.

KLS: Can you share with us the proven record of Vera-E in past conflict?
Zdenek Burian:OMNIPOL a trading company responsible for international marketing of new systems delivered directly from the production company. We do not have any information from the system operators regarding the commitment, our responsibility is only regarding possible technical difficulties, spare parts deliveries, upgrading, maintenance, repairs, overhauls etc.

KLS:Why Malaysia needs Vera-E, but not other system?
Zdenek Burian:The selection of equipment is proposed, planned and effected by the local responsible institutions. The decision is based on comparison of technical parameters of all available systems and also on local operational conditions.
Such question can be answered by institution responsible for purchase planning in respective country.

KLS:It needs how many people to operate it?
Zdenek Burian:Only one operator is needed for the standard operation.

KLS: Does it suitable to Malaysian climate and landscape?
Zdenek Burian:The environmental limits for the system operations is -40oC to +60oC for outdoor parts and 0 to +40oC for indoor parts.


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