19 Februari 2018

HMAS Hobart Continues Sea Trials

19 Februari 2018

Electronics technicians prepare HMAS Hobart's Phalanx close-in weapons system (CIWS) ahead of the ship's first ever live CIWS firing. (photo : RAN)

No shortage of milestones for DDG-39

HMAS Hobart has achieved a number of firsts for her class and the Royal Australian Navy over the past several weeks off the east coast of Australia.

Hobart successfully tested her 20mm Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) against an inflatable surface target, marking the first ever time an Australian warship has fired a CIWS capable of striking air and surface targets.

The ship’s five-inch main gun was tested against a towed target from varying distances and directions in an early morning naval gunfire exercise.

Two practice delivery torpedoes were also fired from the port and starboard tubes with both torpedoes recovered for analysis by Navy’s Surface Forces branch.

Test Director Lieutenant Commander David Small of Surface Forces oversaw the program of firing serials and said they would help prove the true capabilities of Australia’s newest warships.

“First-of-class trials set a baseline for the performance of a new class of ship”, he said.

HMAS Hobart fires a round from her Mk 45 Mod 6 5-inch gun during test firing off the east coast of Australia. (photo : RAN)

“The next key aim is to validate our standard operating procedures as two more guided missile destroyers come online.”

“Surface Forces will now prepare a trial report of observations and recommendations, including changes to procedure or potential physical changes to the ship itself.”

Hobart completed a number of other evolutions for the first time during her trial period, including a replenishment at sea with HMAS Anzac and a deep water anchor in the waters off Jervis Bay.

Commanding Officer Captain John Stavridis said the ship had shown its capability in a number of war-like scenarios.

“HMAS Hobart is an outstanding warship that is up to the rigours that come with a busy tempo”, he said.

“Many of the things we have achieved for the first time these past several weeks will be daily requirements of this ship over decades to come and we’ve shown we are a guided missile destroyers with a ruthlessly professional crew that gets the job done.”

Hobart will conduct further trials throughout the year culminating with an evaluation period in the United States.


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  1. Selain firing to ground,CIWS jg sangat berfungsi untuk pertahanan udara untuk menghancurkan drone,helikopter,missile dan bisa menghancurkan jet pejuang

  2. daripada palanx lebih suka palash atau kahstan

    1. uda mo diganti ama sistem Pantsir yg lbh yahuuuttt haha!🤗🤗🤗

  3. Tidak ada padanan dengan Indons of Jakarta yang membuat kapal PT PAL ditambah Bom Pintar BT-Wododo. Australia adalah pengurang yang saya taruhan di atasnya.HMAS Hobart sepatutnya hanya seperti Amalan menembak untuk Indons Jakarta yang membuat kapal.

    1. Kamu kayak anjing aj...mengong gong cem anjing bodoh...tau apa kamu soal negara saya

  4. phalanx siwis(CIWS)mantebb jugak, pasang dibuntut kayak KCR 60m kita haha!😅😅😅

    bole nich R2 buat destro kita, mayankan namba2 koleksi showroom haha!😉😉😉

    kapal kombatan utama, bisa dikatakan lengkap jika punya "ciws". dan hmas hobart miliki ituw maka bole disebut MODEREN haha!👍👍👍

    untung kita punya yach temans, banyak lagi, harap makloum "SHOWROOM" haha!😜😜😜

    salam buat ostrali dari kami biang shopping soping 3 MATRA tempur se ASEAN: Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapur, Filipin, Thailand dan Indonesia Xlalu shoping bersama okeh oceh 👌👌👌

  5. Adakah Australia mengancam orang Indon di Jakarta?

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