09 Mei 2009

RSN Acquires Västergötland-Class Submarines

28 Oktober 2005
Vastergotland will join four Sjoormen class submarines (photo : Mindef)

MINDEF has accepted an offer to purchase two Vastergotland-class submarines from Sweden. It has evaluated these submarines to be a cost-effective opportunity buy to enhance the submarine capabilities of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). The two submarines are expected to enter service from 2010 and will replace some of the RSN's Challenger-class submarines.

The contract for the Vastergotland-class submarines was signed between MINDEF and Kockums AB of Sweden. The agreement includes a logistics package and comprehensive training in Sweden for the crews. The two submarines will also be upgraded and converted for operations in tropical waters before they are delivered to the RSN.

The RSN has had excellent cooperation with the Royal Swedish Navy in submarine training and operations. The RSN had purchased its Challenger-class submarines from Sweden in the 1990s to gain experience in operating submarines. As the Vastergotland-class submarines are also of Swedish origin, the RSN will benefit from synergies in both crew training and logistics support.


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