25 September 2017

Turn Vietnam's BRDM-2 into Automatic Combat Vehicle

23 September 2017

BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicle of the Vietnamese Army (all photos : KienThuc)

With the current domestic technology, Vietnam can completely turn BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles into automatic combat vehicles.

BRDM-2 armor scouting was one of the armored vehicles on the Army's service, but over time this line of vehicles became obsolete and no longer meets the requirements. fight the army in the new situation.

To be able to extend service time as well as improve the combat capability of the BRDM-2 in Vietnam, it needs to be upgraded comprehensively. And one of the possible alternatives is to turn the BRDM-2 into unmanned combat vehicles.

Theoretically, this option is quite suitable for the BRDM-2, as it is rather small in design, it is difficult to deploy more heavy weapons or expand the capacity of troops. The automation of the BRDM-2's operational capability and the upgrading of the automatic weapons system is the most modern modality of application for the BRDM-2.

In this image, a variant of the Belarusian-built BRDM-2 fully automated upgrades, this variant completely eliminated the 14.5mm turret on the vehicle and replaced it with a 12.7 automatic control unit. mm has the ability to lift up and down.

Belarus's upgraded BRDM-2 variant is quite suitable for patrolling and guarding missions in complex terrain, with multitasking capabilities as both a combat vehicle and a fortification. close to the money.

With the current national defense technology, our military can completely upgrade BRDM-2 or similar armored vehicles in the direction of automating the combat capability or self-propelled combat operations.

The improvement of the BRDM-2 from a manned vehicle to a unmanned vehicle will also be a major barrier to the upgrading of this model in the country. But that does not mean it does not work.

Currently, Vietnam has successfully fabricated and tested a 12.7mm automatic anti-aircraft weapon combination, so that we can actively use this weapon combination on the upgraded variant of BRDM-2 instead. old 14.5mm gun turret.

In addition to combat capabilities, the 12.7mm automatic weapons combination also allows field-based reconnaissance operators in real time but without the need to sit in the vehicle, which can be several kilometers away.

Another upgraded Georgia variant for the BRDM-2 with an automatic weapons combo carrying 12.7mm heavy machine guns.

About the design of a prototype BRDM-2, it weighs only 7 tons with 4-person combat tanks and is equipped with a maximum thickness of 10mm. The main weapon of this reconnaissance vehicle is a 14.5mm machine gun and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

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  1. Balasan
    1. in depend what version FV 701. FV 701 MK 1/2 had better armour than brdm2. Frontal turret armour to 32mm. The hinged two part hatch armour was 25mm thick.

    2. What type of Ferret those Indonesia has?
      Is it still used today?

  2. BDRM marinir udah lama dipensiunkan tuh

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