27 September 2018

Austal Unveils OPV Design for Philippine Navy

27 September 2018

Austal OPV for PN (images : Austal)

Australia-based shipbuilder Austal has unveiled the initial perspective together with initial descriptions of the proposed offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for Philippine Navy. The vessels are dubbed to be designed and built in the Philippines, by Filipinos for Filipinos.

Austal has a shipyard in Balamban, Cebu.

The overall length of the OPV will be 81.7 meters, beam (moulded) will be 13.3 meters, and hull draft (maximum) will be 4 meters. “The OPV is arranged with a starboard boat deck and stern well for the safe and rapid launch and recovery of RHIBs. The vessel is fitted with a mission bay and aft storage area to facilitate the embarkation of containerised mission modules,” Austal said.

Austal said its OPV for the Philippine Navy is based on a proven platform that has demonstrated success operating in tropical environments and conducting border patrol and maritime operations.

“The proposed design incorporates 20 years of product improvement and evolution beginning with the ‘Bay Class’ first delivered in 1999,” Austal said. “The Philippine Navy OPV is a steel hulled vessel featuring an aviation deck enabling helicopter and unmanned aeronautical systems missions.”

Austal said among the capabilities of the OPV are: Execute ISR operations; Conduct Search and Rescue operations; Execute anti-piracy, anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling, anti-human trafficking and anti-drug operations; Provide critical infrastructure protection; Support special forces operations; and Provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Last month, National Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana said that they are in talks with Austal for 6 OPVs which will be built in the country.


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    1. Rosmah masuk tipi...malonsial d gobdolin rosmah 1MDB

    2. Rosmah masuk tipi...malonsial d gobdolin rosmah 1MDB

    3. Wkwkwk...emang enak digondolin rosmah ya bro wkwkwk

  2. Desainnya mirip barakuda class FPB generasi I TNI-AL yg punya helipad di buritan kapal

    1. om pit ada yg lucu, osi kan kawan FPDA tetangga kesayangan, tapi kok mrk malah pesan ke negeri panda haha!🐼🐼🐼

      sedangkan filipina yg notabene mirip cem kita aja, punya langkah "BRANI" nich klo sampe dil ama austal hore haha!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      apalagi klo ampe jadi bikin smua di cebu, angkat topi buat filipin haha!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Ompal,kan jiran belinya ke panda pake kredit eksport aka bisa ngutang om...lha kemarin kan ausy gk kasi ngutang saat ausy jual hornetnya,jgnkan hibah,ngutang pun gk di kasi,terakhirnya tuh hornet ausy di beli kanada,FPDA ya FPDA ompal,kl beli mah gk boleh ngutang ompal wkwkwk

    3. owwhh kesian donk, gak yaqeen gt haha!🀣🀣🀣
      kite yg bkn fpda aje dpt 4 herki, tp kita kluar duwit buat apgred 9 bijik, makanya mereka semangat, hore haha!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      jgn ampe sisa hornet ditawarin ke kita ato filipin, pasti disikat..duwit ada donk πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°, tinggal niat doank haha!πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°


    Ternyata PASKAL TLDM Malon pernah di didik dan dilatih KOPASKA TNI-AL...para beruk malon jangan menafikan dan pura2 dungu ya,jgn stress bila baca maklumat ini,cekidot : www.malaysiaflyingherald.wordpress.com/# Paskal : Operasi Gonzales/23-09-2018...masih fresh lho beritanya,tak cem link zaman jepun si UNKNOWN MALON wkwkwk

  4. boleh tuh Philippine negara tetangga kalau belli kapal perang langsung update lengkap radar persenjataanya .

    1. ahh engga jugak ituw kan baru gambar 3d haha!🀣🀣🀣

      dulu kita kirim SSV kosongan kuooo,,,trs frigat dr amrik otmel aje, baru skrg mo shoping2 rudal ama radar baruwnya...hayoo om antiembalgo mimik cerebrovit gich guna mlawan lufa haha!😊😊😊
      kali ini guwe percaye cepek peratus mahluk ini titisan ken dedes haha!😚😚😚

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    1. Link please,jgn bangang dan iri hati wkwkwk

    2. Yang ini mat?

      "...many did not knew that the RMN’s PASKAL commandos were in fact involved in Ops Gonzales. Prior to PASKAL’s official establishment in 1982, a handful of specialised naval officers and sailors have been trained by the Royal Marines Commandos as well as the Indonesian Navy’s Komando Pasukan Katak (KOPASKA) to conduct commando operations as part of the Navy’s RMN Security Regiment (Rejimen Keselamatan TLDM now known as Navy Provost or PROTELA).."

      #sengaja disini

    3. PS@ Yoi om PS,dejavu om PS,jgn stroke ya bila baca maklumat ini wkwkwk

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    Cuma nambahin berita soal F-16V atau F-16 block 70..kalo dulu banyak digembar gemborkan F-16 production bakalan let India..ternyata tetap di Murika..cuma dipindahin dari Texas ke South Carolina..

    F-16 dg jeroan system F-35..he,he..

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