26 Januari 2016

Handing Over 2 High-Speed Patrol Vessels TT-400 for the Coast Guard

26 Januari 2016

TT-400 class Patrol Vessel (photo : qpvn)

Afternoon 22-1, at Haiphong, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (the General Department of Defense Industry) held a ceremony to hand over two high-speed patrol vessels TT-400 (a score of 6.7) for the Command Status Coast Guard.

These are 2 of the 4 the company Honghe building for the Coast Guard under the program of the National Assembly's Resolution 72 XIII. Previously, the company Honghe played and handed over to the Marine Police force 5 vessels.

Construction process, the Company actively research Honghe, suggest improvements designed to improve product quality, aesthetics, ease of use and activities of officers and soldiers.

Some technical-tactical features of two new patrol boats to be changed to fit the actual operation characteristics of the Coast Guard.

TT-400 ships with the length 54m, width 9,3m, country charm full load volume of 425 tonnes; is equipped with modern equipment and uniform, able to operate in conditions of wave level 8.

With the introduction of patrol boats equipped with TT-400 will help the Coast Guard Forces Vietnam strengthening the capacity of law enforcement at sea.


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