18 Januari 2016

New EOTS for Lekiu Class Frigates

18 Januari 2016

Lekiu class frigates of RMN consist of KD Jebat F-29 and KD Lekiu F-30 (photo : Malaysian Defence, image : MMP) 

EOTS and Others for Lekiu and Jebat

SHAH ALAM: AS we wait for the revisions to the 2016 budget, we can pass the time to reflect on the results of the tenders for the RMN’s 23rd Frigate Squadron. The ships of squadron are of course, KD Lekiu and KD Jebat. Previously I had reported on the award of new navigation radars for both ships. For that report go here.

Anyhow, the Electro-Optical Tracking System (EOTS) tender was awarded to Qiblatin Synergy Sdn Bhd. However, as the usual practice, the type of EOTS was not named. According to the industry sources however, the EOTS selected was from Chess Dynamics, a UK company based in Sussex.

The Chase Dynamics EOTS is the Sea Eagle FCEO, which according to its manufacturer ”is an electro optical fire control system optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. Capable of controlling any ‘in-service’ naval gun, the system provides 24 hour, detection, acquisition, tracking, identification and engagement of air and surface targets through its thermal and TV sensors with target range provided by a high repetition laser rangefinder.”

Qiblatin Synergy also won the tenders for the procurement and supply of 57mm and 40mm HE rounds for the navy. No numbers were revealed however but it must be significant as both remained the mainstay of RMN ships. It is likely that Qiblatin will sourced both rounds from SMEO Sdn Bhd as the company manufacture these rounds under license.

Meanwhile, the Ship Data Distribution System (SSDS) and the Degaussing System tenders were awarded to ME & O Fleet Support Sdn Bhd and Karisma International Sdn Bhd, respectively. 

With the announcement of these two awards, the only tender left unannounced for the Lekiu-class mid-life updates (its not a SLEP) is the ESM (Electronic warfare Support Measures).

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  1. A needed update for the old lekiu.

  2. Kapal ini merupakan aset terpenting dlm armada TLDM. Tp sayangnya its armament is a bit outdated.. terutamanya sistem pertahanan udaranya

    1. Same things happen to most of indonesian combat surface ship. Lack of air defense.