20 Agustus 2018

Singapore Navy launches its Seventh Littoral Mission Vessel, Dauntless

20 Agustus 2018

Seventh LMV, RSS Dauntless (photo : SBR)

SINGAPORE - The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) launched Dauntless, its seventh littoral mission vessel (LMV), on Saturday (Aug 18).

Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat officiated the launching ceremony, while his wife, Mrs Heng Hwee Nee, launched the vessel.

The event took place at ST Engineering Marine's Benoi Shipyard.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Heng said: "Naming this LMV Dauntless aptly reflects the RSN's determined spirit to overcome all adversity without fear, capturing also the attributes of our founding generation.

"The Dauntless spirit will continue to guide the RSN in innovating and constantly improving itself, to safeguard Singapore."

Mr Heng added that a strong and capable navy was crucial to the country's survival.

Seventh LMV, RSS Dauntless (photo : RSN)

He said the navy's ability to secure and keep key sea lines of communication open, and its role in preserving Singapore's right to move freely in waters worldwide is "critical" to the Republic's prosperity and security.

Dauntless is the seventh LMV to be launched by the navy.

The first LMV, RSS Independence, was commissioned during the RSN's Golden Jubilee on May 5 last year by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Two other vessels, RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity, were also commissioned last year.

Two previously launched LMVs - Justice and Indomitable, will be commissioned later this year.

The sixth LMV, Fortitude, which was launched in March, is currently undergoing sea trials.

LMVs can be quickly configured with mission modules to take on a wide spectrum of operations, allowing the crew to deliver calibrated responses using lethal and non-lethal options to deal with a range of maritime threats.


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  2. Balasan
    1. Lawan real Indonesia ya ini dan Aussie! Harus dikejar itu kuantitas dan kwalitas alutsista setara mereka! Bukan modal jumlah tentara! Dan omong mau perang sama siapa!!! Preettt

    2. Kekuatan udara 40 F15 SG... 60 F16 block 52....5 AWACS , 5 MRTT, hawk dan F5 belum lagi F15 SE 24 unit di luar pangkalan RSAF... Kapal frigate murni.... TNI tertinggal jauh...

    3. Hawk and F5s are no more.

      No such thing as F15 SE(Silent Eagle). If that is what u mean.

      Pure frigate ships?
      A frigate is a frigate. I know what you mean. Unerequipped frigates. Some would refer underequipped frigates as "light" frigates. Some would call it a frigate with the capability of a corvette. The frigates build by HHI for the Phillippine Navy is an example. Hopefully they choose not to pursue additional frigates from HHI and stick to the acquisition of second hand corvettes from Korea which some joked on their defense blogs as being more capable than their soon to be frigates. Then again, they need funds for the submarines. Money needs to come from somewhere. Some fear that may result in the cancelation of the second hand corvettes. Thag is yet to be seen. For now everything else seems fine other than postings of
      defense-politics issue lately. Where things are not looking good in the politics side of things.
      Apparently, more are getting fed up with the ....
      Hopefully things can settle down.

  3. Kapal kapal lama singapura yang dah bersara mungkin boleh di dermakan ke malaysia ..kasihan militer malaysia tak bisa cakap lagi kat serantau ni

    1. That will never happen. Singapore does not do dontaions when it comes to military equipment. Not once has anyone heard of such transfers. One well known case is giving the Thai's older F16a/b models in exchange for training in their country. Nothing is free in this world. That's the saying. Even if we wanted to donate, it still won't happen. It's more on Malaysia's side Hint:government
      They wouldn't want it. For sure.

    2. Besides, the RMN is fine. 15 to 5 is going as normal. It is the airforce that has problems. Airforce needs support.

    3. Hahaha, obviously you are right, @Ben :)
      It's all normal for our neighborhood.

      Sometimes, to keep neighborhood peaceful we have to compromise, a lot!

      I can't imagine who would take advantage of that lacking of airpower situation, if we lived in Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Asia or Latin neighborhood.

      We should be grateful, for God's sake. This region has very rare "luxury" to maintain neutral position without concerning of any possible war.

    4. Ex-RSN should be handed over to baboon state as a free gift. Malaysia is good enough with 15 to 5 plan. Not that we can't afford all those military toys but the need for important for having other stuffs like infrastuctures,social well being and give better living to the people. Not like some countries whom rather having roads like "longkang", infras of 3rd world nation and their own people are begging in other countries. Kikiki.. indon mudah digondolin.

    5. Kingkong@ 15 to 5 liar wkwkwk...nak wang dari mana lon wkwkwk

    6. 15 to 5 apalagi duit tak ada.. mimpi lah beruk malonsial 😆😆😆😆

  4. wahh saut2an abis kite, filipin, thailand abis tuw singapur...cakep haha!😊😊😊

    om ben slamet yach, baruw lagi haha!😜😜😜

    salam shopping soping 3 MATRA tempur se ASEAN: Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapur, Indonesia, Thailand dan Filipina, Xlalu shoping bersama okeh oceh 👌👌👌

  5. wiuuuu mengiurkan singapor.... duluan maharajalela di buatnya kok malah jadi dululan , RSS Dauntless... kasian maharajalela hanya disa megambang dan di temani balon kunig wkwkwkw

    1. Konon lantaran tukang catnya salah nulis nama kapal yg seharusnya "Maharajalela"....keliru jadi "Merajalela"😥

    2. Poor malondog,KD Merajalelapun mula dilancarkan ompong tiada canon,missile dan sensor wkwkwk

    3. Baboon nulis tentang kapal tenggelam sendiri akibat sisa rudal? Apa itu namanya kapal stealth? Kikiki..indon mudah digondolin.

    4. Kingkong@ kapal malon banyak ompong tiada missile wkwkwk

  6. 7 kapal LMV spore cukup utk menyekat semua kapal buruk malon.
    Spore menyiapkan strategi jitu utk mengambil johor. Batu puteh sudah. ^^

    1. Kita ngambil sabah dan serawak. Sisakan sipadan dan ligitan buat malaysia...hehehe

    2. Prepare nak ambik johor dari malon wkwkwk

    3. I know u guys r joking.

    4. Itu isu terkini katanya negara bagian kelantan mau keluar dari federasi malaysia. Kabarnya kebijakan rezim sekarang udah nggk pro ke sistem "feodal".

      Sabah sarawak pun sebenarnya kapanpun bisa aja keluar dari malaysia. Krn dari awal bergabung mereka bukan bagian resmi dari persekutuan malaysia semenanjung. Liat aja orang malaysia semenanjung klo ke sabah/sarawak mesti pakai pasport, aneh banget kan.

      Tapi org semenanjung selalu menakut2i sabah/sarawak, seandainya mereka keluar maka akan dicaplok oleh philipin/indonesia.

    5. Macam aceh ngan timur leste ke bayu

    6. Katanya di malas-ia para negara bagian kerajaan pingin mengamankan kerajaan masing masing...apakah artinya pingin negara kerajaan sendiri lepas dr malas-ia

    7. Malaysia itu pondasi persatuannya lemah. Hanya dgn titah masing2 sultan di negara bagian..klo ingin keluar y tinggal keluar..federasi nggk bisa ngapa2in.
      Pembentukan malaysia itu sendiri hasil mufakat masing2 sultan dgn izin inggris.

    8. indon hanya mampu jerit ganyang, ganyang. Ganyang telo baboon bisa itu indon. Poodahhh.. Dari dulu sehingga kiamat tau jerit2 kalo kalah baling kerusi,botol,taik dll. Kikiki.. indon senang digondolin.

    9. Kingkong@ malon bangkrup digondolin najib wkwkwk

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    1. ...1 lagi peserta Asean yaitu Timor Leste

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    2. Di Malaysia, ramai beruk beruk Indon cari makan secara haram!

    3. secara haram???? perusahaan malingsial yg kebanyakan ilegal, mencari karyawan ilegal agar lebih murah biayanya, tiba2 ada masalah malah menyalahkan karyawan ilegal' seharusnya yg disalahkan itu perusahaannya bukan si karyawan,,,,dasar beruk malaysia tolol2, otak mesum tp kerja malas2.

    4. di batam banyak beruk2x malon jadi kurir dadah antar bangsa... di mana pusat dari dadah antar bangsa ada di genting .. ini info dari bnn

    5. Baboon pendatang haram ramai di KL.Susah nak hantar pulang kerna di indon lagi hidup merempat. Hujung bulan ini operasi nyah pendatang haram besar2an akan diadakan.Siapkan kapal logistiknya jangan nanti ramai baboon yg akan mati lemas.Kikiki indon senang digondolin.

    6. Ramai sangat beruk malon jual dadah dan jual diri ke indonesia wkwkwk

    7. Beruk Malon udah di injak2 sama pendatang terutama Bangla dan china di KL.. apalagi beruk malonsial ni pemalas macam babi.. siap2 beruk malonsial di buang ke laut oleh pendatang 😆😆😆😆

  8. Singapore still one of the best upon war gear inventories in ASEAN so far.

    They collects almost all of the latest defense tech, Apache Leopard F15 etc, just wait till F35 contract signed, dat would be the most sophisticated jet fighter among ASEAN members.

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