02 Oktober 2018

Will China’s New Laser Satellite Become the ‘Death Star’ for Submarines?

02 Oktober 2018

The satellite will use lidar technology and a microwave radar to identify targets. (image: Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology)

China is developing a satellite with a powerful laser for anti-submarine warfare that researchers hope will be able to pinpoint a target as far as 500 metres below the surface.

It is the latest addition to the country’s expanding deep-sea surveillance programme, and aside from targeting submarines – most operate at a depth of less than 500 metres – it could also be used to collect data on the world’s oceans.

Project Guanlan, meaning “watching the big waves”, was officially launched in May at the Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao, Shandong. It aims to strengthen China’s surveillance activities in the world’s oceans, according to the laboratory’s website.

Scientists are working on the satellite’s design at the laboratory, but its key components are being developed by more than 20 research institutes and universities across the country.

Song Xiaoquan, a researcher involved in the project, said if the team can develop the satellite as planned, it will make the upper layer of the sea “more or less transparent”.

“It will change almost everything,” Song said.

While light dims 1,000 times faster in water than in the air, and the sun can penetrate no more than 200 metres below the ocean surface, a powerful artificial laser beam can be 1 billion times brighter than the sun. But this project is ambitious – naval researchers have tried for more than half a century to develop a laser spotlight for hunting submarines using technology known as light detection and ranging (lidar).

In theory, it works like this – when a laser beam hits a submarine, some pulses bounce back. They are then picked up by sensors and analysed by computer to determine the target’s location, speed and three-dimensional shape.

But in real life, lidar technology can be affected by the device’s power limitations, as well as cloud, fog, murky water – and even marine life such as fish and whales.

Added to that, the laser beam deflects and scatters as it travels from one body of water to another, making it more of a challenge to get a precise calculation.

Experiments carried out by the United States and former Soviet Union achieved maximum detection depths of less than 100 metres, according to openly available information.

That range has been extended in recent years by the US in research funded by Nasa and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). A device developed by DARPA, for example, was mounted on a spy plane and achieved reliable results at a depth of 200 metres, detecting targets as small as sea mines.

See full article South China Morning Post

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  2. Omaegot,Omaegot...cina ada senjata laser nih...Omaegot...kita mesti lapor Mpu Gandring biar indonesia dibuatin keris punya laser buat hadapin senjata laser cina ini...

  3. Tenaaang..
    Masih lebih sakti Nyi Roro Kidul laah..😏

  4. di jammer Nyi Roro kidul kah?

  5. no one is questioning the environmental safety of these things in the sky.

  6. Wuiih..Tarlac dah nyampek Vladivostok.
    Congrat Pinoy..πŸ‘


  7. Gw baru baca dan rada kurang update.. ternyata TNI beli simulator heli Apache yaa ? Beuh.. ajib bener dah.. kayane alamat bakalan nambah maning Apachenya nih kalau lihat gelagatnya.. helmet apache dah beli ratusan unit plus simulator ? Makin ketebak tahun depan beli lagi 1 Squadron Apache πŸ˜€

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    3. "..Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL is stepping up engagement with the Philippine Navy (PN) in efforts to fulfil the service's capability requirements for sealift, surface combatants, and submarines, an industry official from PT PAL has confirmed to Jane's .."

      Omaegot...lontong disebut..😱😱

    4. 300 helm di beli buat berapa apache tuh om,coba deh om TN hitung 300 helm dibeli untuk berapa apache

    5. mungkin ga cm buat apache kali tuh bang,. fennec kn bs pke jg, blm jg cougar. makanya angkanya dpt segtu

    6. Tinggal sukhoi aja yg belum kebagian simulator.....padahal tulang punggung katanya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    7. Kenapa yaa..?
      Mahal? Katanya mau beli yg KW, jadi?😊

    8. Yang sekarang kan dah 'era baru', harus komplit, semoga yang Flanker E sepaket simulator..secara single seat, ga bisa 'depan-belakang'..😁

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    10. Hwihihi...
      Lha, sabar mas'e, sedelok maneh duwe simul' Flanker..😁

    11. Kalau dari radius jangkauan, kebutuhan heli serang sekitar 144 unit (12 unit per skuadron x 12 skuadron).

      Helm elbit terhubung dengan sensor optic yg terpasang di hidung apache dan sekaligus terhubung dengan senapan mesin di bawah hidung apache.

      Jadi kalo helm itu dipakai di heli yg lain, heli itu harus terpasang 2 komponen tadi.

      Tetapi walaupun kita butuhnya 12 skuadron heli serang, heli apachenya tidak segitu.

      Buat AD dan AU harus dapat mengkover 9 potensi trouble spot :
      Selat malaka, selat sunda, selat lombok, selat makassar, laut natuna utara, laut sekitar Selaru, 3 perbatasan darat.

      Jadi apache dibutuhkan di 9 tempat ini.

      9 tempat = 9 skuadron

      9 skuadron x 12 unit = 108 unit.

      Jadi butuhnya 108 unit apache.

      Kita cek apakah helmnya memenuhi kebutuhan 108 unit apache ini.

      Helm yg udah sampai 24 helm untuk 8 unit. Jadi 24 / 8 = 3 unit helm untuk tiap apache.

      Jika 24 ini ditambah 300 unit helm yg dibeli terpisah, maka 24 + 300 = 324 helm.

      Ingat tadi 3 unit helm untuk tiap unit apache.

      Jadi 324 helm itu harus dibagi 3 helm untuk mendapat jumlah unit apachenya.

      324 / 3 = 108

      Cocok khan jumlahnya, 108 unit apache.

      Dibeli bertahap sesuai duit yg tersedia.

      Lha kemarin khan ada foto selfi dengan heli ATAK 129 Turki ?

      Iya, heli dari Turki akan jadi pelengkap sisa dari 144 - 108 = 36 unit.

    12. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoNyePeHk5S/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_mid=W2AEBAABAAGAtj4HyPoaPd2m53Un

      Tuh, khan heli ATAK 129 !

    13. D'boys@ helmnya bkn sembarang helm om,helm apache itu terintegrasi dgn canon 30mm yg ada di bawah moncong heli,jika helm di kepala pilotnya digerakkan ke kanan maka canon 30mm nya bergerak ke kanan,bila helm di kepala digerakkan ke bawah maka canonnya bergerak ke bawah jg om

    14. Kalo helm nya noleh kekanan, tapi moncongnya bergerak kekiri apa hayo mat...?

  8. slah satu teknologi dan eksperimen selama perang dingin yg berhasil dicuri cina dari Amrik bersamaan dgn kasus pencurian teknologi hulu ledak nuklir MIRV W-88

  9. lembaga riset coba buatkan uji laser di kolam.. ada orang indonesia kerja di jepang itu radar array.. tp apakah coba dibuatkan lebih agresif untuk radar ke dalam laut dari satelit?

    bikin satelit2 mini digabungkan di roket bisa ngangkut bbrps satelit utk masing2 memantau barat, selatan dan utara

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    5. Wah nggak ada tuh nama Rusia di situ.

      Sahabat itu yg pertama2 dan selalu menolong saat susah.

      Kalo hanya cari untung saja, itu bukanlah sahabat.

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      Trus nanti ada aja tuh Rusia fanboys yang akan berdalih dan berprasangka "wah itu nanti mereka yg bantu pasti ada misi cari rahasia pemetaan dasar laut palu."

      Lha mereka (Amrik dan Cina) nggak usah datang pun udah tahu peta dalam laut sekitar Palu via satelit.

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      Katanya, selain bantuan kewangan, kerajaan juga akan menghantar Pasukan Mencari dan Menyelamat Khas Malaysia (SMART) ke kawasan yang dilanda bencana itu bagi membantu kerja mencari dan menyelamat (SAR).

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      Setakat ini, ratusan orang dilaporkan maut akibat tragedi gempa bumi berukuran 7.5 pada skala Richter dan tsunami di Palu Jumaat lalu, yang turut mengakibatkan bekalan elektrik serta perhubungan terputus di sekitar bandar itu selain Donggala, wilayah yang paling dekat dengan pusat gempa bumi iaitu sejauh 27 kilometer.

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