02 Desember 2015

Thales Fulmar Mini-UAV for MMEA's NGPC

02 Desember 2015

If Fulmar crashed in the water, its able to floating for 24 hours (photo : Thales)

SHAH ALAM: Thales Fulmar mini-UAV has been selected for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) New Generation Patrol Craft (NGPC). Six of the NGPC is being built by Destini Shipbuilding and Engineering Sdn Bhd (DMS), a subsidiary of public-listed Destini Bhd.

The UAV is among the major sub-systems of the NGPC which the builder must sourced, according to the tender requirement. Malaysian Defence had reported previously that the Aselsan SMASH 30mm will be the main gun for the six-vessel NGPC. Please check out the other reports of the NGPC by searching this website.

The Fulmar is described by Thales as a mini-UAV. “Its size is 3.1 meters and weighs 19 kilos, it flies to the altitude of 3,000 meters and can achieve a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. It has a range of eight hours due to a low consumption of the aircraft in flight as a result of its aerodynamic design, and it can fly 800 km without refueling.

This Spanish design counts on a terrestrial and a maritime version. Fulmar is purely Spanish, contributing with a profitable closeness to equipment maintenance as well as to operators’ training.

Fulmar is a competitive solution that can be adapted to different needs and can integrate with other systems to provide a global solution.”

(Malaysian Defence)

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