21 Agustus 2018

Philippines Considers Possibility to Purchase Naval Ships from Russia

21 Agustus 2018

PN considers to purchase Russia's naval ship (photo : dr.dk)

MOSCOW/TASS/. The Philippines is studying the possibility to purchase naval ships from Russia and is comparing Moscow’s conditions with other proposals, Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta told TASS in an interview.

"We are looking at the naval vessels," he said. "We have already had people come here look at the documents, look at the vessels. And the process will continue. They will have to look at others also, other countries and then come up with a decision."

"Russian equipment is getting to be very desirable for many developing countries," he went on. "They prefer Russian equipment and the terms are good. We’ve been discussing possible terms."

The diplomat noted that Moscow does not set any political terms in the arms trade, unlike some other capitals. "Russia’s terms are reasonable and they don’t have what’s called ‘political conditionality.’ When we buy something, you trust that we will use it well. With some countries, when we buy something they put limitations, conditionalities," the envoy added. An important step in the development of cooperation was the signing of the agreement on military-technical cooperation by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Philippine Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana on October 24, 2017. Under this agreement, Russia sent a batch of grenade launchers to the Filipinos.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Da Nang in November 2017 that Russia is ready to "develop relations [with the Philippines,] including in the military sphere and military-technical area." In an interview with TASS in early 2018, Russian Ambassador in Manila Igor Khovayev reported that other contracts may be signed after the contract on grenade launchers.


55 komentar:

  1. Another Great news from Phillipine.

    "Russia’s terms are reasonable and they don’t have what’s called ‘political conditionality.’ When we buy something, you trust that we will use it well. With some countries, when we buy something they put limitations, conditionalities," the envoy added.


    Seems like Indonesia and Phililpine have something in common, limitation wargears usage issues specially if you bought from US or European products (Human Rights my ass ?)


  2. Trump has issue CATSA except toward India, Vietnam and Indonesia. I believe other country will be affected by that policy.

    1. So.. in other words, Philippine Acquisition for Russian product tend to be unlikely ?

      Like Mattis said, Indonesia Vietnam and India has some Russian legacy stuffs from around 80s - 2000 and diz country need to maintaian their assets so dats explaining why diz three country excluded from CATSA. With of course some deals to procures more weapons from US and EU while also decreasing purchase of Russian products in the future. Dats what US wants.

      Phillipine as we (myself) know has a traditional relationship with US for almost five decades (maybe), so its gonna be tuff time for government to get Russian stuffs diz time, US will and surely wont let it happened, Phillipine is considering (by US) as one of their prospective allies and its gonna be a total loss for them to let Phil gettin closer to Rusia.

  3. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  4. For Philipines just like Indonesia procurring Russian assets especially more complex ones like Submarines, Frigates/Corvettes, Fighter Jets or missiles..has to calculate the cost on build and procurring support infrastructure.

    It's different to 'say' Vietnam or Myanmar which has build their supportint infrastructure for Russian/Chinese build assets. Their technicians already geared to Russian/Chinese tech thus not need much more adjustments on learning curve..

    Those are considerations why (for Indonesian case as example)..most procurements still in US/Western based tech assets.

    1. What exactly are the difference between the systems? For all I know everyone has different systems except for NATO.

      The Russian and Chinese systems are different too. There is no guaranty of compatibility unless they have been certified by both parties.

    2. It's not just in the system. From what I gathered after talking to some military technicians it's also more on how the mechanics being constructed.

      For example US/Western based engines are more modullar construction. Which made them easier to maintain. Russian ones from what I heard have different philosophy on maintenance, where they tend to discard/change components and not for servicing.
      China in military equipments tend to follow Russian phillosophy.

      It may change a bit in recents period, however when you have your technicians being trained and used in service Western based methodology..then to trained them on handling Russian or Chinese assets will required more lengthy learning curved than 'say' Vietnamese or Myanmar military technicians that are more addapted on Russian based tech and methodology.
      Chinese system is not same with Russian ones..but they are more closed..just like Euro system is more closed to US ones..
      Thus why countries that used to handle US system are more prone to take Euro's ones as alternatives as Countries that used to handle Russian systems/assets then they tend to look on Chinese ones as alternatives

      You can trained your technicians and prepared your supporting infrastructure to handle both spectrum on tech methodology, but it will add on your Investment..

      The things is..not everybody willing to do it..
      That's why I said, the proffesionals in deffense sectors tend to calculated those aspects if they want to procurred Russian assets when they are used with US assets..and vice versa..
      That's why eventough US already gave 'hint' on US assets like F-16 to Vietnam..Vietnam is not in hurry to get to that band wagon..and still considering Mig 35 then F-16V as example.

    3. Antek Barat it is costly for the Philippines once we follow the Russian doctrines in terms of logistics and maintenance. We dont want our ships and aircraft to be sent back to its producer while no proxy ships and aircraft will do the jobs.

    4. Preciously what I've posted...it's politicians that talk on finding new suppliers..but the defense proffesionals will think more than twice on changing suppliers..unless situations really make it..

      Even Iran..more than four decades they already in estrange relations with US..however even they can sources from Russia and China..but much of it's assets still western origin based..even their 'newly' build domestic equipment..used western tech that being developed from their old assets..

      Call what you want on Shah Iran..but Shah Iran build relative advance domestic defense infrastructur especially in support infrastructure..that enable Iran to keep maintain and developed their assets based on US/Western tech..

      Point is..even on Iran conditions..they found it's still more economicall for them to develop western tech based assets..rathern than change all to Russian based tech (eventough politically that's more reliable)..

      When you already accostumed with one side of military tech..changing to the other side of spectrum in military tech will cost you much more than the asset procurement side..

      This is something that many so 'called' Nationalist Politicians in developing countries did not understand or simply ingored it..
      Changing suppliers are simply more expensives..then the &price' of the assets it self..

      If you want to change suppliers..then don't sugar coating it from your domestic publics..
      You have to inform the publics all the related costs as consequences..

      Many ppl in internets only talk about the quoted prices..and sometimes don't understand why the military programs in developed countries cost much more..
      It's simply because in more developed countries..the cost is including overall life time support and infrastructure..
      While government and politicians in developing countries only inform to their public the cost on procurement..

    5. Besides maintenance procedures, anything else?

      Good point on Iran though. They have two air forces, one using US training and the other operating Russian and Chinese aircraft. Not really sure how the MiGs are doing in the IRIAF.

      When it comes to modularity though, everyone is going in that direction. It's more obvious on the Chinese side than the Russians since they have more money.

  5. Sebenarnya itu cuma isu pasar yg d hembuskan sepihak oleh Rusia, karena aslinya pihak militer philippine blm menentukan pilihan secara pasti. Bahkan tender penawaran proyek tersebut belum d buka sama sekali.

    1. Jadi sebetulnya ada 2 hal yg saya lihat mas

      1. Rusia berharap pamor kapal selam Kilonya semakin bersinar di pasar Asia termasuk membesar2kan berita akan dibeli nya kapal selam nya oleh Phil. Harapannya bila pasar Asia sudah dikuasai (spt Vietnam) maka akan semakin naik pamor dan memudahkan penjualan ke negara lainnya.

      2. Trik Durterte, menghebat2kan Rusia tapi disisi lain ada taktik agar US segera memberi Phil senjata2 US. Ini semacam teknik nawar di toko, kalau ke toko A mahal dia bilang toko B siap ngasih kredit sambil berharap toko A mempersiapkan proposal penawaran yg lebih cihuy dari toko B. Intinya yg untung Philipina di case ini nanti :-D

    2. Point nomer 2....sing setia nganter istri belanja lg curhatπŸ€—

    3. Yupp.. stuju skali dgn analisa mas @superstar, duterte mencoba memainkan kartunya karena tau bner bahwa mereka dlm rangka modernisasi harus dpt support/dukungan dana dr negara yg dianggap bersahabat dgn philipina.
      Yang saya sayangkan bahwa d level pimpinan tinggi militer ato sebagian netizen masih saja selalu berbicara kualitas, maka prod2 dan system mahal lah yg selalu muncul. selain itu mereka meributkan isu non Nato yg membuat mereka "eneg' dgn prod Rusia. Padahal menurut saya.. Skrg mereka butuh barang baru, & kuantitas. bahkan mrk jg blm punya sistem jaringan pertempuran yg saling terkoneksi. soo.. terima aj klo ad yg nawarin soft loan, yg penting punya. menata system kemudian

    4. Asem mas @smiling tauk aja kalo kita sering cengok dan bete kalo nunggu bini belanja.. wakakaka

      Pernah mas saya ama istri pulang ke rumah.. keingetan udud saya habis trus mampir indo****t, berhubung istri yg baik dia bilang dia aja yg turun cuma pesen rokok doang kan ? gw iyain aja sambil mulut udah asem gak ngudut.. ah paling semenit doang..

      Buset itu mas... beli rokok doang ampe kurleb 20 menitan baru keluar sambil nenteng bungkusan plastik belanjaan gede2 tiga biji.. dia bilang "Deterjen lagi promo yah..makanya rada lama...lumayan beda dua rebu" aaaaalllaamakk... dasar emak emak jaman now gak bisa liat diskonan. wkakakakaka

      *edisi curhat*

    5. Mas @Dboys... kalau rajin baca formil sebelah baik jiran maupun phil memang banyak netizennya yg selalu request barang2 serba wah dan termutakhir sambil menghayal 5 thn lagi semakin strong. Spt waktu pengadaan MRSS, di maxdef juga sama hampir semuanya pengen paling huebat dan muahal tapi tetep aja yg dibeli akhirnya buatan PAL :-D

      Tapi ada juga beberapa netizen yang punya nalar dan logika yg baik yg kadang mengcounter comment netizen lainnya yg gak ngerti masalah dana dan resikonya kalau ambil suatu produk.

      Kita hidup di dunia Reality bukan Mimpi


    6. Ya kurlebnya samalah kisahnya mase....@superstar

      Tapi kalo mas@ PS rada unik pengalamannya....monggo mas, dishareπŸ€—

    7. Yup, makanya mimpi punya Iver lebih realistis daripada DZP, grigorovich apalagi gorskhov.

      Walaupun iver hampir sama dengan DZP, tapi selisih harganya itu jauuuuh.

      Tapi mimpi punya lebih banyak korvet jauh lebih realistis daripada mimpi punya heavy fregat atau destroyer.

      Karena 1 iver bisa dapat 2-3 korvet / light fregat lokal full armament.

    8. Ga beda ama yg ngidam SAM S-x00 series dimari...πŸ˜›

      "Tinggal beli-pasang-masalah 30 tahun kedepan selesai"



    9. Anu mase PS...ini lg share pengalaman nganter istri belanja, kalo pengalaman ngidam, nanti di artikel berikutnyaπŸ€—

    10. Mas smiling..
      Mmmmmm....orong-orong ga ada masalah kan mas'e..?😰😰😡

    11. Om dboys ini kata duterte
      Presiden Filipina Rodrigo Duterte mengecam Amerika Serikat setelah salah satu pejabat pertahanannya mendapat peringatan agar tidak membeli perangkat militer dari Rusia.
      Duterte mengungkapkan kemarahannya karena AS menghalanginya memodernisasi militer dan hanya memberi Filipina peralatan militer bekas yang diperbaharui, termasuk helikopter berkarat dari Pakta Pertahanan Atlantik Utara (NATO) yang telah menewaskan tentaranya.
      “Apakah itu cara Anda memperlakukan sekutumu? Dan apa Anda ingin kami tinggal bersama Anda sepanjang waktu? Siapa Anda berani memperingatkan kami,” kata Duterte saat membawakan pidato di sebuah acara di Davao City, dikutip dari Anadolu Agency, Sabtu....... amerika main ancam dagangnya ndak sehat ...

    12. http://googleweblight.com/i?u=http://militermeter.com/duterte-serang-amerika-karena-dilarang-beli-kapal-selam-rusia/&hl=id-ID&tg=119&pt=9

    13. @Mas jalak,. Itu Duterte sedang menebar kartu2 utk memancing reaksi pihak amerika. karena yg d harapkan justru bantuan lg dari amerika.
      mengenai kasus heli bekas, itu bukan hibah tapi pembelian Bell 205 dari Dornier yg merekondisinya. soo bukan salah US donk.

    14. Om dboys itu kan kata om..bedalah sama duterte amrik aja angkat kaki dari filipin...berantas mafia di bilang ham sama amrik dia cuek aja tetep di dor tu mafia.....
      Kata kata om seperti pernah dengar kata kata doktrin amrik beli senjata itu harus berperasaan sama tetangga untuk keseimbangan kawasan(ini seperti doktrin pelemahan rezim dulu).....beli ya beli .di kasih ya dikasih .tot ya tot.. ngapain mikir perasaan tetangga klo beli senjata

    15. harus yaa sperti yg @mas jalak bilang sih.. cuma kn tau lah mas klo politik dagang US itu kaya ap?? Saya jg menangkap info tsb dari beberapa teman d maxdefence dan mengikutinya, jd sedikit banyak bisa dapat gambaran politik duterte & philipine.

  6. Yup, makanya mimpi punya Arrowhead 140 lebih realistis daripada DZP, grigorovich apalagi gorskhov.

    Walaupun Arrowhead 140 hampir sama dengan Iver, tapi selisih harganya itu jauuuuh.

    Tapi mimpi punya lebih banyak korvet jauh lebih realistis daripada mimpi punya heavy fregat atau destroyer.

    Karena 1 Arrowhead 140 bisa dapat 2-3 korvet / light fregat lokal full armament.

    1. Lha kok cuma dikopipest trus diedit tok.

    2. Lha emang yang diomongin kasal dulu gak realistis? Muke gilee...xixixixixi...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Ngimpi punya 8 kapal selam plus 5-6 poseidon lebih realistis daripada mimpi punya 12 kapal selam.

      Sebab 4 kapal selam harganya setara 5-6 poseidon.

    4. Mas PS,

      Musuh mengincar target bernilai tinggi.

      1 destroyer bisa meleduk dan terbelah jika ditumbuk 1 torpedo 550 mm.

      Kalau dibikin 3 korvet, untuk bikin 3-3 nya terbelah, butuh 3 torpedo buat numbuk.

      Kalaupun 1 korvet tertumbuk torpedo, yg lain bisa menghindar dan sekaligus membalas.

    5. @mas TN & unknown

      Saya lannjutin yg kemarin...

      AL ga pernah mengumumkan akan beli AAW, tapi akan beli "real frigat"...dan saya yakin pembangunan kekuatan kaprang AL itu bersifat "bottom up", mulai dr KCR, light fregat, frigat, dan baru puncaknya AAW.

      Menurut opini saya yg mjd benhcmark itu ya frigatnya singapore dan thailand yg baru beli dr korea kemarin.

      Jadi kompetisinya bukan antara Iver, DZP, Fremm atau Grosok...tapi kaprang MULTIPURPOSE kelas 4000 an ton(bobot penuh s/d 5000 ton)

      Pemain di kelas ini yg akan berkompetisi ketat ada bbrp, yaitu: FTI/Belharra, M class replacement, Arrowhead140, Formidable class dan fregat barunya thailand.

      Belharra, M class, Formidable dan fregat RTN sudah diproduksi, tinggal mennyisakaan AH140 yg makasih harus berjuang memenangkan. Kontes kaprang multipurpose-type31.

      AH140 yg merupakan turunan dari Iver, menurutku lebih sesuai utk AL saat ini krn bodinya sdh didesain ulang, bobotnya sdh dipangkas utk menghilangkan "DEAD VOLUME/SPACE" pd Iver dan draftnya pun lebih pendek sbg sesuai utk kondisi perairan kita.

    6. Arrow head 140 radare jarak deteksine piro mas smili ?

      Soale butuh radar sing deteksine adoh saka bates terluar ZEE (200 NM x 1,85 = 370 km).

      Nek nganggo Thales Smart-L iso ndelok 450 km saka bates terluar ZEE, lan nek deteksi ICBM iso ndelok nganti 2000 km.

      370 + 450 = 820 km.

      Lumayan iso deteksi langit nganti 820 km adohe saka garis pantai terluar RI.

      Dadi iso kanggo peringatan dini nek ana serangan udara.

    7. Iya om...

      Makane kubilang pembangunan armada kaprang ki bottom up....dan AAW ki pd fase akhir

      Soal radar habis ini ya...gi tanggung niy😎

  7. Kira kira ambil korvet karakut atau buyan ya filipina....karakut atau buyan angkut rudal kaliber mantap itu .....efek gentarnya terasa ...beh mantap

    1. Nah...kalo pilipin ambil korvet dari rusia lebih realistis dibanding ambil kilo, apalagi pilipin anggaran nya terbatas dan belum pernah mengoperasikan kasel

    2. Om smiling ..ya di ajarin dulu nyopir kaselnya to om om

    3. Sebelum sampai tahap itu to mas jalak...philipina harus memperbaharui peta hidrografinya duluπŸ€—

    4. Peta hidro? Kesuwen mas'e..

      Mulane wonge milih kilo, dadi ono sing bagian nginguk jendelo karo gowo brik-brikan..."kiri pir..terus terus..bar iki kanan yo, sik sik.." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. Mesakne sing kon slulum ngawasi ngiring ngisor kasel...😫

    6. Gampanglaah mas'e, tinggal pasang underware.....eeiit, underwater go pro..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. pokonya kalo cuman amrik sendiri bersikeras pake undang2 CATSA, malah nutup pundi2 dollarnya sendiri haha!😎😎😎

    pusat senjata, eropa barat/timur, rusia, isroil bahkan rrc hmmn yaa bakalan kecipratan proyek, panen haha!πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  9. kalo mnurut guwe, filipin kudu maen cantik, jangan terburu2 dulu, tunggu sampe frigat & alutsista laen yg ada konten amrik masuk dolo.

    klo yang mulia presiden duterte ngikut cara presiden erdogan, guwe kwatir, itu frigat gak nyampe haha!🀠🀠🀠

    pokonya smua yg berkaitan dgn senjata strategis nanti2 dolo, sabarlah.
    posisi filipin ituw skrang lg butuh banyak senjata baru buat regenerasi.
    kalo 3 matra sudah kuat & balans, mungkin di jaman horizon 4, baru dech bisa bebas milih senjata strategis dari rusia oke ocehπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. Maen cantik? Emang punya nilai tawar apaan om pal..?😁

      Paling dicibir "..eellleh apaan lu pin, pengen di except juga..? Udeeh gak usah ruwet-ruwet, jek mau barang gratisan ane gak? "

      Nyengir dah...😁

    2. diana pin...eh dianaa om pedang haha!🎎🎎🎎

  10. I prefer russian stuff rather than of western and US.

    Its not a good idea for the philipine to adopt US and Western technology nowadays. USA, Western countries, Australia cant be a trusted friend.

    1. Cant't be trusted because of your president. We all know that. Trust is a 2 way bridge. When one starts opening his mouth and starts his rhetoric, what else could u expect?

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