07 September 2017

Canada Seeks Second-Hand F/A-18 Hornets from Australia

07 September 2017

Federal officials say the government is refusing to sign a planned multibillion-dollar contract for Boeing-produced F/A-18 Super Hornets as long as the company pursues its complaint against Bombardier at the International Trade Commission in the United States. (photo : wingsoverillawarra)

Ottawa seeks second-hand jets from Australia amid Boeing, Bombardier dispute

The Canadian government is looking into buying second-hand fighter jets in Australia – instead of a new fleet of 18 Super Hornets – as it tries to force Boeing Co. to drop its trade dispute against Bombardier Inc., sources said.

Federal officials said the government is refusing to sign a planned multibillion-dollar contract for Super Hornets as long as Boeing pursues its complaint against Bombardier at the International Trade Commission in the United States.

A final decision to pull the plug on the Super Hornet contract has not been made, but tensions with Boeing are quickly escalating and the government is looking at all options to increase the pressure on the firm, the officials said.

A Canadian delegation travelled to Australia last month to see whether second-hand F/A-18 fighter jets, which are being placed on the market by the country's military, could fit Canada's needs for an "interim" fleet.

In addition, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Eric Greitens, the Governor of Missouri, where Boeing's Super Hornets are assembled, to highlight the billions of dollars and thousands of jobs that are now in play.

"Canada is reviewing current military procurement that relates to Boeing, as Boeing is pursuing unfair and aggressive trade action against the Canadian aerospace sector. Meanwhile, Boeing receives billions in support from U.S. federal, state and municipal governments," the Prime Minister's Office said on Tuesday.

Federal officials said that Boeing recently walked away from discussions with the federal government to find a way to settle the Bombardier dispute. Last week, a senior executive from the firm told Canadian media that Boeing would not back down in its fight against unfair subsidies, alleging Bombardier received billions in illegal assistance from the Canadian and Quebec governments.

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11 komentar:

  1. Try Singapore F15 far better from the rest of the world

  2. Why they are not interested in F-15K?? South Korea Version.

  3. Balasan
    1. Boeing takut pesawat sejuta umatnya (737) kesaing lawan bombardier c series...makane dia nuduh bombardier disubsidi pemerintah.

      Padahal dulu2nya boeing juga disubsidi pemerintah usa...

  4. Boeing alleged unfair subsidies to Bombardier by the Quebec Government

  5. Canada should look forward in buying Russian made Su-30 and Su-35S

    1. Marky just try to use your head once. Do you think USA would be happy if Canada will do have a Russian jets?

  6. Canadian AF used similar classic Hornet as Australian AF. RAAF Hornet is well maintained and continue upgraded..

    It's interim need until they can resolved Shornet deal with Boeing as previously plan.

  7. The Canadian government just said to Boeing to make choices whether want the business or continue disputing Bombardier C Series..

    One thing is clear..Boeing clearly afraid Bombardier C Series can really hurt their new precious 737Max series in the Market..
    737Max already facing tough market against 320/321Neo frm Airbus..they simply try to hurt chances frm Bombardier CSeries, before it hurt them..

  8. strategi pm kanada JT, cerdas & mantap buat lindungin bombardir.

    harusnya kita jg gitu dalam melawan konglomerat pesawat ato praktik monopoli yg seakan merantai fetedei.
    fetedei hrs mampu mandiri seperti turkish aerospace industries, kemana2 bisa masuk.

    lah kita ini salah satu pasar pesawat pnumpang terbesar di duniya lho, armada pesawat bumn & swasta kita kalo digabung uda nyumbang brp duwit buat boeing & airbus.
    seharusnya setiap pembelian pesawat sipil itu juga harus dapat "TOT".

    dan pemeritah bisa menekan mereka untuk tdk macam2 ato ganggu proyek nasional kita.
    teringat, n250 dll yg mangkrak lhama.

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