01 Desember 2015

TKMS Submits Bid to Build Future Submarines

01 Desember 2015

TKMS has submitted its proposal for SEA 1000 (photo : adbr)

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) has submitted its offer under the SEA 1000 competitive evaluation process, as Germany competes with France and Japan to be selected as the international partner for the Future Submarine program.

A joint TKMS team of some 200 submarine experts from Australia and Germany joined forces for the effort known as Project Endeavour.

“We are very proud of our submission, which we delivered to the government today in Canberra,” said Dr John White, chairman of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Australia. “Our engineers from Australia and Germany have combined to put all their experience and know-how to offer Australia a regionally superior submarine fleet tailored to the specific requirements of the Royal Australian Navy.”

Dr White stated that the response addresses the needs of Defence, and meets all fiscal, technical and capacity requirements.

“If successful, we will introduce new digital shipyard technologies to Australia that will revolutionise the way ships are built in the future,” he said. “After going through this intense process, ThyssenKrupp is totally confident that Australia has both the capacity and the capabilities to construct and deliver a new generation of submarines.”

The federal government announced in February that Defence would undertake the competitive evaluation process to assess which country is best placed to partner with Australia to develop the Future Submarine.

“The [Future] Submarine can be a core part of a viable national shipbuilding industry that brings local economic benefits and creates long-term employment for skilled workers,” Dr White continued.

“We were impressed by the specific skills and the technical, engineering and manufacturing knowledge of the over 500 potential Australian suppliers we engaged with during our national industry consultation process. This experience confirmed our confidence that Australia has the required capabilities to build submarines and [Future] Frigates here.

“We intend to utilise the local shipbuilding capacity to develop Australia as a regional hub to service our submarine and surface ship maintenance needs for the Asia Pacific region; this is effectively helping to create a new export industry for the country.”


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