22 Januari 2016

Keel Laying of RTN's Medium Tugboat

22 Januari 2016

Keel laying ceremony of RTN's medium tugboat (photo : RTN)

On January 19, 2016 at 10.45 am conducted keel laying ceremony of medium tugboat for Royal Thai Navy at the Italthai Marine Limited shipyard company, Ban Muang district, Samut Prakan province. 

The implementation of this project is to provide tug boats to replace old vessels and a tugboat medium in sufficient numbers. Including compliance with the various support vessels. 

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has approved the budget for the fiscal year financial commitment to the Navy supply ship towing medium-sized projects by binding fiscal year 2015 - 2016. The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has also passed a bill (Act) fiscal year 2015 budget, which has included a supply medium tug.

Features of the medium tugboat 

According to the Navy determined, a boat designed by Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects and Marine Engineering Canada, who designed the world-renowned ship propulsion.
A boat is a boat RAmparts 3200CL standard, RAmparts 3200 Series of Robert Allan has been widely popular, has been built by various shipyards worldwide and is recognized as the owner of the vessel more than 100 units.

A boat RAmparts 3200 of Robert Allan Ltd. is geared to meet the needs of the Navy. The hull is made of steel coordinated by welding The thickness of the steel sheet designed to be thicker than the minimum requirement of ship classification societies. And ship design services to docks ship - assist tug towing of the pull and the pressure vessel head is.

The winch and towing winch rope store, the system is powered Azimuth Stem Drive (ASD) or Z - drive two-blade propeller. Powered by a diesel engine and install a sprinkler system outside the ship.

Boats performance 

The ship has enough power to make the boat is pulling at least 53 metric tons and turn the rotation (360 degrees) can take up to 60 seconds.

General Characteristics

The size of the boat
-The length along the ship only 32.00 meters
- Width 12.40 m
- The maximum water depth of 4.59 m
- The perpendicular distance from the bow to the saloon 9.10 m

Capacity (freight rates)
- Fuel 149.2 cubic meters
- 49.00 cubic meters of fresh water
- ship ballast water tank 56.00 cubic meters
- Tanks 5.90 cubic meters of waste
- Keep the fuel tank contamination 5.90 cubic meters
- chemical tank foam, 6.90 cubic meters
- tanks for chemical, oil, 6.90 cubic meters

Speed ​​of boat
The maximum speed on the water fully liable to drive more than 12 knots, the engine power does not exceed 100 percent of MCR (Maximum Continuous Rating)

Operating range

Operating distance of not less than 2500 nautical miles at a speed of 8 knots that secrete fully liable (Full Load Displacement) using fuel oil. Up to 95 percent of capacity fuel tank.

Military ship
Batman 3 Mr.
Mr. warrant officer 3
Mr. Sergeant number 6
Soldiers of the 4th
Official ship a total of 16 officers.

Currently, the data showed a medium tug boat fleet of Thailand in two types : Rin class and Sarn class. Rin class contain HTMS Rin 853 and HTMS Nests 854 made in Singapore, active since March 5, 1981. Sarn class contain HTMS Sarn 855 and HTMS Rhino 856 made in Thailand, active since 22 September 1994 and 20 November 1994. It can be seen Rin class is older than Sarn class, so the need to build new vessels into service to replace it.


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