23 September 2017

9 Armoured Security Vehicles For Malbatt

23 September 2017

IAG Guardian (photo : Army Recognition)

BEIRUT (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Peacekeeping Mission (Malbatt) in Lebanon will receive a reinforcement of nine units of Guardian armoured security vehicles (ASV) in mid December.

Defence Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Johari Baharum said the assets which would be mobilised in January reflected the Malaysian government's commitment in the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.

"Malbatt's assets have been upgraded to suit current needs and circumstances," he told Bernama and RTM on Thursday.

According to him, Malbatt presently has 46 RPZ Condor 4x4 armoured personnel carriers at its operation centre at Marakah Camp, located about 100km from Beirut.

He said members of the peacekeeping team had also been provided with digital camouflage uniform made of good textile, bullet proof and although thick, is light and therefore comfortable to wear.

"The government is concerned for the problems and welfare of our team in Malbatt. My last visit to Lebanon was three years ago and since then there had been many changes including relations between Malbatt and the local community," he said.

Mohd Johari said Malaysia was in the process of completing the 'Malaysian bazaar' which would provide a site and opportunity for local traders here to earn their livelihood.

"Malaysia's endeavour to help improve the economy of the local community has gained the attention and support of the people in Lebanon," he added.


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  3. Mantap Malaysia.... kita punya gak ya ?

  4. Mantap Malaysia.... kita punya gak ya ?

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