19 Januari 2018

Japan to Assist with Establishment of 11 New Radar Stations Across Southern Philippines

19 Januari 2018

Japan is providing Manila with resources to establish 11 new coastal radar stations across southern Philippines. Move aims to secure major shipping lanes that connect the Sulu Sea, with the Celebes Sea and the Pacific Ocean (photo : Flying Dutchman)

In an effort to help bolster security along a notorious sea lane known as the Sibutu Passage, the Japanese government has agreed to donate equipment and systems for 11 new radar stations that will be constructed across southern Philippines.

The assistance will be provided under a government-to-government programme, with equipment and systems likely to be acquired from Japanese electronics company Furuno, said Lieutenant Al-Hafidz Bih, assistant deputy chief of Coast Guard Staff for Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement, of the Philippines Coast Guard (PCG), in an interview with Jane’s on 17 January.


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