02 Mei 2009

Vietnamese Navy to Order Additional Fast Attack Craft

1 Desember 2003
Tarantul III-fast attack craft (photo : ttvnol)

In mid-October 2003, the Vietnamese navy ordered 10 additional fast attack craft from Russia's Vympel Design Bureau. The agreement with Vympel apparently covers the cost of 10 vessels that would be built under license at the Saigon Shipbuilding Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The design of the 10 new fast attack craft is based on the Tarantul III (Molniya) design and known as the BPS 500-class in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese navy took delivery of the first unit of the class from Saigon Shipbuilding in 2001 and expects the second unit to be delivered by the close of 2004. Construction of a third unit probably will commence in 2004 following the delivery of the second unit. Vietnam is taking advantage of the very low cost of indigenous construction within its borders as well as expanding its shipbuilding base as it attempts to modernize its naval force.

(Navy League)

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