16 Januari 2016

Vietnam is in Talks to Buy Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter?

16 Januari 2016

Eurofighter Typhhon fighter (photo : BAE Systems)

According to the National Interest of the United States, the information said that Vietnam is negotiating purchase of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter expressed as movements of Vietnam in strategies to reduce dependence on Russian weapons, as well as strengthening ability.

Earlier, according to National Interest, the British newspaper said Reuters, Vietnam is negotiating with manufacturers of Saab JAS-39E / F Gripen NG, multirole fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon and fighter F / A-18E / F Super Hornet of Boeing. 

If agreement is reached, Vietnam can buy hundreds of fighters to replace the fleet of 144 MiG-21 Fishbeds and 38 Sukhoi attack aircraft Su-22 Fitter. 

The new fighter could bail the fighter jet produced by the Soviet Union. Currently, Vietnam has more than 10 Su-27 Flankers and 32 Su-30MK2 Flanker modern than the other 4 units ordered. 

However, according to experts, the Vietnam buy American fighter still very far although bilateral relations between the two countries have improved greatly in recent times . On the issue of buying weapons, Europe will have the advantage. 

According to Reuters, Hanoi recently achieved certain progress in the negotiations Typhoon aircraft. However, Vietnam needs more out of fighters. Hanoi needs to improve oversight and force maritime patrol boat amid South China Sea disputes escalating. 

Vietnam is also negotiating with Sweden on ships and maritime patrol variant of the early warning Saab 340 aircraft or aircraft engine 2 2000. Vietnam is also conducting discussions to acquire maritime patrol version of the C-295 Airbus, variant Sea transport aircraft Hercules C-130 and Lockheed consider the offer of Boeing aircraft equipped with adequate monitoring devices such as P-8 Poseidon. 

In addition, Hanoi is also looking for aircraft surveillance drone to assist in patrolling the coast in large scale. However, the details have not been disclosed.

Recently, the press interviews of Vietnam, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov said, in principle, Russia has always supported the United States to lift the ban on arms to Vietnam. 

According Konstantin Vnukov, Russia not afraid to compete with US arms sales in Vietnam market. 

On the US eased arms embargo against damage Vietnam, Vietnam's ambassador to Russia, said Russia fully welcomes this move by Washington.

(Viet Hai Ngoai)

11 komentar:

  1. ...like claiming Vietnam will buy F-16 from US!! I would advise the administrator to 'reduce' such gibberish story from.being published

    1. I think they want to taste the water before getting better deal from it.

  2. Wow.. harap vietnam beli pesawat gripen. X perlu yg variant NG, type c/d pun dah cukup canggih untuk menggantikan mig21 dan su22 mereka.

  3. Vetnam ga bakal belli alutsista super mahal kwalitasnya masih kalah adu tempur vs su 30.mki .

  4. Vetnam ga bakal belli alutsista super mahal kwalitasnya masih kalah adu tempur vs su 30.mki .

    1. U like sukhoi's dont u bro..

    2. Russian bitch.. that's what she is. Just make fun of it.

  5. O camon Shed, stop teasing him and make all of us going crazy with his nonsense. Just shhhh Man

    1. Shed just make fun of him. How about if i asked the bullet proof material of helicopter rotor? :D :D :D

    2. It just his junk is every where Bro... This is what we call idiotic centric person -_-"

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