18 Januari 2018

Vietnam Starts Producing Russian Anti-Matériel Rifles

18 Januari 2018

Vietnam has started production of the Russian OSV-96 12.7 mm self-loading anti-materiel rifle. (photo : Vitaly V. Kuzmin)

Vietnam’s military-run Z111 defence factory has started producing the Russian OSV-96 12.7 mm self-loading anti-matériel rifle, according to news reports in the Southeast Asian country. Reports on 16 January said the factory recently demonstrated the rifle to Vietnam’s Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh.

The reports confirm developments announced by the Vietnam Ministry of National Defence (MND) in late 2017, in which it said local industry has developed capability to produce under licence 12.7 mm guns that can reach a range of 1,800 m and can penetrate light armoured vehicles. The MND did not specify the type of gun but said it was of Russian design.

Production of the OSV-96 is supported by a collaboration arrangement with Russia’s Tula-based weapons manufacturer, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau, in line with Vietnam’s efforts to expand its defence industrial partnership with Russia, its primary military supplier.

Reports said KBP has transferred technologies to the Z111 factory to facilitate the licenced production project. The rifle is being supplied to the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN).


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  1. Saingan SPR-3 PT PINDAD nih kayaknya

    1. Gak sama pak mat lampir sime auto dangan manual tak sama
      SPR-3 system kerja manual Lambat pelakukan tembakan kedua Bagus lakukan tembak tepat

      OSV-96 system kerja semi auto cepat melakukan tembakan kedua

      System Sime auto dan system Manual masing masing

    2. Lebih haibat lah rifle malon vita berlendir tuh ya Wkwkwk

  2. pindad punya varian baru sniper 8,6mm

  3. Malon semakin terbelakang...