23 Mei 2018

Vietnam has Officially Received Two NC-212i Aircraft

23 Mei 2018

The NC-212i with the number 8992 landed at Gia Lam airport (photo : BaoDatViet)

The image has been recorded at the Gia Lam airport showed two aircraft NC-212i bearing number 8991 and 8992 arrived in Vietnam.

As information for many times before, the Air Force of Vietnam has signed a contract to order three more transport aircraft - NC-212i sea patrol, they were assembled at Bandung Plant - Indonesia after the line of Airbus in Spain closed.

In November, 2017, an image of the Indonesian NC-212i sea-view transport aircraft was assembled on the order of Vietnam to carry out the first test flight. .

As of January 9, 2018, in an Indonesian TV news report, the NC-212i was painted new, showing that it was 100% complete and could be handed over in the near future.

And this morning on May 22, photographs of the moment the pair of NC-212i aircraft landed at Gia Lam Airport, the base of the 918th Air Force Brigade.

This new NC-212i was painted in the air, very much like the C-295M on the 18th Army Group with the Vietnamese Air Force on the side, not the white-blue of the Coast Guard as before.

The NC-212i with the number 8991 landed at Gia Lam airport (photo : BaoDatViet)

More specifically, the aircraft is still fully integrated with military reconnaissance, marine reconnaissance. It can be predicted that its mission will be to transport, to bridge the airspace connecting the mainland to the remote island.

Thus, the current C-212 / NC-212i squadron of Vietnam has now increased to four, and in the near future we will receive the remaining NC-212i after completing the tests. Feature price in Indonesia.

In addition to the NC-212i, the Vietnamese Air Force has ordered three C-295 light aircraft (most likely the latest C-295W) assembled in Europe.

The addition of modern air transport and maritime surveillance will contribute positively to the strength of the Air Force and Vietnam Coast Guard in particular, as well as the battle to protect the sovereignty of the sea island of the Fatherland. in general.


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  1. Eee....ada yg punyak barang baru.. :D

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  2. Semoga PT DI ada untung dgn jualannya

  3. Mas hari,
    Jadi sertifikasi autopilot barunya dah oke nih?
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    1. Kari sakedepe netra mas...🤗

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    4. Lah punya philippine NC 212nya 2 bijik uda di kirim...vietnam order 3 bijik...2 dikirim berarti tinggal 1 bijik lagi belum di kirim ke vietnam.

    5. Linknya...monggo : https://www.update.ph/2018/02/estimated-delivery-two-nc-212i-aircraft-pt-dirgantara-philippine-air-force-now-set-mid-2018/24299

  4. Wah hebat ya tahun 1818 indonesia sdh bs buat pesawat. Padahal pesawat pertama baru tahun 1908.... 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wah sudah di kirim orderan vietnam..congrats PT.DI....hangar space berkurang hajar lagi dengan order tni au NC 212 sejumlah 9 bijik...jangan kasih kendor..!!!