02 Oktober 2018

Israeli Firm Eyes to Offer PHL Refurbished Black Hawks

02 Oktober 2018

IDF UH-60A Black Hawk (photo : Military Edge)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which participated in the recently concluded Asian Defence, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference – ADAS 2018, is eyeing to offer refurbished Black Hawks to the Philippine Air Force.

“IAI came up with an innovative approach – acquisition of modernised pre-owned Black Hawks. This approach will enable the air force to operate the most modernised upgraded platform at a much lower cost,” Eli Alfassi, VP of marketing at IAI, told ADAS Daily News.

“We are glad to report that IAI has been very active and successful in the Philippines in past years. During this time, we leveraged our relationship to promote cooperation with local industry and customers,” Alfassi added.

“In view of the stronger relationship between the two countries and the recent visit of President Duterte, we are confident that both countries can go a long way in reinforcing our collaboration and reap mutual benefits,” he added.

(ADAS Daily News)

9 komentar:

  1. Omaegot,Omaegot...pinoy punya black hawk...amazinnnggg

  2. Pelapak ini gencar banget yaak nawarin dagangan..😁
    Kfir upgrade'an AESA & Falcon doi dah laku belum tuh, ga ditawarin sekalian disini..? 😁
    Mumpung lagi mesraan...😁

  3. Wow... Always shopping Phil in every week..

    Amazing bener dah... stronger than ever...
    5 tahun kedepan udah bisa nyalip Thai dan Viet nih... upppsss...

    1. these are all offers... if there is already contract signing then thats the amazing part.. for now it is still an offer

    2. Ya right...

      Well at least Phil has commitment to spend their money on sequel projects just like Indonesia still doin now in so called "Horizon Program" and "Minimum Essential Force Program". Durterte also already vowed his vision to gradually increase their military budget for next 5 to 10 years.

      Lets hope Phil Army's can achieved their targets as it will boost up ASEAN military power in SEA region. Imagine if all the nations in ASEAN (Viet, Thai, Mal, Sing etc) increasing their budget more and more, it will be significant impact for ASEAN's security.

    3. well as a filipino myself i also hope that all of the horizon 2 plan could be achieve... but also hope that the goverment should act fast.. because of the threat of terrorism on the southern part of our country and the looming tension on WPS

  4. South Korea strong..!!!