15 September 2018

Leading Israeli Weapons Manufacturer to Operate in PHL in 2019

15 September 2018

SSASS Gilboa rifles (photo : Sootcho)

A leading Israeli weapons manufacturer is set to put up a plant here in the Philippines that will begin to operate by 2019.

Silver Shadow Advance Security Systems Ltd. (SSASS) will partner with Rayo Illuminar Corp. (RIC) to install a manufacturing plant and assemble firearms as well as ammunition.

The Israeli company will then train and employ at least 160 personnel.

The two companies have already signed a Memorandum of Undertaking, and are currently looking into Limay, Bataan as the potential location for the weapons plant.

An initial investment of US$50 million will be infused by SSASS.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but SSASS’ co-founder, Amos Golan, will be coming in the country this month to finalize the partnership.

SSASS and RIC have already been conducting a series of negotiations even before President Rodrigo Duterte visited Israel last week. And when Duterte came to the Middle Eastern country, a ceremonial signing on the Letter of Intent between SSASS and its ranking officials and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez happened.

SSASS manufactures several defense and security-related projects. Among its popular products are Gilboa rifles, which are enhancements of the AR15 platform.

SSASS Gilboa APR (photo : SSASS)

The partnership of SSASS and RIC will prove helpful to President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs, criminality, and terrorism. Aside from that, it will also reduce Duterte’s efforts to find alternative sources for police and military arms.

The Philippines has long been relying on the Unites States for military hardware, but because of the latter’s interference in local affairs, President Duterte was forced to go to China, Russia, and other countries.

In 2016, the U.S. halted the sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippines due to alleged human rights violation committed by President Duterte’s crackdown on illegal drugs. However, until now critics have failed to prove the violations.

Acquiring weapons and military hardware is important, especially that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is currently in Phase 2 in its modernization program.

Russia is more than willing to help the Philippines modernize its military force. In fact, they have offered soft loans for their kilo-class submarines. The AFP is mulling on acquiring two submarines, but the matter has not yet been finalized.

During his trip to Israel, President Duterte told Israel President Reuven Ruvlin that he has ordered the AFP to purchase only in Israel military hardware for intelligence gathering. Duterte believes that Israel’s offers are without hidden agenda compared to the U.S., China, or Germany who, according to him, spy on his movements with their offers.


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