30 April 2015

Thailand Increases Defence Budget by 7%

30 April 2015

Thailand's military has proposed a 2016 defence budget of THB207 billion (USD6.3 billion) (photo : DTI)

Thailand's military-run government has proposed a 2016 defence budget of THB207 billion (USD6.3 billion), a nominal increase of 7% over military spending in 2015.

According to budgetary figures announced by the government on 29 April, the 2016 defence budget will represent nearly 8% of the total state expenditure in the year. It also amounts to approximately 1.5% of GDP.

The budget will be submitted to the National Legislative Assembly for approval in mid-year before the beginning of Thailand's new fiscal year at the end of October.

Government records have not yet detailed a breakdown of the defence budget, although, according to IHS Jane's Defence Budgets, the Royal Thai Army traditionally receives around half the expenditure with the air force and navy each receiving about 22%.


Pesawat Tanpa Awak Bakal Beroperasi Di Lanud Supadio

30 April 2015

Skadron 51 merupakan skadron UAV jenis Aerostar yang berpangkalan di Lanud Supadio (photos : Kaskus Militer)

Kubu Raya, InfoPublik  - Danlanud Supadio Pontianak, Kolonel Pnb Palito Sitorus, mengatakan, terkait pengembangan lanud menjadi type A yang merupakan rencana strategis yang telah dicanangkan pimpinan TNI Angkatan Udara dan pada saat ini mereka telah mempersiapkan personil, logistik beserta alutsistanya menuju pangkalan udara type A.

"Kami dari internal lanud supadio saat ini sudah mempersiapkan pimpinan TNI AU untuk segera meresmikan dengan segera. Namun untuk kapan waktunya kita masih menunggu kabar selanjutnya," ujarnya.

Ia mengatakan saat ini lanud Supadio Pontianak memiliki satu skadron udara hawk 100/200 dan sekarang dimulai penambahan skadron 51 yang kita ketahui merupakan skadron udara pesawat tanpa awak.

"Untuk personil pesawat tanpa awak saat ini sedang menjalani pelatihan dan mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat kita akan segera meresmikan udara skadron udara pesawat tanpa awak dan itulah satu di antara lanud supadio akan dijadikan lanud type A," paparnya.

Ia menjelaskan pesawat tanpa awak yang direncanakan akan beroperasi di Lanud Supadio saat ini sedang dalam penggodokan untuk jumlahnya dirinya belum mengetahui secara detail yang pasti akan ada satu skadron pesawat tanpa awak di lanud.


US Approves $1.5Bn Support Package for Australian FA-18Fs and EA-18Gs

30 April 2015

RAAF Growler (photo : Aviation Week)

WASHINGTON - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Australia for F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler Aircraft Sustainment and associated equipment, parts and logistical support for an estimated cost of $1.5 billion. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Australia has requested a possible sale of follow-on sustainment support and services for twenty four (24) AF/A-18Fs Super Hornet and twelve (12) AEA-18G Growler aircraft. The sustainment efforts will include software and hardware updates, Engineering Change Proposals, System Configuration upgrades, system integration and testing, engine component improvement, tools and test equipment, spare and repair parts, support equipment, publications and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, aircrew trainer devices upgrades, U.S. Government and contractor technical assistance, and other related elements of logistics and program support. The estimated cost is $1.5 billion.

This sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a major contributor to political stability, security, and economic development in Southeast Asia and around the world. Australia is an important ally and partner that contributes significantly to coalition, peacekeeping, and humanitarian operations around the world. It is vital to the U.S. national interest to assist our ally in developing and maintaining a strong and ready self-defense capability. This proposed sale is consistent with those objectives and facilitates burden sharing with a key ally.

The proposed sale of follow-on sustainment support and services will enable the Royal Australian Air Force to ensure the reliability and performance of its F/A-18 fleet. The follow-on support will allow Australia to maintain aircraft availability/operational rates, and enhance interoperability with the U.S. and other nations.

The proposed sale of this additional support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

The principal contractor will be The Boeing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale may require continued assignment of U.S. Government and contractor representatives to Australia.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale. 

This notice of a potential sale is required by law and does not mean the sale has been concluded.


Export of Sonar by DRDO to Mayanmar Navy

30 April 2015

Three Hull Mounted Sonars will be intalled to UMS Aung Zeya class frigates (photo : Myanmar Navy)

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed sonars for Indian Navy and transferred technology to Indian Industries for manufacture and supply to Indian Navy. M/s Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has exported three Hull Mounted Sonars to Myanmar based on the technology developed by DRDO. 

Number of countries have shown their initial interest to acquire DRDO developed sonar systems. Some of the other DRDO developed products / systems, like radars, electronic warfare systems, AEW&C systems, bridging systems, missiles, torpedoes, decoys & fire control systems, etc. can be considered for export to our friendly countries. 

This information was given by Defence MinisterShri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri AayanurManjunathain Rajya Sabha today. 

(Indian MoD)

US Approves $275Mn Support Package for Australian Hobart AWD

30 April 2015

Hobart AWD (photo : korearms)

WASHINGTON - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Australia for Hobart Class Destroyer Sustainment and associated equipment, parts and logistical support for an estimated cost of $275 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Australia has requested a possible sale of follow-on sustainment support and services in support of three (3) Hobart Class Destroyers. The sustainment efforts will include AEGIS computer software and hardware updates, system integration and testing, tools and test equipment, spare and repair parts, support equipment, publications and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, aircrew trainer devices upgrades, U.S. Government and contractor technical assistance, and other related elements of logistics and program support. The estimated cost is $275 million.

This sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a major contributor to political stability, security, and economic development in Southeast Asia. Australia is an important ally and partner that contributes significantly to coalition, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations around the world. It is vital to the U.S. national interest to assist our ally in developing and maintaining a strong and ready self-defense capability. This proposed sale is consistent with those objectives and facilitates burden sharing with a key ally.

The proposed sale will improve Australia’s capability in current and future coalition efforts. Australia will use the enhanced capability as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen its homeland defense. Australia will have no difficulty absorbing this additional support into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this additional support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

The principal contractor will be Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training in Washington, District of Columbia. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will require the temporary assignment of approximately five U.S. Government or contractor representatives for a period of three years to Australia on an intermittent basis for the life of the case.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

This notice of a potential sale is required by law and does not mean the sale has been concluded.


PT DKB Ditargetkan Bangun Kapal Selam

30 April 2015

Galangan kapal PT DKB (image : xsia-sistem)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS - Pemerintah berencana menggandeng pihak swasta untuk mengembangkan badan usaha milik negara PT Dok dan Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero). Targetnya, perusahaan negara itu dalam beberapa tahun ke depan, bisa membangun kapal selam.

Presiden Joko Widodo menyampaikan rencana itu saat mengunjungi PT Dok dan Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (PT DKB) di Cilincing, Jakarta Utara, Selasa (28/4). "Seharusnya (PT DKB) sudah bisa membuat kapal selam kalau ada kesinambungan. Korea (Selatan) yang membuat perusahaan (perkapalan) pada 1973 sudah bisa membuat kapal selam. Mestinya, ini juga bisa," kata Presiden.

Dalam kunjungan itu, Presiden antara lain didampingi Menteri BUMN Rini Soemarno, Menteri Sosial Khofifah Indar Parawansa, dan Menteri Tenaga kerja Hanif Dhakiri. Pada kesempatan itu, presiden membagikan Kartu Indonesia Sehat kepada karyawan PT. DKB.

PT DKB merupakan hasil merger empat industri galangan kapal, yaitu PT Dok dan Perkapalan Tanjung Priok yang berdiri 1891, PT. Kodja, PT. Pelita Bahari, dan PT Dok dan Galangan Kapal Nusantara. Ketiga perusahaan terakhir itu berdiri 1964.

Presiden telah memerintahkan Menteri BUMN Rini Soemarno menjajaki peluang kerja sama PT DKB dengan pihak lain yang lebih berpengalaman membangun kapal selam. Selain untuk mengembangkan PT DKB, Presiden juga ingin ada percepatan alih teknologi.

Menteri BUMN mangatakan bahwa ada kemungkinan relokasi pabri, pasalnya lahan PT DKB saat ini belum memadai untuk produksi kapal dalam jumlah besar (photo : detik)

"Tidak tahu dengan perusahaan mana, tetapi untuk mempercepat, ya, dengan cara itu. Di sini, dari sisi sumber daya manusia siap, untuk mengelas juga siap. Namun untuk desain mesin (perlu alih teknologi)," kata Joko Widodo. Pengembangan PT DKB perlu dilakukan dengan memberikan pesanan secara berkesinambungan dalam 10 tahun.

"Tidak apa-apa (terlambat), ini kita kejar. Saya tititp ke Menteri BUMN agar order diberikan selama 10 tahun sehingga tidak ada kekhawatiran mencari order ke sana kemari," kata Presiden. PT DKB harus fokus dalam membangun kapal dan tidak melayani pembangunan rig atau anjungan minyak lepas pantai.

Menurut Rini, pemerintah ingin mengembangkan PT DKB membangun kapal dan memasok kebutuhan kapal dalam negeri. karena lahan sempit, pemerintah mengupayakan lahan lebih luas untuk pengembangan PT. DKB. "Kita mau membagi dua untuk PT DKB ini, repair dan maintenance di satu area. Lalu kita juga harus punya lahan besar untuk pembangunan kapal. 

Untuk pembangunan ada dua tipe, yang satu harus meningkatkan kemampuan dengan melakukan sendiri. Yang satu lagi, kita kerja samakan sehingga partner kita bisa transfer teknologi," kata Rini. Ia belum bisa pastikan dari mana partner yang akan digandeng.


29 April 2015

NAVANTIA Launches the Last Fast Landing Craft for Australia

29 April 2015

Totally Australia has received twelve LLC from Navantia (photo : Navantia)

Navantia has launched on 27th. April 2015 the twelfth and last LLC fast landing craft being built for the Royal Australian Navy. The design of these ships is based in the fast landing crafts built also by Navantia for the Spanish Navy between 2006 and 2008.

The contract for the construction of the series of 12 LLC was signed in September 2011 and the works have been executed in the Bay of Cádiz. The landing crafts are destined to operate with the ALHD “Canberra” and ALHD “Adelaide”, strategic projection ships, similar to LHD ”Juan Carlos I”, also built by Navantia in cooperation with BAE Systems. It is scheduled all the ships are delivered on summer 2015.

The main characteristics of the ships are:

-Lenght overall: 23.30 m.
-Floatation lenght: 21.27 m.
-Width: 6.40 m.
-Depth: 2.80 m.
-Propulsion: two 809 kW diesel engines, two waterjets propellers
-Speed: more than 20 knots
-Autonomy: 190 miles at full load
-Loading capacity flexibility: Abrams vehicle, several Army vehicles, fusiliers’ company or 20 feet container truck. 

Australia is a strategic country for Navantia and has opened a subsidiary, Navantia Australia in order to cooperate with the Australian Government in future options for its Navy. Recently, it has won several important contracts for the life cycle support of the ships and for the adaptation of Australian requirements to the Navantia designs.


KSAL: Tahun 2019 Tank Amfibi BMP-3F Bisa Terpenuhi 100 Persen

29 April 2015

Dalam program MEF, Korps Marinir TNI AL memproyeksikan untuk mempunyai 890 kendaraan tempur, termasuk diantaranya adalah Tank Amfibi yang berjumlah 264 unit (photo : Kaskus Militer)

RMOL. Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (KSAL) Laksamana TNI Ade Supandi mengatakan saat ini TNI AL berniat untuk menambah alat utama sistem pertahanan (Alutsista), salah satunya program penambahan Tank Amfibi BMP-3F yang diperlukan untuk Korps Marinir.

"Kita sedang berjalan dalam pemenuhan Alutsista. Di tahun 2015-2016 ini kita ada penambahan alutsista BMP-3F dan juga Tank Artileri serta beberapa senjata ringan untuk perlengkapan pasukan," ungkap Laksamana seusai acara Sertijab Dankormar dari Mayjen TNI Achmad Faridz Washington kepada Brigjen TNI (Mar) Buyung Lalana, di Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan (Selasa, 28/04).

Lanjut Ade, penambahan alutsista ini merupakan program lima tahun TNI AL untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pertahanan TNI AL dalam menjaga perairan NKRI

"Tank Amfibi BMP-3F perlu ditambah lagi, diharapkan di tahun 2019 tank amfibi BMF-3F akan sudah terpenuhi 100 persen. Kita juga ada kebutuhan lagi untuk penggantian alutsista yang sudah tua," pungkasnya

Tank Amfibi BMP-3F adalah kendaraan tempur lapis baja yang mampu bermanuver di air dan darat. Ia punya kemampuan paling unggul di kelas peralatan tempur amfibi saat ini. Tank produksi Rusia itu dirancang untuk menghadapi pertempuran dengan senjata utama meriam canon kaliber 100 milimeter yang mampu menembak sampai jarak 4 kilometer. Dengan berat 18 ton, panjang 7,14 meter, lebar 3,16 meter, dan tinggi 3,57 meter, tank ini mampu membawa tujuh pasukan dan tiga kru. Meriam Tank BMP 3F ini dirancang untuk menembakkan peluru/roket non-kendali (shell). Meriam jenis ini masuk dalam kategori balistik sedang, dengan kecepatan tembak berkisar 250m/detik.

Sistem persenjataan tank ini memadukan artileri, rudal, dan roket dengan kontrol otomatis, sehingga tembakan tetap akurat meski saat berenang. Kunggulan-keunggulan lainnya yang dimiliki Tank BMP-3F diantaranya, mampu beroperasi di laut selama 7 jam dan untuk menunjang kemampuan amfibinya, tank ini dapat dilengkapi snorkel.


Rice Aircraft Looks to Overturn Philippine UH-1D Contract Termination

29 April 2015

UH-1D helicopters during testing (photo : pdff)

The US supplier of refurbished UH-1D Huey combat utility helicopters to the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is seeking to overturn a decision by the Department of National Defense (DND) to terminate the contract due to late delivery.

The DND ruled on 17 April to terminate its contract with a joint venture (JV) between Rice Aircraft Services and Eagle Copters, claiming that only seven of the 21 on-order UH-1Ds were delivered by the agreed schedule.

Phil Kemp, vice-president of Rice Aircraft and the company's country manager for the Philippines, told IHS Jane's on 24 April that the JV is currently exploring options for delivering the remaining helicopters to the DND.


PT Lundin Perkenalkan X18 Tank Boat

29 April 2015

X-18 tank boat rancangan PT Lundin (photo : Detik)

Keren, Pabrik Kapal Asal Banyuwangi Bikin 'Tank Laut' Pertama di Dunia

Jakarta -PT Lundin Industry Invest, pabrik kapal militer yang bermarkas di Banyuwangi Jawa Timur, sedang mengembangkan konsep kapal militer terbaru. Setelah menciptakan kapal perang siluman yakni Kapal Cepat Rudal Trimaran atau KRI Klewang, Lundin kembali menggagas ide membangun kombinasi boat atau kapal dengan tank berat atau heavy tank.

Kapal in diberi nama tank boat atau mirip dengan konsep tank laut. Kombinasi ini diklaim pertama kali dibuat dan belum ada di pasar senjata dunia.

"Kita melihat ini dapat dipakai untuk operasi di laut dan sungai. Heavy tank memiliki kendala untuk operasi di pendalaman dan juga daerah kepulauan. Maka kita kembangkan kombinasi boat dan tank guna mendukung pendaratan amfibi namun dilengkapi senjata berat," kata Presiden Direktur PT Lundin, John Lundin, di sela acara Armored Vehicle Asia (AVA) Conference 2015, Hotel Crowne, Jakarta, Selasa (28/4/2015).

Untuk bahan baku, kapal bernama X18 Tank Boat akan memakai material komposit. Material ini dinilai lebih kuat 10 kali dari baja namun juga 10 kali lebih ringan dari baja. John menjamin komposit material untuk Tank Boat tahan api. Ia memastikan tidak akan terulang kembali musibah serupa yang menimpa KRI Klewang karena memakai bahan serupa.

"Persoalan sudah diselesaikan. Material komposit memang memiliki masalah soal daya tahan terhadap api. Ini masalah di dunia. Sekarang teknlogi material komposit sudah dipakai di kereta dan pesawat. Teknologi terbaru dari material komposit 100% tahan api," jelasnya.

John bercerita, kombinasi tank berat dan boat ini pernah dibuat oleh Rusia saat perang dunia ke-2 serta saat perang Vietnam oleh Amerika Serikat. Meski dikembangkan, produk boat tank belum berhasil untuk diproduksi karena kendala teknologi. Kini, material komposit membantu menyelesaikan persoalan beban.

"Saat ini, turret dari bahan alumunium. Mau tembak dari laut, butuh kestabilan tinggi. Namun dahulu nggak bisa. Ini produk ringan karena pakai komposit. Yang mungkin 5-15 tahun lalu susah dibuat," jelasnya.

PT Lundin berancana menggandeng PT Pindad (Persero) untuk mengembangkan tank laut ini. Sementara untuk pembuatan turet dengan kaliber 105 MM, Lundi menggandeng CMI Defence, sedangkan Bofors asal Swedia digandeng untuk pengembangan sistem senjata. John mengaku TNI merespon positif konsep tank laut ini.

"Mereka sangat berkesan. Cuma 5-10 tahun lalu produk ini belum ada jadi belum masuk rencana mereka jadi kita kerja keras untuk kembangkan," jelasnya.

Saat beroperasi, X18 Tank Boat mampu membawa 4kru dan 20 personil. Di atas air, kapal buatan Banyuwangi ini mampu melaju dengan kecepatan maksimal 40 knots. Kapal ini memiliki panjang 18 meter dengan lebar 6,6 meter.


Malaysian Navy Mulls Chinese Kit for Laksamana-Class Upgrades

29 April 2015

The CSTC stand at the LIMA 2015 exhibition, with a poster displaying systems similar to those the RMN may seek in a potential future upgrade of its Laksamana-class corvettes. (photo : Mrityunjoy Mazumdar)

A senior official from the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has confirmed to IHS Jane's that the service is considering installing Chinese-made equipment on its Laksamana-class corvettes.

The RMN has proposed to the Malaysian government a service life extension programme (SLEP) for the four ships, which were commissioned between July 1997 and July 1999. The official declined, however, to give further details on systems being considered, adding only that all options are being considered (including weapons and combat systems).

IHS Jane's reported on 20 April that the RMN is looking to replace the ships' surface-to-surface missile launchers, fire-control radar, machine guns, combat management system, electronic support measures, and integrated bridge and platform management systems. Also being considered for upgrade are the corvettes' 105 mm chaff launchers and identification friend-or-foe interrogator.

A poster displayed at LIMA 2015 by CSOC, outlining some of the company's recent ship upgrade projects. (photo : Mrityunjoy Mazumdar)

Besides being armed with an Oto Melara 76/62 Super Rapid main gun and two Breda twin 40 mm cannons, the Laksamana-class vessels are fitted for Otomat anti-ship and Aspide surface-to-air missiles, according to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships . However the missile systems currently are non-operational.

The scope of any upgrade work will be determined by the available budget, under the five-year government funding allocations known as the Malaysia Plan. The RMN said in January that it had requested funding for 36 programmes under the 11th Malaysia Plan, which will cover the period 2016-20. The request, which includes plans to upgrade the Kedah- and Laksamana-class corvettes, would cost about MYR10.1 billion (USD2.79 billion).


PAF to Acquire Rocket Motors, Warheads

29 April 2015

The procurement of rocket motors and warheads for the use of its attack aircraft and helicopters (photo : Peter Ho)

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has allocated the sum of PhP38.12 million for the procurement of rocket motors and warheads for the use of its attack aircraft and helicopters.

Motors to be acquired are for the 2.75-inch rocket MK 66 models while the warheads are "WP" or white phosphorous which are generally used for marking or leading targets.

The latter rockets are unguided and used as more powerful supplements and/or replacements for guns in both air-to-air and air-to-ground applications.

Submission and opening of bids is on May 12 at 9 a.m. at the PAF Procurement Center Conference Room, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

Prospective bidders should have an experience in similar project within the last five years. 


28 April 2015

Model Tank Medium Pindad Dipamerkan di AVA Conference 2015

28 April 2015

Tank medium Pindad akan menggunakan kubah meriam 105mm CV-CT buatan CMI Belgia (photo : Defense Studies)

Ini Penampakan Desain 'Tank Leopard' Buatan PT Pindad

Jakarta -Industri pertahanan Indonesia saat ini belum mampu memproduksi kendaraan tempur lapis baja (armored vehicle) untuk kelas tank. Alhasil, TNI masih sangat tergantung terhadap pasokan tank impor. Hal ini sangat rawan bila sewaktu-waktu terkena 'embargo' dari negara produsen senjata.

Melihat fenomena ini, Kementerian Pertahanan RI menugaskan PT Pindad (Persero) mengembangkan dan membangun tank kelas medium atau medium tank secara mandiri sejak 2012. Tank rancangan Pindad kini memasuki tahap desain tank.

Dari model yang ditampilkan pada acara Armored Vehicle Asia (AVA) Conference 2015, canon atau turret dari medium tank karya Pindad tampak menyerupai Tank Leopard yang telah dibeli oleh TNI AD. Tank tersebut dikonsep memakai senjata canon kaliber 105 mili meter (mm).

"Ini medium tank. Dasarnya, TNI pada pasukan kaveleri butuh tank pendamping untuk Main Battle Tank dari Leopard. Pendampingnya harus kelas medium karena saat operasi, MBT butuh pendamping. Kebetulan TNI belum punya medium tank yang pakai canon kaliber 105mm. Sedangkan leopard kalibernya 120 mm," kata VP Product and Process Development Pindad Heru Puryanto kepada detikFinance pada sela acara Armored Vehicle Asia (AVA) Conference 2015 di Hotel Crowne, Jakarta, Selasa (28/4/2015).

Untuk pengembangan medium tank, Pindad mengandeng produsen tank asal Turki, FNSS. Kedua belah pihak akan memadukan rancangan tank masing-masing untuk diproduksi bersama.

"Di pihak Indonesia ditunjuk Pindad. Turki ditunjuk FNSS. Sekarang masuk pembahasan finalisasi. Konsep dari Pindad bisa dipakai dan bisa berubah," jelasnya.

Di pasar medium tank, produk rancangan Pindad memiliki pesaing dengan Tank K21 buatan Korea Selatan, Tulpar buatan Turki, dan BMP3F buatan Rusia. Pindad menargetkan produk medium tank made in Bandung bisa selesai mulai 2017.

"3 tahun ke depan selesai purwarupa. Tahapannya, tahun pertama (2015) finalisasi desain, tahun kedua produksi, tahun ketiga dilakukan test," ujarnya.

Untuk pengembangan sistem senjata, Pindad membuka peluang BUMN RI seperti PT Inti dan PT LEN sedangkan PT Krakatau Steel Tbk diharapkan mampu memasok baja untuk medium tank dengan ketebalan baja 16 mm. Meski demikian, Pindad tetap akan mengadeng produsen senjata dunia untuk memasok turret karena industri pertahanan lokal belum mampu memproduksi.

Heru mengaku banyak manfaat yang diperoleh Indonesia dengan mengembangkan tank secara mandiri di dalam negeri.

"Intinya kembangkan di dalam bisa mengurangi ketergantungan dari luar. Saat jalan sendiri, kita bisa mandiri karena setiap bisa embargo," tuturnya.


Cabinet Mulls Buying Subs

28 April 2015

Budget for acquisition of submarines is 36 billion baht (photo : RTN Submarine Squadron)

The navy's plan to buy submarines has been proposed to the cabinet for consideration, according to navy commander Kraisorn Jansuwanit. 

The matter is now in the hands of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, and it should be forwarded to the cabinet soon, Adm Kraisorn said. 

The navy has set up a committee to decide which country will manufacture the submarines for Thailand, he said. The panel is chaired by Adm Narongpol na Bangchang, assistant navy chief.  

The navy chief said the panel will look at systems, maintenance and training for the submarines. 

The move comes after some people in the navy raised concerns over a reported proposal to purchase Chinese submarines. 

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said before he visited China earlier this month that he would discuss a plan to buy two submarines for 36 billion baht with his Chinese counterpart during his visit. 

However, several navy sources said the Chinese submarines may not be reliable. 

Yesterday, Adm Kraisorn said he had visited China to inspect Yuan-class submarines, which have Russian-made parts. 

The navy chief indicated that the submarine procurement might take five to six years, when they take into account the construction of the vessels and the training of personnel. However, he insisted if... 

Adm Kraisorn said Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore have had submarines for several years, and he considers submarines to be a strategic means to develop the armed forces. It is the duty of the navy to propose the project to the government, he said, adding that the navy is ready to give an explanation about the project for transparency.

The panel will look at submarines from several countries and make a decision within three months, the source said. It will visit South Korea, China, Russia, Germany, and Sweden to look at their submarines.

(Bangkok Post)

DPR Janji Naikkan Anggaran Alutsista TNI Hingga Rp 200 T

28 April 2015

Dengan anggaran pertahanan Rp 200 T artinya naik dua kali lipat dari anggaran yang ada sekarang (photo : fallenpx)

Merdeka.com - Komisi I Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat ( DPR) telah mencanangkan target untuk meningkatkan anggaran pengadaan Alat Utama Sistem Pertahanan (Alutsista) TNI sebesar Rp 200 triliun. Janji tersebut disampaikan langsung oleh Wakil Ketua Komisi I DPR Ahmad Hanafi Rais.

"Ini komitmen kami dan sudah direncanakan dalam rapat dengan anggota DPR-RI, maksudnya tidak lain untuk mendukung TNI menjadi lebih baik, profesional dan kuat, terutama dari segi kelengkapan peralatan alutsistanya," kata Ahmad Hanafi Rais di Mataram, Senin (28/4), seperti dilansir Antara.

Hal tersebut diungkapkan langsung oleh Hanafi dalam pertemuan yang digelar di Markas Komando Resor Militer (Makorem) 162/Wira Bhakti, turut hadir Pangdam IX Udayana, Mayor Jenderal TNI Torri Djohar Banguntoro.

Menurut putra Amien Rais ini, dukungan pengadaan alutsista di tubuh TNI sangat dibutuhkan dan penting bagi menjaga pertahanan dan keamanan teritorial Negara Indonesia. Dana ini akan dimasukkan dalam APBN dan diberikan secara bertahap selama lima tahun mendatang.

Saat ini, pemerintah telah menyiapkan anggaran untuk pengadaan alutsista senilai Rp 102 Triliun, angka ini meningkat dibanding tahun sebelumnya yang mencapai Rp 83 Triliun.

Mendengar janji itu, Pangdam IX Udayana, Mayor Jenderal TNI Torry Djohar Banguntoro terkait hal tersebut menyampaikan bentuk apresiasinya kepada pemerintah. Namun, hal tersebut tidak terlepas untuk menjaga kewibawaan Bangsa dan Negara Indonesia di tingkat nasional maupun di dunia internasional.

"Sebenarnya ini tidak lain untuk menjaga keutuhan wilayah NKRI maupun upaya dalam mempertahankan kedaulatan negara," ucapnya.


Cambodia ‘Can’t Afford’ to Buy Indo Weapons

28 April 2015

Anoa in desert camo (photo : shilka)

A government spokesman yesterday poured cold water on an offer by Indonesia to sell Cambodia weapons, citing budget constraints and the Kingdom’s preference for peace.

The proposal by Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was discussed with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Jakarta.

Widodo suggested that Cambodia could buy weaponry and uniforms as a follow-up to previous training programs run by Indonesia for Cambodian soldiers, the Indonesian Embassy confirmed.

Acknowledging the friendly ties between the countries, government spokesman Phay Siphan said Cambodia wouldn’t buy weapons because “we don’t have any money” to do so.

“The money in the national budget is to develop the military’s integration and soldiers’ well-being,” he said, adding that Cambodia didn’t need “weapons of mass destruction”.

“We use diplomatic channels and peaceful means to solve traditional conflict.”

According to statistics from Australia’s Department of Defence, Cambodia’s defence spending increased from about $100 million in 2008 to $277 million last year.

The report noted Cambodia relied heavily on China for military aid to buy weapons, citing the 2013 purchase of 12 Z-9 helicopters, financed by a large Chinese loan.

Jon Grevatt, Asia-Pacific industry reporter for defence analyst IHS Jane’s, said Cambodia would struggle to afford anything other than small arms and ammunition unless Indonesia provided it as military aid, which was “unlikely”.


27 April 2015

Philippine will Install Xanatos Coast Watch System

27 April 2015

Xanatos coat watch sytem (all photos : Xanatos Marine)

Zambales taps Canadian firm vs intrusion in disputed seas

SUBIC, Zambales—The province that is staring Chinese aggression in the face has secured help from a Canadian surveillance firm to keep track of the intrusion of foreign vessels and other marine activities in the West Philippine Sea.

Backed by a March 23 provincial board resolution, the Zambales government has commissioned Xanatos Marine Ltd. to put up a system that would monitor in real time all vessels which enter the province’s territorial waters, Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. said on Thursday.

Using the surveillance system, Zambales can “prevent foreign fishermen from illegally entering our territorial waters,” he said. “We will show them that they can’t just bully us,” he said.

Xanatos’ Provincial Coast Watch System was initially offered to Zambales as an initiative to protect the coastal waters of Zambales from waste dumping into the sea, Ebdane said.

“We’ve been receiving reports that there are many foreign vessels that dump human waste into our territorial waters. That’s the reason we are seeking the help of this Canadian company,” he said.

Xanatos is a Vancouver-based technology company which describes its product in its website as an automatic identification system that collates information about any vessel’s position, course and speed using a transponder system.

The company first offered its system to the Department of Transportation and Communication in 2012, to combat smuggling, piracy and terrorism and to help in search and rescue operations.

But the provincial board cited the benefits of the surveillance system for local fishing communities that have been harassed while fishing at Bajo de Masinloc, also referred to as Scarborough Shoal.

The Scarborough Shoal is an “ancient territory of the province of Zambales [that] has become one of the flash points of territorial dispute between the Philippines and China,” the board resolution said.

Recently, 80 fishermen from Zambales, Pangasinan and Bataan provinces were driven off Scarborough Shoal by water cannons fired by patrolling Chinese Coast Guard vessels.

The shoal, which is some 230 kilometers from Masinloc town, Zambales, serves as a mid-sea refuge for fishing boats during stormy weather. It is considered a free zone for local fishermen until the Chinese began patrolling the West Philippine Sea.

Ebdane said the Xanatos system would be integrated with the monitoring system of the Philippine Coast Guard. The system would also help Zambales keep track of vessels that would need to pay tariff when they dock to transact business in the province, he said.

“We want to identify every ship that enters our territory and get information about its purpose. If a vessel is not authorized to be here, then it will be questioned,” he said.

Masinloc Mayor Desiree Edora said the system can bring back fishermen to the shoal. “Our fishermen have been afraid to return to the shoal. They would rather stay within the municipal waters of Masinloc,” Edora said.

She said a 127-hectare fishing sanctuary in the island village of San Salvador has become an alternative fishing ground for local fishermen.


Dua Prototipe Tank Medium Pindad Dibuat Tahun Ini

27 April 2015

Rancangan Tank Medium Pindad (image : istimewa)

Kunjungan Kerja Komisi I DPRI RI ke PT Pindad (Persero)

Para wakil rakyat yang tergabung dalam Komisi I Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia (DPR RI) melakukan kunjungan kerja ke PT Pindad (Persero).  Rombongan yang dipimpin oleh Ketua Komisi I DPR Ri Mayor Jenderal (Purn) Supiadin Aries Saputra ini diterima oleh Direktur Utama PT Pindad (Persero) Silmy Karim di Auditorium Gedung Direktorat PT Pindad (Persero), Bandung. Acara ini dihadiri pula oleh jajaran Direksi dan pimpinan PT Pindad (Persero).

Adapun kunjungan kerja ini dilakukan untuk meminta data dan informasi dari PT Pindad (Persero) mengenai perkembangan kerjasama proyek medium tank dengan Turki. “Kunjungan ini dilakukan untuk mendapatkan data dan informasi mengenai perkembangan kerjasama pertahanan antara Pindad dengan Turki, termasuk bagaimana respon dari Kementerian Pertahanan dan TNI dalam mendukung implementasi kerjasama tersebut,” ujar Mayjen TNI (Purn) Supiadin Aries Saputra mewakili para anggotanya.

Silmy Karim, menanggapi hal tersebut, mengatakan bahwa proyek bersama Indonesia – Turki mengenai medium tank sudah diinisiasi sejak lama, namun analisis kemampuan Pindad terus dilakukan. “Kerjasama ini sebenarnya sudah dinisiasi sejak lama oleh Pemerintah, bahkan penandatanganannya sudah terjadi sejak tahun 2013. Secara manufaktur dan testing Pindad sudah siap. Namun ada beberapa teknologi yang masih memerlukan bantuan dari para mitra seperti turret dan firing control system, navigation system, serta self defence system. Kami ingin membuat medium tank yang sempurna baik dari mobility,fire power, dan survivability” ujar Silmy.

Jadwal pengerjaan proyek sudah dibuat. Jika semuanya berjalan lancar, pada tahun 2015 ini akan dibuat satu unit purwarupa produk di Indonesia dan satu unit di Turki. Komunikasi yang lebih intens juga sedang dilakukan oleh Kementerian Pertahanan Indonesia dengan Savunma Sanayii Müsteşarlığı (SSM), Kementerian Pertahanan Turki. “Untuk progress B2B, sudah dikirimkan beberapa karyawan Pindad untuk mempelajari lebih jauh teknik pengelasan aluminium armored yang dipakai sebagai bahan baku medium tank,” ujar Silmy. Ia juga menyatakan rasa optimisnya bahwa proyek ini akan berjalan dengan baik di masa depan. “Kami optimis program medium tank ini akan berjalan dengan baik karena latar belakang teknologi industri pertahanan Indonesia dan Turki yang sudah cukup baik,” tutup Silmy.

Setelah diskusi panjang di auditorium selesai, rombongan Komisi I DPR RI mengunjungi beberapa fasilitas produksi PT Pindad (Persero) di Divisi Kendaraan Khusus dan Divisi Senjata untuk mencoba performa produk pertahanan dan keamanan Pindad secara langsung. 


25 April 2015

First RAAF Pilots Qualifies on F-35

25 April 2015

RAAF F-35 Lightning II (photo : Aus DoD)

AUSTRALIA'S first fully qualified F-35 Lightning pilot admits this controversial new aircraft takes his breath away.

SQUADRON Leader Andrew Jackson, 37, started out flying elderly Macchi jet trainers, then graduated to the RAAF's classic Hornets and Super Hornets.

Since January, he's been learning to fly the advanced new F-35, making his first flight in January and now qualifying to fly F-35s and also to instruct new RAAF F-35 pilots.

With 30 hours in his logbook, he says this aircraft and the opportunities it offers are equally awesome and exciting.

"It's awesome to have a challenge and do something new...for the RAAF ground-breaking. It's been quite comfortable as well, based on how the aeroplane flies," he says in a phone interview from Eglin US Air Force base in Florida.

"For the RAAF it's a new dawn. It's exciting to be a part of that."

Australia plans to acquire up to 100 F-35 aircraft but so far there's just two, both still in the US in the training pool at Luke US Air Force base in Arizona - Squadron Leader Jackson's next stop.

Later in the year he'll be joined by Squadron Leader David Bell, Australia's second qualified F-35 pilot and instructor. There Australian and other international pilots will learn to fly F-35s.

Squadron leader Jackson said the F-35 isn't that different to flying a classic Hornet or Super Hornet.
What's very different is the aircraft's advanced radar and other sensors which gather information and present it to the pilot in a manner unlike any earlier aircraft.

"It just makes for a very different experience. You are now looking at the overall battlespace. You have a much greater picture of what's going on outside your aeroplane than you ever did flying a legacy type," he said.

More than 100 F-35s are now flying but the aircraft isn't yet able to go to war.

That comes in the next few months when the US Marine Corps declares initial operational capability, 
with a squadron of 10-16 F-35B aircraft capable of conducting combat operations.

Marine F-35s will have a basic ability to drop bombs and launch missiles with capabilities steadily increased as software is developed.

Squadron Leader Jackson said this aircraft was really still in its infancy.

"Obviously the jet we will end up taking home in 2018 is going to have more of the capabilities turned on," he said.

Despite the controversy surround F-35, including high costs, technical challenges and delays, he's got no doubt Australia made the right decision.

"I have a fairly good idea of the threats we expect to face. The capabilities on the aeroplane are quite incredible. I am fully confident we have purchased a good aeroplane," he said.

(News Au)

Boeing: Five C-17As Still for Sale

25 April 2015

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (photo : wallpaperest)

MELBOURNE, Australia — Boeing said it still had five C-17A Globemaster transports for sale following confirmation that the Royal Australian Air Force would take another two.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced April 10 the purchase of the two strategic airlifters at RAAF Base Amberley, southwest of Brisbane. The two aircraft will bring the total number of C-17s in Australian ownership to eight.

Minister for Defence Kevin Andrews said that AUS $1 billion (US $777 million) would be spent on acquiring the two aircraft, including $300 million of infrastructure works at Amberley.

"Australia has worked closely with the United States Air Force to acquire the first aircraft within six months of the initial order and the second aircraft within 10 months of the delivery of the first," the minister said.

"This will mean that the ADF will gain additional operating capability within a short timeframe."

Last October, former Australian Defence Minister David Johnston forecast the acquisition of the two additional aircraft and said the Australian government was also requesting pricing and availability data from the US government for a further two.

"On 3 October 2014, the government commenced the process of purchasing two additional C-17A aircraft, and requested pricing and availability data for two further aircraft," a Defence spokesperson said.

"The [forthcoming] Force Structure Review will consider two further C-17A aircraft [a 9th and 10th C-17A]."

However a Boeing spokesman denied knowledge of any options and said that five of the 10 "white tail" aircraft it has privately funded remain for sale.

"There are no options, all five are currently available for sale," the spokesman said.

In addition to the Australia pair, Canada has purchased one aircraft and two have been sold to an undisclosed customer in the Middle East.

New Zealand is another country linked to a potential C-17 purchase, having recently launched its Future Air Mobility Capability program to replace its 50-year-old Lockheed Hercules fleet.


RTA Will Have Six AW-139 Helicopters

25 April 2015

RTA AW-139 helicopter (photo : TAF)

Army sources said The Army has decided to supply 6 AW139 helicopter under budget 2,800 million baht, which is stationed in the center of Army Aviation missions in support of the task of the First-Fourth Army Region Commando.

Plan to supply helicopters was made after the accident in November of 2014, the Bell 212 helicopter has fatal crashed until the death of nine people, including deputy Third Army Region commander major general Songpol Thongjeen.

The source said the ThaiArmedForce.com that the Army plans to use the new aircraft in the Army as a general helicopter using EC145-T2. The AW139 into the regular army to replace the Bell 212 in the different sectors.

The Army will begin pilot selection, the first batch of 18 in total, a pilot and a flight instructor and aircraft mechanic include 2 officers, total 22 will be trained in Italy.


TNI AU Latihan Operasi Garuda di Jember

25 April 2015

Jalannya latihan Operasi Garuda di bandara Notohadinegoro, Jember (photo : Kabarjatim, antarajatim)

Jember (Antara Jatim) - Pasukan TNI AU Pangkalan Udara Abdurrahman Saleh Malang menggelar latihan "Operasi Garuda Perkasa" di Bandara Notohadinegoro Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur, Kamis.

Komandan Pangkalan Udara (Danlanud) Abdurrahman Saleh Marsekal Pertama TNI Sungkono mengatakan latihan tersebut dilakukan untuk mempersiapkan pasukan atas tugas yang diberikan negara kepada para prajurit.

"Kita gunakan Bandara Notohadinegoro di Jember agar anggota bisa melakukan skenario gerakan sayap kanan bersenjata yang bergerak di Jawa Timur bagian selatan dan gangguan dapat diantisipasi," tuturnya di Jember.

Latihan yang digelar di bandara Jember tersebut dipilih pasukan Lanud Abdurrahman Saleh karena merupakan salah satu objek vital yang perlu diantisipasi, apabila ada masalah di bandara yang berada di Desa Wirowongso, Kecamatan Ajung itu.

"Latihan yang diberi nama Latihan Operasi Garuda Perkasa itu melibatkan seluruh anggota Lanud Abdurrahman Saleh yang terdiri dari Batalyon Komando 464 Paskhas dan Detasemen Matra, dengan total anggota sekitar 1.300 personel," paparnya.

Latihan tersebut dilengkapi dengan satu unit pesawat intai C-212-Casa, 2 unit pesawat angkut berat C-130 Hercules dan 4 unit pesawat tempur taktis EMB-314 Super Tucano.

Latihan yang baru pertama kali dilaksanakan di Kabupaten Jember itu melakukan simulasi operasi perebutan dan pengendalian Bandar Udara Notohadinegoro Jember. 

Operasi diawali dengan penerjunan pasukan Pengendali Tempur (Dalpur) yang akan menyiapkan "dropping zone", kemudian disusul manuver-manuver tempur dari pesawat Super Tucano yang melakukan simulasi serangan udara.

Diakhiri dengan penerjunan puluhan pasukan dari Skadron Udara 32 dan penerjunan ini dilakukan dari pesawat Hercules yang terbang rendah sekitar 1000 kaki dari permukaan tanah. 

Latihan Pasukan Lanud Abdurrahman Saleh yang pertama kali di Jember itu menarik perhatian warga, sehingga ratusan warga beramai-ramai menonton atraksi latihan prajurit TNI AU tersebut.


LHD Model Hints at Potential Chinese Requirements

25 April 2015
A company-produced model of what could be China's first landing helicopter dock amphibious assault ship. (photo : CJDBY)

An apparent company-produced model of a landing helicopter dock (LHD) amphibious assault ship may offer an indication of the configuration and capabilities of such a ship that is expected to be produced for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

An image of the model appeared on Chinese military web pages on 22 April. A subsequent online search found the same image on a model manufacturer's website with the designation Type 081.

Chinese defence manufacturers have long used models to preview their platforms, although the models' veracity is often complicated by a lack of supporting information. In addition, Chinese model companies seeking sales often put speculative designs on the market and this model does seem to mirror some recent Chinese "fan art".

However, for nearly a decade Chinese and other sources have projected that the PLAN would acquire an LHD, with up to six platforms in the class. These would complement an expected force of six Type 071 landing platform dock (LPD) amphibious assault ships, four of which have been launched.

The LHS has three sponsons featuring vertical launchers, possibly for SAM systems. (photo : CJDBY)

The model pictured fits the description of a future LHD by Admiral Yin Zhou during a November 2012 Chinese television interview, in which he stated that it would approach 40,000 tons displacement.

The model is shown with 14 helicopters embarked, including Change Z-18 and Kamov co-axial helicopters. While it is not possible from the model to determine the type of Kamov, reports from 2006 noted China's interest in "several dozen" of the Ka-29 armed assault version.

The LHD apparently employs a stern-mounted main aircraft elevator, similar to that employed by the French Mistral-class LHD, but positioned to the starboard to retain a longer "runway".

Below the elevator is a well-deck for disembarking and receiving amphibious assault forces. It is likely this size LHD could carry a mix of amphibious armoured assault vehicles or hovercraft for transporting wheeled or tracked vehicles.

China's LHD may also employ heavier integral missile armament than Western LHDs. In addition to two HHJ-10 point defence missile launchers, the model shows vertical launchers in three sponsons, two on the port and one on the starboard: a configuration similar to that used by the French Navy's carrier Charles de Gaulle for its Aster 15 SAMs.