07 Mei 2011

Vietnam Kilo 636 Submarine Technology More Advanced Than China Kilo 636 ?

07 Mei 2011

Kilo 636 submarine (photo :Navalshow)

Commentary Han Hoa Military Magazine in April, a leading source of military technology expert reputation in Moscow (Russia) said that under a bilateral agreement signed between Russia and Vietnam, in 2013, Vietnam will receive the first Kilo submarines, a year later as the second and the last one will be delivered in 2017.Compared with 636-MK submarines that use by the Chinese Navy, Kilo 636-MV submarines that Russia sold to Vietnam has many differences, of which the largest is about armament.

First, Vietnam's Kilo submarines will be fitted with land attack cruise missile 3M-14E latest type, with a range of 290 km. Missiles are not Russia's Defense Ministry approved the export to China. Apart from Vietnam, two other countries are exporting Russian 3M-14E missiles is India and Algeria.

Besides that, Kilo 636-MV submarine is equipped with radar-guided complex multi-effects post GE2-01 type. This has not been removed for export to China, the biggest advantage is minimizing the noise in the environment and help diversify measures directions.

Sonar system, Kilo 636-MK China submarines is equipped with sonar systems MGK 400E basic types. Meanwhile, the Kilo 636-MV submarines are installing sonar systems MGK 400E type improvements. Two sonar system has the same sounding range, but the sonar system type MGK 400E is equipped with improved signal processing speed and performance more digitized higher level.

Novator 3M-14E Club S missile type of land attack cruise missile, max range 290km (photo : Elforo)

On the periscope, both Kilo 636-MK submarine and Kilo 636-MV submarines are equipped with sounding optical system, but the periscope used for tasks Kilo 636-MV attack submarines are installation of additional equipment measuring distance from IR ray and TV monitoring systems, Meanwhile, Kilo 636MK submarines primarily use optical aiming device and no distance measurement beam from. That means fighting capability at night and the attack accuracy of the Kilo 636-MV submarine will be higher than Kilo 636-MK submarine.

Final difference is the air conditioning system that Kilo 636-MV submarines using more appropriate to the climate, tropical terrain.

Besides these differences, Kilo submarines that Russia sold to China and the Russian Kilo submarine exports to Vietnam have some similarities, such as the missile is equipped with 3M-54E anti-ship, and used batteries 476 E type of improvement, long life and meet the requirements of the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean.

Sources said that the production time of two submarines on each other for over 5 years, the technology equipped for Kilo 636-MV submarines is granted with more advanced than Kilo 636-MK. Considering the differences above, according to the magazine, although both are Kilo 636 M submarines, but the gap in technology between the Kilo 636-MV submarine and Kilo 636-MK submarine at least 10 years.

Novator 3M-54E Club S type of anti ship cruise missile, max range 220km (photo : Elforo)

About 6 Kilo submarines sold by Russia to Vietnam, long have information that Vietnam can use them to build two fleets. However, according to sources, six submarines of the Kilo 636-MV Vietnam will be arranged uniformly, forming a Russian fleet and the construction will be in charge of all media repository missiles at seaports and oxygen supply stations as part of the contents of bilateral agreements signed with Vietnam.

Related to the purchase price of Kilo 636-MVsubmarine, formerly reported that Vietnam Navy may have to buy Kilo 636-MV submarines with high prices. But according to sources, the price of Kilo 636-MV submarines that Russia sold to Vietnam is completely true and current prices Russia has started to manufacture first Kilo 636 submarines for Vietnam.

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