26 Januari 2016

KAI and PT Dirgantara Indonesia to Develop Passenger Jets

26 Januari 2016

KAI and PT DI to develop passenger jets (photo : wkrg)

KAI to develop passenger plane

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has launched a project to develop passenger jets, a market that has long been dominated by Boeing and Airbus, sources said Wednesday.

"We are seeking to make a foray into the commercial airplane market through a joint project with an Indonesian defense firm," a KAI official told The Korea Times.

The move comes at a time when Boeing and Airbus face challenges from China, which recently unveiled a commercial airliner.

Beijing's state-owned Commercial Aircraft of China, or Comac, delivered its first of 30 ARJ21 passenger aircraft to Chengdu Airlines in late November.

Comac is also pushing to develop a larger jetliner, the C919, with targets efficiency levels comparable with those of the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX, according to local media. A prototype of the 158-to-174 seater was unveiled in early November.

In order to join the race, KAI signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement (SCA) with Indonesia's state-run PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), Dec. 4, the company said.

KAI KC-100 Naraon (photo : KAI)

Under the deal, the two companies will strengthen collaboration in the defense aviation industry, but also work toward making commercial airplanes.

The Indonesian company is already participating in Korea's domestic KF-X fighter jet development project.

PTDI has experience in developing its own 50-seater N-250 and the 100-seater N-2130 civil aircraft in the 1990s, while KAI has successfully developed military aircraft such as the T-50 supersonic trainer and the FA-50 light-combat aircraft.

"It will be a win-win for both parties, as each can help the other in their respective areas of technological superiority," said the official.

He noted that the two companies plan to meet twice a year to discuss their cooperation in the development of a civilian jetliner and other aircraft including drones.

"The first meeting will take place within the first half of this year," he said.

PT DI N-250 (photo : Kaskus Militer)

He added that the feasibility study to figure out potential demand for civilian aircraft will also take place, saying, "Securing demand in the domestic markets of both Korea and Indonesia is our preliminary goal."

From 2008 to 2013, KAI developed the four-seat, low-wing, single-engine KC-100 Naraon that was marked as the nation's first passenger plane. The Naraon is expected to enter service this year.

KAI President and CEO Ha Sung-yong said last year that taking the commercialization of Naraon as an opportunity, KAI will make efforts to attain its ambition to develop and produce a 100-seater passenger plane.

The move apparently comes because sales of civilian aircraft account for almost 80 percent of the world aviation market, so there is a limit to focusing only on the defense aviation industry.

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  1. Kami dukung dan ini langkah yang benar, karena untuk menjaga agar PT.DI tetap bisa berkembang mendukung negara dalam industri pertahanan, dan dikarenakan pesanan di sektor pertahanan yang terbatas, mau tidak mau wajib masuk ke ranah pesawat komersial.

    Hasil dari penjualan pesawat komersial dapat menjadi subsidi untuk pengembangan pesawat pesawat militer dan produksi alat militer untuk mendukung pembangunan kekuatan pertahanan Indonesia.

    Selamat dan sukses untuk PT.DI

  2. Inikan salah satu cita-cita pak BJ HABIEBIE yang mana beliau lebih tertarik pada pengembangan pesawat komersim.
    Kabarnya beliau dan putranya merancang pesawat R80.

    Semoga sukses semua dech. Aamiin.

  3. pengusaha2 Indonesia bekerja sama dg perusahaan swasta Korea selatan, utk pembuatan/pengadaan suku cadang pesawat dan sangat menjanjiakan mendptkan pundi2 dollar maupun utk membuat lapangan kerja baru. lanjutkan.........