11 Oktober 2018

The Fiji Navy Received a Chinese-Built Hydrographic Vessel

11 Oktober 2018

New hydrographic vessel of Fijian Navy RFNS Kacau (all photos : Fijian Navy)

New Vessel Enhances Fijian Navy’s Capabilities

The Fijian Navy’s hydrography and maritime surveillance functions will now be fully enhanced with the ar­rival of its new ship the RFNS Kacau.

The ship is the result of co-operation be­tween the Fijian and Chinese governments as well as the Fijian Navy and People’s Lib­eration Army-Navy.

The RFNS Kacau was welcomed at its Suva home, the Captain Stanley Brown Na­val base yesterday.

Heavy rain failed to dampen the spirits of navy officers and sailors as they celebrated the arrival of the newest addition to the navy fleet.

Chief of the Fijian Navy Captain (Navy) Humphrey Tawake said, “Today (yesterday) marks a milestone in the announcement of our maritime security campaign with the arrival of RFNS Kacau.”

He said the project was initiated by the Re­public of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) and the People’s Republic of China’s People’s Liberation Army-Navy, “who saw fit to do­nate a vessel of such a magnitude because of the role we have in Fiji not only that, but also maritime security in the region”.

RFNS Kacau is a new hydrographic vessel which Captain Tawake said would also be used for other maritime surveillance activi­ties that the Navy saw fit.

“In the next couple of weeks, we will work with the PLA-Navy team as they arrive to conduct the sea transit and the technical aspects of the vessel so that we do not miss any issues that may hinder us in future,” he said.

Captain Tawake said it was important for Fiji Navy to ensure that the new vessel was seaworthy and met all requirements.

“A dedicated crew has been selected for the RFNS Kacau and they are undergoing train­ing at the Naval Base in Togalevu just to refine their maritime skills before they get posted on board when the Chinese PLA na­val personnel are here and we will see areas where we can enhance our skills,” he said.

The PLA-Navy team will work with the Fi­jian Navy for about four months.

The official handover of RFNS Kacau would be done before Christmas this year.

PM stresses discipline, leadership

Meanwhile, officers and sailors in the Fijian Navy were reminded about the importance of discipline, leadership and decision making.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama gave the reminder while welcoming the month of October in a church service at the Stanley Brown Naval Base yesterday.

Mr Bainimarama also welcomed the crew of the RFNS Kikau which returned from a refit and three-month exercise in Australia.

“I am grateful that you all preserved the status of the Fiji Navy abroad,” Mr Baini­marama said.

“Discipline needs to be upheld. Most of the time leaders dish out decisions without ful­ly assessing the situation.n We should not make decisions in haste because it might lead to family problems.”

“Indiscipline can cause an army to col­lapse, but discipline will build it up.”


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  1. Balasan
    1. Hwekekekekek..ente bisa aje mat..πŸ˜‚

      Duo Rigel aja dari Perancis dibawa melaut sendiri kemari.
      Yang nih Kacau digendong cargo yaak..?πŸ˜›

  2. Again, Indons are jealous.

    Never been buy their PT PAL made ship because of the lowest quality ever made.

    PT PAL should shift their marketing and sales strategy from military to commercial due to no customer already.

    PT PAL should design fishing vessel suited for Fiji to catch Tuna and live sharks.

    PT PAL low class low quality plastic ship builder. Corrupt

    1. Pake english tapi cara mikirnya gini..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€

    2. Biar posting ente dibaca para bule?
      Biar mereka ngikut apa yg ente posting?
      Ya gak papa, wong mereka juga baca Jane's..πŸ˜‚
      Ente anggap mereka lebih percaya ke ente..?πŸ˜‚


    3. Coba search star 50,
      50.000dwt buatan pal,
      Salah satu kapal terbaik didunia

    4. Mulot Janes dan SIPRI yg lebih dipercaya dunia dari pada mulot busok beruk unknown yg penuh hoax dan dengki wkwkwk

    5. si unknown beruk malon ni dah stres, dr sini dah jah jelas bukan berarti tau bahasa british tu otak cara berfikirnya bisa normal,,kasian banget ni orang sulit nerima kenyataan kalau negaranya bangkrap dan manusia beruk malon sdm nya no kwaliti.

    6. lol jealous much losing bidder to PAL in phillipine

      but hey i admire your shipyard which has special ability to build ships that capable entrap small countries with debts and bringing immigrant workers then extract their natural resources

      but still Fiji should renamed its ship with Dalai lama or Tiananmen1989

  3. Namanya lucu. "Kacau" alias messy. Wakwaw...

  4. https://lancerdefense.com/2018/10/09/ambassador-muhammad-ibnu-said-visiting-lindo-industripark-with-the-delegations-from-the-indonesian-navy-photo/

    Nnnaaahhh ini foto2nya saat delegasi Indonesia mengunjungi kilang pembuat iver huitfeldt.. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Kalau sudah intens seperti ini kemungkinan 80% pasti diakuisisi. Jiran sebelah dilarang iri hati ye..!! haha..

    1. Kata Mr unknown si raja link zaman jepun dan raja plastik,iver ini low quality n hanya plastik aja bro wkwkwk

  5. kemarin...jet tni lakukan intersep di natuna dan kalimantan.,.f16 lakukan pencegatan jet asing,...ternyata yg dikalimantan adalah bomber america,,,.f16 berhasil mengusirnya keluar....pertanyaannya,sebelum ke kalimantan pasti lewat sabah sarawak..,,kemana semua sukhoi malaysia?ini bukti lemahnya tindakan dan kemampuan jet malaysia.,,mungkin engine jet malaysia hilang?

    1. Mungkin dah clearing disana, tapi tidak dimari..ga tau lagi..😢

      Sapa yg tahu..πŸ˜‘

    2. Pesawat us byk di sabah..tentara us menyewa lapang sasar,airbase untuk latihan rutin..ngak ada yang pelik jika pesawat amerika terbang disabah dan sarawak..

    3. hahah... disewakan?
      buat nambah duit ya?

    4. Scan@ us sewa lapangan terbang ko terus wang sewanya buat bayar utang negara ko ya wkwkwk

  6. Hull designnya pake wave pierching catamaran.. ?

  7. Chinese communist ship lol

    sure they dont install anything that traced its server in mainland or Pla navy headquarter

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