23 Januari 2018

Fourth Gepard 3.9 Arrived in Cam Ranh

23 Januari 2018

Rolldock Star carrying fourtg Gepard 3.9 frigates (photo : Sputnik)

Marine Page Marine Traffic information has updated position Rolldock Star - Dutch nationality transports ship carrying Gepard missiles frigates of Vietnam.

According to Marine Traffic, the Rolldock Star super-heavy tanker, arrived at the port of Singapore on Jan. 17 and anchored one day for refueling, as well as for logistics.

On the 18th of January, the Rolldock Star departed for the final leg of Vietnam's Cam Ranh Port, arriving at 13 am on Saturday.

As usual, the Rolldock Star will be anchored outside of Cam Ranh Bay until the next morning before being towed into the port on 21 January. The fourth ship of the Vietnam Navy's Gepard 3.9 missile will be unloaded soon after.

As of January 22, the Vietnamese People's Navy has officially received the fourth Gepard 3.9 missile defense and is also the last to be built under a contract signed in October 2012. .

Rosoboronexport then handed over the contract to Zelenodolsk Plant in February 2013. The third warship, the 488th, was launched in late April, and the 487th was launched on 26 May.

On 4/12/2017, the Rolldock Star boarded the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk to transport the 487 Gepard to Vietnam after sending the Gepard-487 to Cam Ranh port safely on Oct. 27. / 2017. 

During the sailing, the Rolldock Star docked in Istanbul on December 6, 2017 and the Gibraltar port area on December 12, 1977 for refueling, after which the ship continued to move to the Atlantic.

After crossing the Cape of Good Hope, the Rolldock Star entered the Indian Ocean, looped back to Indonesia and headed for Singapore safely, less than two days later than originally scheduled (15/01/2018), before at Cam Ranh port on January 20.

With the acquisition of four modern Gepard 3.9 missile guards, the strength of the Vietnamese People's Navy has been raised to a new height, capable of defending the sovereignty of the nation in the new period.

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