16 Oktober 2018

DND Likely to Acquire Swedish-Made Fighter Jets

16 Oktober 2018

Saab Gripen at ADAS 2018 (photos : United Defense of the Philippines)

MANILA – After a thorough study and research, the Department of National Defense (DND) is most likely to buy the Swedish-made Gripenmulti-role supersonic jet fighter for the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on the sidelines of the book launching of former President Fidel V. Ramos at the Manila Hotel on Sunday.

Lorenzana said aside from being cheaper and less expensive in maintenance cost, the Gripen has been proven to be an excellent supersonic fighter aircraft with a top speed of Mach 2 or 1,236 kilometers per hour, or twice the speed of sound.

The Gripen has a delta wing and canard configuration and is powered by the Volvo RM12. It is being used by various countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The PAF has been scouting for over a decade of what jetfighter aircraft it would buy to replace the US-made F5A/B jet interceptors that retired in 2005 due to old age and lack of spare parts.

Since the F-5s were pulled from service, the Air Force tried to acquire advanced jetfighters such as the supersonic F-16 from the United States, but no progress was made.

Lorenzana said the United States government offered anew to sell F-16 fighter jets to the Philippines.

The offer, Lorenzana added, was made by US Defense Secretary James Mattis when the DND secretary visited Washington last month.

Lorenzana confirmed the US offer, but said the F-16 supersonic jetfighter interceptors are too expensive.

In comparison, the Gripen costs less and has the same capability with other multi-role jetfighters, including the F-16.

Since F-5s were put out of service, the PAF has no multi-role jetfighters in its arsenal, although it had bought from South Korea a dozen of F-50 jets but the planes’ capability is limited compared with the Gripen, F-16 and similar aircraft.

The acquisition of multi-role jetfighters, Lorenzana said, is badly needed to protect the country’s airspace.

It may be recalled that in 1995 during the administration of President Fidel V. Ramos, Congress passed the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that includes the acquisition of new planes, helicopters and naval vessels to replace aging ones.


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  1. Balasan
    1. om smiling mana nich om pit, kok gak nongol dilapak pespur kesayangan dosennye haha!šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
      sibuk ganti2 daster kali yak, pada bolong haha!šŸ§šŸ§šŸ§

  2. Balasan
    1. Setuju
      Lebih baik Gripen daripada FA50 utk pesawat tempur ringan
      Untuk kelas menengah F16 Viper
      kelas berat Sukhoi Family
      Dan untuk fighter training T50/FA50

    2. Setuju bro,untuk gantikan hawk lebih bagus Gripen aja

    3. @ essen setuju bangeeeeett mas bro

  3. aku suka pespur ini, pespur ini masih punya banyak prospek untuk lebih dikembangkan' mungkin dr segi pengalaman pespur ini jauh dibawah f16 tp pespur ini menjanjikan bila dikembangkan terus apalagi bila ada versi duble enginenya pasti akan mampu menyangin rafale atau pun typhoon,,indonesia beli gripen??? gk berani berharap karena terlalu banyak yg maniak ame f16 viper, padahal gripen menjanjikan taransfer teknologi penuh bila indonesia borong ni pespur.

    1. Klo Indonesia beli Gripen, bakal terlalu banyak variasi logistik (Su30,Su27,T-50,EMB314,Hawk,F-16), training personil, investasi peralatan pendukung, dll. Jadi, F-16 adalah pilihan yang paling masuk akal saat ini buat TNI AU.

    2. Kalau ambil gripen bisa kan buat pengganti hawk...jadi nanti hawknya di off kan.

    3. Tapi kalau mau kurangin type pesawat ya terpaksa ambil FA 50/F 16 V buat ganti hawk

    4. bener tu kata mas tupez, ini kan tuk gantiin hawk jd ya gk ada yg ditambahin tp menggantikan jenis tipenya, misinya kan mau berusaha mandiri jd ya kalau ada peluang tuk mandiri dr gripen why not???
      kita gk boleh berharap di satu lobang aja seperti ifx yg kejelasannya masih simpang siur dan butuh waktu yg panjang, harus ada lobang lain tuk berusaha mandiri, biasanya peluang bagus jarang didapat saat kita butuhkan tp gripen datang disaat kita berusaha tuk mandiri, aku hanya berharap indonesia tidak menyianyiakan kesempatan yg datang.

  4. Falcon lebih mahal dari Gripen?
    Ya tergantung isian masing-masingnya thoo..šŸ˜Š

    Lagian, bukannya lebih smooth LIFT dari Golden Eagle ke Falcon dibanding ke Gripen yaak..?


    1. FA50 itu banyak yg bilang kloningan F16 mas dengan penurunan spesifikasi.. feelnya serasa sama tapi terbatas dari semua fiturnya dibanding F16.

      Emang idealnya siklus belajarnya :

      - FA50 -> F16 -> F15 -> F35 -> F22

      Bukan :

      - Tucano -> F22


    2. Jangan omong VW yo mas'e, bikin pening lagi gegara fantasi ke mana-mana lagi....šŸ˜©šŸ˜µ



    3. Lhoooo... VW iku kan salah satu hasil mahakarya Ferdinand Porche mas... dan beliau adalah perancang Tank Panzer Maus dan Tiger Tank German yang nama terakhir jadi momok menakutkan tentara sekutu... jadi ngomongin VW masih ada hubungan sama diskusi militer tho ? BWakakakakakaka

    4. Siklusnya antara
      T-50 > F-16 > F-15
      T-50 > F-35 > F-22

      Teen series sebenarnya lebih susah diterbangkan daripada seri terbaru. Kalau baca komentar para pilot, F-35 juga lumayan mudah diterbangin. Sangkin mudahnya tidak ada pertimbangan two seat trainer.

    5. Sama kayak varian SU27 dan SU35 kali ya mas ? Single Pilot. Mungkin karena alasan mudah dilakukan meski multi tasking ?

      Kalau F16 pernah lihat yg tandem seat juga sih...

    6. IIRC Su-35 masih pakai Flanker twin seat lain. Baru Gen 5 US yang tidak pakai. F-22 karena kemahalan, sedangkan F-35 dianggap tidak perlu. Semuanya punya ground based simulator.

      F-16 sepertinya memang perlu twin seat trainer. Sampai kita beli 5 F-16D. 4 buat skuadron baru, satu buat gantiin F-16B yg w/o tahun 1992. Sayangnya ada yang w/o lagi tahun lalu.

  5. Congrats Phil Air Force..

    Gripen definitly the Best Choice compare to the "expensive" F16, Its enuff to secure and control your sky area in 10 - 15 years to come.


    1. but! but! f16všŸ˜¢
      oh well!

    2. Many aspects to be corcerned when decision been made :

      - Grippen has lower maintenance cost compare to F16
      - Grippen has lower price ? Dats debatable, maybe almost same and like mr@PS said.. its all depends on what the addition spec you requires.
      - Politic, I dont know if Grippen will fail againts US imposed/Banned regulation in jet usage to fight againts domestic insurgents (Human Right my ass as mr Durtete said :-D) but i also heard the rumours dat some parts of Grippen are also made by US. Dats interesting thing to see.
      - Phil (specially your president) in recent year has a difficult relationship with US (again Human RIght issues) and Phil also now has good relationship with China and Rusia. China offcourse will be delightfull and support if your Gov get the new jets in all kind of jets except for US jets.
      - Grippen also has Leasing program (like in Thailand) so maybe there is also strong point considering your country tight defence budget.

    3. f16v block 70 will always be superior to jas gripen c version in all aspect even with their new mk4 radar.. the rbs 15 missile can also be use in f16v.. they can buy those f16v if the govt really want to.. defense of a country is more valuable..

    4. and also US offering of f16v is through FMF..

    5. Its not yet final. PAF has yetbto release the technical specs for MRF.note that 'most likely' means nothing is finalized yet

  6. kesian malaysia tak bershoping

  7. https://m.detik.com/wolipop/read/2018/10/15/081254/4256644/1137/kontroversi-finalis-miss-grand-international-dari-malaysia-pakai-batik

    1. Ya gak papa mas, paling belinya di Beringharjo..šŸ˜
      Bikin laku barang dagangan..dan jelas asalnya dimari..šŸ˜‚šŸ˜

  8. enaknya, Philipina yg juga negara persemakmuran AS tak akan kena embargo oleh AS, karena AS butuh pangkalan di Philipina untuk kontrol LCS.

    1. what..?? Negara persemakmuran AS? yg bner mas? setau sy si mana lah ad negara yg bebas embargo AS, ap lg kaya fiplippina yg g punya "nilai tawar' politik yg lebih dari wilayah asteng lainnya. BTW pangkalan subik di philippine udah lama d tutup kok.

    2. ya terserah sampeyan mas..

    3. yoo bneran mas aq g tau.. mulakno, nek sampean tau kn iso ngingatin aq. tq yoo bro

    4. hehehe...
      gpp mas bro.. sama²

      banyak² membaca saja...
      kita sama² belajar..

      jangan seperti tetangga sebelah...

  9. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  10. Thailand tujuh punya F 16 dan Gripen. Saya condong ke Gripen layar copotnya lebar dan AESA. bisa bawa meteor. Biaya operasional 1 jam cuman 3000 USD.

    1. Gripen RTAF tipenya apa mas? šŸ˜Š

    2. Gripen thai pake type C,blm yg terbaru om

    3. Kalau indo mau ambil gripen yg E/F biar update karena negara asal pembuatnya juga secara bertahap mau pensiunin yg C/D diganti E/F

    4. Gripen baru akan diambil pada bagian akhir mef 3, seperti su35 diambil pada bagian akhir mef 2.

  11. Volvo RM12, mesin lisensi manufaktur GE F-404 donk? hmn artinya nawarin tipe c/d lagi yak?kok gak bosen2 yak, knp gak nawarin NG.
    kalo dibilang NG mehong, lah di kita aja dpt proposal c/d $1,5 milyar, makanya ditinggal kabhurrr opa rr cs haha!šŸ˜†šŸ˜†šŸ˜†
    mnurutkuh ini sich bakal alamat haha!šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹

    amrik uda nawarin tipe terbaruw, dr sisi harga uda pasti menanglah haha!šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

    tinggal tunggu beruang merah, maren di filipin bawa full tim. 2 kode 35 smua siyap haha!šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

    tapi smuannya bakal ditampung ampe wkt gak terbatas, tp gak lbh lama dari CAPCUS55 haha!šŸ˜›šŸ˜›šŸ˜›
    jd gak akan ada shoping soping pespur, berhubung sang presidennya blom napsu2 banget ama pespur setelah f-50 dateng.
    prioritas skr banyakin heli ama tukano diutamanakan guna gempur pemberontak.

    trus eskavator, soalnya doi lg doyan gusur porche & lambo, jom pindad eskava masukkk haha!šŸ¤–šŸ¤–šŸ¤–

  12. Realistiskah? Dengan wilayah yang dibentuk lebih dari 7,641 pulau, Pinoy perlu F/A-18C/D Hornet-MLU, bukan Gripen. Single-engine unable to survive yet double-engines proved otherwise.

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