26 Januari 2018

AFP Receives Ammo, Explosives from US

26 Januari 2018
The United States recently delivered ammunition and explosives for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) at Subic Bay. (photo : ABS-CBN)

MANILA - The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recently received a fresh supply of ammunition and explosives from representatives of the Joint United States Military Assistance Group, the US Embassy in Manila said Tuesday.

The weapons, which were delivered last Jan. 18, aims to help improve the interoperability and readiness of the long-allied US and Philippine militaries, the Embassy said.

"The munitions and weapons deliveries will enhance the AFP’s counterterrorism capabilities," the Embassy said in a statement. 

The delivery was made through the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement between Washington and Manila. It did not specify the kind and quantity of ammunition and explosives handed over. 

Last year, the United States donated thousands of weapons to the AFP to support operations against Islamic State-linked terrorists in Marawi City. 

Among the weapons previously donated by Washington were 1,040 rocket motors, 992 rockets to the Philippine Air Force, and 1,000 grenade launchers and 250 rocket-propelled grenade launchers to the Philippine Army.


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