01 Desember 2015

Coast Guard Vessel 8005 was Launched in Da Nang

01 Desember 2015

Vietnamese Coast Guard Vessel 8005 (DN 2000 class) (photo : chinhphu, datviet)

On 30/11, the feast of the Coast Guard Vessel 8005 took place in the city of Da Nang in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; Lieutenant General Nguyen Thanh Cung, Vice Minister of Defense.

8005 Coast Guard ship advanced design, modern, 2nd ship in a series of versatile DN2000 Song Thu by the Corporation under the Directorate of Defense Industry, the Ministry of Defence building.

8005 ships fully meet international standards by the Dutch Damen Group transfer was completed after 12 months.

The main task of 8005 is to patrol and protect sovereignty over sea and islands, law enforcement on the waters and the continental shelf; search and rescue operations in waters of Vietnam and international, pull the rescue ship in distress ...

With a volume of 2,400 tons of water relaxation, CSB 8005 vessel operating range of 5,000 nautical miles, while operating continuously at sea 40 days and nights. The vessel is closed within 12 months and is expected after three months will conduct handover (previously it took 18 months to close the vessel finished CSB 8002) to force Vietnam Coast Guard launched.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said the events continue this important new development marks of force Vietnam Coast Guard and the defense industry in Vietnam.

Shipbuilding program, procurement of equipment for the police force and marine fishery control by the Government tasked the Defense Ministry, the ministries concerned made to meet the requirements of promoting economic development in the sea associated with enhanced protection sacred island sovereignty of the country in the new situation, capacity building for law enforcement forces on marine function of Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

Also in 8005 Vessel ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister direct the Coast Guard to constantly improve the quality of training, exercise and combat plans; coordination with navies hold a pivotal role in the sea; synergistically with other forces and people throughout the country in the protection of maritime sovereignty and islands, the continental shelf and protect national interests, protect fishermen at sea and maritime economic interests; master responses, flexible handling situations happen at sea; managing and maintaining security at sea in accordance with law of Vietnam and international.

Besides, serious marine police maintain law enforcement at sea and perform other tasks such good crime prevention, prevention of smuggling and drug trafficking at sea, search and rescue, rescue ; steering management, effective use, saving budget resources for shipbuilding projects under the Resolution of the National Assembly as well as the project of strengthening equipment, vehicles and vessels for the Coast Guard ...

With the direct leadership, fierce heads the Defense Ministry and the inspection and strict supervision of the Coast Guard Command, the deployment of shipbuilding projects under this program are guaranteed on schedule , quality, savings, reduce costs; compliance with regulations on management of construction investment and management rules of military shipbuilding.


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