03 Desember 2015

Myanmar Navy Release New Offshore Patrol Ship

03 Desember 2015

MNS Inle 54 (all photos : Myanmar Navy)

Some picture report in late November that past, Burma has released launches newly complete of Navy offshore patrol vessels. A ship with hull number 54 named Inle (named the Inle Lake in Shan state or Marsh Lake in the Shan language). 

Inle is the second largest freshwater lake, and a famous tourist destination in Myanmar to watch the well-being of people in work who live in the village center, water and agriculture on the island of weed floating.

As initial information currently Inle ship have a long hull of about 80m, equipped weapons to be medium artillery guns and machine is based on a large ship.

Myanmar has a current fleet of offshore patrol the Osprey-50 class supply ships from Denmark with hull number 55 Indaw (named a lake in the Sagaing Region) and hull number. 57 Inya (named the Inya Lake in downtown Yangon). Ship's main weapon is a machine gun, a Bofors 40/L60, one machine gun and cannon Oerlikon 20mm double barrel, by active since 1982.

The MNS Inle (MNS: Myanmar Navy Ship) offshore patrol vessels, seems to be a replacement or supplement for the old ship two ships stationed for more than 30 years.


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