04 Desember 2015

Vietnam Coast Guard to Get 9 TT-400 Patrol Boats

04 Desember 2015

CSB no 4036 and 4037 (photos : QPVN)

According to Resolution 72/2014/QH13, Congress has reserved 4,500 billion to close the 7 vessel and procurement of new equipment for the Coast Guard Forces.

Among them, there are two large patrol vessels of 2,400 tons (DN-2000 vessel number 8004 and 8005), four patrol boats TT-400 , 1 multi-purpose transport ship refueling at sea.

So far, all seven ships under Resolution 72/2014/QH13 have been launched, most recently on Monday 30/11, Song Thu Company has launched CSB ship 8005 (the last ship in series 7 ship above).

Notably, during the ship patrolling TT-400 is present we (specifically here are factory Z173) has shortened construction time from keel laying until time trials to 6 months (instead of 8 months and 1 year as before).

CSB no 4038 and 4039 (photos : QPVN)

Get this was due to the improved arrangement stages of production, technological innovation in the shipbuilding cycle and finishing vessel.

The result is that now both TT-400 4 newbuilding vessel (from 4036 bearing number to 4039) have been launched in Z173 factory, 4036 and 4037 that two ships completed, ready to test for inclusion in the official preparations for Vietnam Coast Guard.

Unlike the TT-400 4 first vessel (from 4031 to 4034 numbers), the vessel No. 6, 7, 8, 9 were closed on the basis of the technical design of the vessel TT-400 No. 5 (4035 currently under service Marine Police Region 4) with a few tactical specifications were changed to suit the specific activities of the Coast Guard.

By launching another 4 patrol boats TT-400, in the near future Vietnam Coast Guard will own up to 9 this modern patrol vessels, significantly enhances the capacity of law enforcement at sea.


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