31 Agustus 2018

The Royal Australian Airforce Recieves NIFTI Solutions

31 Agustus 2018

Non-Intrusive Flight Test Instrumentation system (photo : Christopher Pyne)

It was a proud moment for the Procept team, as the Chairperson of Defence Innovations, Warren Canning, handed over the NIFTI system to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

NIFTI is a Non-Intrusive Flight Test Instrumentation system that will revolutionise the way RAAF tests and evaluates aircraft: the system does not require any aircraft modifications and can be installed and removed in hours, a procedure that normally takes months using traditional methods.

“The system was a true collaboration requiring a broad range of expertise from Procept, AADI Defence, DST Group, RAAF Air Warfare Centre and our various industry partners.  The system has a huge amount of technology and manufacturing know how packed into a very small footprint.” said Aaron Maher, Managing Director of Procept.

The handover occurred during SCINDICATE 2018 in the presence of the Minister of Defence, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP. “Conventional flight tests can be costly and involve extended periods of downtime for aircrafts to be modified and fitted with various test instruments” Minister Pyne said.

“This state-of-the-art wireless system has the ability to carry out in-flight tests without the need for time-consuming aircraft modifications.”

NIFTI’s non-intrusive wireless sensors allow for rapid install and decommissioning, reducing the cost to instrument an aircraft for flight trials. NIFTI can be integrated with aircraft systems or configured to be stand alone for use on classified platforms.

Minister Pyne went on to talk about the impressive achievements of NIFTI including its extreme reduction in the down-time of flight testing and cost saving abilities.

“This is another impressive example of an innovative technology transitioning to Defence capability.”


RSAF Tawarkan Latihan Bersama Air Refueling dengan A-330 MRTT

31 Agustus 2018

A330 MRTT RSAF (photo : Didier Durieux)

Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara (Kasau) Marsekal TNI Yuyu Sutisna, S.E., M.M., melanjutkan lawatannya ke Singapura dan menemui koleganya, Chief of Air Force (CAF) Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Major General (MG) Mervyn Tan di Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Singapore.

Dalam sambutannya CAF RSAF menyampaikan, kedekatan hubungan TNI AU dan RSAF sangat luar biasa, apalagi sejak flypast bersama membentuk angka 50 saat perayaan hubungan bilateral Indonesia dengan Singapura ke-50 tahun 2017 yang lalu.

Selain itu, CAF RSAF juga menawarkan paket training UAV pilot dan latihan air refueling dengan pesawat A-330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) yang baru saja tiba 2 minggu yang lalu.

Kasau menyampaikan ucapan terima kasih dan akan segera menindaklanjuti secara teknis di jajaran staf operasi TNI AU. Kasau juga berharap adanya kerjasama rekrutmen penerbang & pengoperasian pesawat UAV, pesawat A-330 MRTT yang juga rencananya akan dibeli oleh TNI AU.

Russia Offers BMP-1 Upgrade Package Suitable for Vietnam

31 Agustus 2018

Upgraded BMP-1 "Basurmanin" (Bastion Karpenko)

At the international military exhibition Army in 2018, Russia has demonstrated features of infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1 upgraded "Basurmanin" before the foreign delegation.

Currently, the Russian Army is carrying out a comprehensive program of upgrading its armor forces. In addition to the modernization of the T-72B to the T-72B3 or the T-80BV to the T-80BVM, Moscow is also very focused on infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).

Apart from the BMP-2M Berezhok upgrade package with the B05S011 upgrade package, Russia also offers a very interesting BMP-1 modernization project, which should be noted as a technical solution. Much simpler than BMP-2.

This upgrade package, called BMP-1 Basurmanin, has removed the old turret to replace the armament of the BTR-82A. In that turret a 30 mm 2A72 automatic cannon was attached with a 7.62 mm machine gun and camouflage smoke tubes.

Thanks to the integrated turret of the BTR-82A, the BMP-1's combat capability has increased significantly, providing high standardization and simplicity in ensuring technical logistics. Step by step integrate this combat module into all of their BTR-80/82 series.

BMP-1 of the Vietnamese Army (photo : Soha)

After the modernization, the basic parameters of BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles were virtually unchanged from the original, with a total mass of 13 tons, the maximum speed of 65 km / h good road, 600 km range, 3 crew members and 8 fully equipped foot soldiers.

Aside from serving the Russian military, the BMP-1 Basurmanin is also targeted at export markets as many countries in Asia and Europe are still staffing large numbers of infantry fighting vehicles for their armies.

The Russian introduced Basurmanin can be considered as a bright candidate for the modernization configuration of BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles under the People's Army of Vietnam.

According to the current trend, the carrying of 73 mm 2A28 Grom guns is no longer suitable for IFVs because of shortcomings such as short range, slow firing speed, high ammunition mass, processing.

In the past it was suggested that the BMP-1 be modernized with the turret of the BMP-2 or that India be equipped with a 105 mm cannon to turn it into a light amphibious tank. However, in all technical solutions, it seems that the Basurmanin upgrade package is still the best option.


US Guarantees to Not Sanction Indonesia for Buying Sukhoi

31 Agustus 2018

Su-35 fighter (photo : Petr Navratil)

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - US Defense Secretary James Norman Mattis has made assurance that Indonesia will not be sanctioned with an embargo. He made the comment to respond Indonesia's procurement of weapons system equipment from Russia, including Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighters.

Mattis will continue to convince the US Congress to allow several US strategic partners to buy weapons from Russia without any sanction following the implementation of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) starting last year. That was one of the points presented at a meeting with Indonesian Minister of Defense Ryamizard Ryacudu in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

In an official statement received by Antara, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam will not be affected by CAATSA. CAATSA has been legitimized to punish Russia for its intervention in the US election and its involvement in Ukraine.

Mattis has urged the Congress to ease sanctions on countries -- India, Indonesia, and Vietnam -- that have historically had relations with Russia but have now inclined to the United States with regard to the procurement of defense system equipment.

In response, Minister Ryamizard has thanked Mattis for having convinced the Congress to drop the sanction. Ryamizard remarked that Indonesia's procurement of Sukhoi Su-35 had been done long before the implementation of CAATSA.

"In future, Indonesia will buy several defense system equipment from the United States, such as C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and other heavy transport aircraft," he revealed.

At the meeting, the two ministers agreed to intensify cooperation in the fields of defense and military through the exchange of officials, staff, and command school students; intelligence education; strategic information exchange; and defense industry.

"These cooperation programs must be maintained and stepped up in various forms of capacity and capability building," he added.


Acquisition of Multi-Role Fighters not Moved to Horizon 3

31 Agustus 2018

F-16 multi-role fighter (photo : F-16 net)

Gov't-to-gov't procurement eyed for Navy submarine program

MANILA -- Should the Philippine Navy (PN) submarine acquisition program pushes through, it will be acquired via government-to-government procurement, Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Thursday.

"The submarine, if we finally decide to buy them, will be on a government-to-government procurement and under a loan so that we do not need a large upfront capital outlay," he said in a message to the Philippine News Agency when asked for updates on the project.

The defense chief earlier said the DND is looking at proposals made by Russia, South Korea, Germany and France for the PN submarine acquisition program.

Of the said countries, only Russia has expressed willingness to offer its Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines to the Philippines via "soft loan".

The Multi-Role Fighters Project

Lorenzana said the multi-role fighter (MRF) project, which is scheduled in the latter part of Horizon Two of the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program, is not being moved to the Horizon Three.

"No it is not being moved to the 3rd Horizon (Horizon) The senior leaders (military) will soon table for decision the planned MRF acquisition," he added.

The MRFs are fighter aircraft capable of performing air-superiority, ground-attack, recon and other missions - aside from being agile and capable of attaining supersonic speeds. Among examples of the aircraft include the American-made F-16 and F-18 jets.

Horizon Two is scheduled for 2018 to 2022 while Horizon Three is slated for 2023 to 2028.

Horizon One lasted from 2013 to 2017 and resulted in the acquisition of the three Del Pilar-class frigates, 12 FA-50PH light-lift interim fighters, two strategic sealift vessels, to name a few. 


Boeing dan PTDI Perkuat Kerjasama Industri Dirgantara

31 Agustus 2018

Perakitan akhir helikopter serang Apache (photo : Tata)

Marsekal Pertama Gita Amperiawan, Direktur Teknologi dan Pengembangan PT Dirgantara Indonesia, dan Maria Lane, Wakil Presiden Kemitraan Strategis Internasional Boeing, usai penandatanganan MoU.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) dan Boeing telah menandatangani nota kesepahaman (MoU) untuk menjajaki peluang kerja sama yang meliputi bidang teknologi manufaktur, sertifikasi, serta dukungan dan pemeliharaan terhadap produk gaya angkat vertikal (vertical lift). Memorandum ini ditujukan sebagai komitmen terhadap pertumbuhan industri kedirgantaraan Indonesia dan menyediakan teknologi mutakhir bagi angkatan bersenjata.

"Boeing dan industri dirgantara Indonesia telah bekerja bersama selama hampir 70 tahun," tutur Skip Boyce, Presiden Boeing Southeast Asia. “Kami melihat Memorandum ini sebagai langkah penting untuk mendukung visi Indonesia bagi pembangunan ekonomi saat ini dan di masa depan serta pertumbuhan sektor kedirgantaraan,” katanya dalam keterangan resmi yang diterima SWA Online, (30/8/2018).

“PTDI adalah mitra utama dalam membangun sektor kedirgantaraan Indonesia dan kami telah menunjukkan kemampuan di bidang desain dan pengembangan pesawat terbang, manufaktur struktur, serta produksi dan layanan untuk pesawat komersial dan militer,” kata Elfien Goentoro, Direktur Utama PT Dirgantara Indonesia. PTDI telah menjadi pemasok untuk Boeing Commercial Airplanes, dan perjanjian ini akan memperluas kerja sama pada bidang militer dengan peluang di bidang kemampuan gaya angkat vertikal.

Hubungan Boeing dengan Republik Indonesia dimulai pada tahun 1949 ketika Garuda Indonesia, maskapai penerbangan nasional, mulai beroperasi menggunakan Douglas DC-3. Saat ini, pesawat Boeing telah mendapat kepercayaan dari sejumlah maskapai penerbangan di Indonesia, dan kerja sama dengan Indonesia telah berkembang ke penerbangan komersial, pertahanan, ruang angkasa, serta penelitian dan teknologi.

Pada bidang militer, Pemerintah Indonesia menandatangani surat penawaran dan penerimaan dengan pemerintah AS pada bulan Agustus 2013 untuk delapan helikopter Apache AH-64E, helikopter serang multi-peran terkemuka di dunia. Pengiriman kedelapan helikopter telah diselesaikan awal tahun ini.

Untuk diketahui, di bidang manufaktur pesawat terbang, PTDI telah memproduksi berbagai jenis pesawat. Secara keseluruhan, PTDI telah mengirimkan hampir 449 pesawat ke 50 operator di seluruh dunia. Di bidang teknik & pengembangan, PTDI memiliki kemampuan teknis dalam desain, pengujian dan sertifikasi pesawat terbang, simulator penerbangan dan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).


30 Agustus 2018

Mat Sabu: More than 4 Russian Jets Expected for National Day Parade

30 Agustus 2018

Sukhoi Su-30MKM for Merdeka rehearsal (photo : Lowyat)

KUALA LUMPUR: The public can expect to see more Russian fighter jets take to the sky for the National Day parade.

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu has indicated that more than four of the 28 Russian jets would be flying on the day, though he didn't specify how many.

"They are in operation. You can see on Merdeka Day how many will be flying. I will leave you in suspense till then," he joked during a press conference following the Defence Ministry assembly at Wisma Pewira on Tuesday (Aug 28).

It had been reported in July that only four out of the 28 Russian fighters jets owned by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) were fit to take to the skies.

The Defence Minister was quoted then as saying that the RMAF had 18 Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30MKM and 10 MiG-29 jet fighters.

"Only four of the Sukhois are able to fly well," he had said, adding that the remaining 14 were under repair.

In his reply during the motion of thanks on the royal address in Parliament Tuesday (July 31), Mohamed Sabu said this was because the RMAF was unable to properly maintain the fighter jets' airworthiness.

He also informed the House that the 10 MiG-29 multi-role jets entered service in 1995, while the six Sukhoi Su-30MKM air superiority fighter were delivered in 2007 and the remainder in 2009.

(The Star)

Kasau Kunjungi Upgrade Hercules A-1309 di AIROD

30 Agustus 2018

Hercules A-1309 TNI AU (photos : TNI AU)

Tinjau Kesiapan C-130 TNI AU, Kasau Kunjungi AIROD

TNI AU.     Selangor – Dispenau (29/8). Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara (Kasau) Marsekal TNI Yuyu Sutisna, S.E., M.M., meninjau kesiapan C-130 milik TNI AU yang sedang di-retrofit di Aircraft Inspection Repair & Overhaul Depot (AIROD) Facilities di Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Selangor, Malaysia, Rabu (29/8/2018).

Saat tiba di AIROD, Kasau beserta rombongan disambut Managing Director AIROD, Dato Sri Mohamad Elkany Ahmad dan Technical Representative (Techrep) TNI AU, Mayor Tek Erick Sukma dan langsung meninjau pesawat C-130 Hercules dengan tail number A-1309. Dari penjelasan pihak AIROD dan Techrep, disampaikan perkembangan retrofit dan upgrading pesawat seperti penggantian outer wing, structure replacement dan upgrading serta modifikasi ECS, APU, avionic dan generator disconnect. Sesuai dengan jadwal, pesawat Hercules yang memiliki kemampuan air refueling ini akan selesai pada akhir September tahun ini.

Menanggapi hal tersebut, Kasau menekankan agar pengerjaan ini dapat berjalan sesuai rencana dan tepat waktu, karena pesawat ini sangat dibutuhkan TNI AU. “Saya meminta pihak AIROD dan Techrep agar lebih teliti dalam pengerjaan retrofit dan upgrading pesawat Hercules ini serta melakukan koordinasi yang baik untuk menyelesaikan setiap permasalahan yang ada,” tegas Kasau.

Dalam peninjauan tersebut, Kasau didampingi oleh Asrena Kasau Marsda TNI Fahru Zaini, S.H., M.DS., Aspam Kasau Marsda TNI Dwi Fajariyanto, Asops Kasau Marsda TNI Johannes Berchmans SW, Aspotdirga Kasau Marsda TNI Agus Munandar, Dankoharmatau Marsda TNI Dento Priyono, Kadisadaau Marsma TNI Abdul Wahab, S.Sos., M.M. dan Kadisaeroau Marsma TNI Kukuh Sudibyanto serta Atase Udara RI di Kualalumpur Kolonel Pnb Sri Duto.


PH Gets Bulk of US Security Funding to Southeast Asia

30 Agustus 2018

US offers F-16 for Multi-role fighter in Horizon 2 program (photo : The Aviation Greek)

MANILA -- The Philippines will be getting the largest chunk from the USD300-million security funding of the United States to Southeast Asia, a senior official from the State Department revealed Wednesday.

"The Secretary announced in Singapore we have close to USD300 million in security assistance, (and) the country that receives the largest chunk as far as I understand is the Philippines," said Walter Douglas, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

"We're looking at about USD60 million of that USD300 million to come to he Philippines," he added.

Douglas said this amount already means "something," but it's more of a recognition to the "longterm partnership" Washington has with Manila on the security front.

"That will cover all sorts of area (from) peacekeeping, maritime domain awareness, and all sorts of area we think we could work very well with the Philippines."

On the sidelines of a meeting with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers in early August, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged to provide at least USD300 million in fresh security funding for the region.

Last month, the US Embassy in Manila also announced it will contribute USD26.5 million over the next two years to boost counterterrorism support for Philippine law enforcement agencies.


Indonesia Develops Gunship Variant of CN-235 Aircraft

30 Agustus 2018

PT Dirgantara has confirmed plans to market a gunship variant of the CN-235 turboprop aircraft. Work on a demonstrator platform is currently under way, and the company aims for its first flight in 2019. (photo : ARCInc)

Indonesian state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara (PTDI) has begun work on a gunship variant of the CN-235 twin-engine multipurpose aircraft, the company has confirmed to Jane’s.

The aircraft, which is based on the company’s CN-235-220 airframe, is being developed as a demonstrator platform, and will be marketed to potential customers in the Middle Eastern, African, and Central and Southeast Asian regions, said the company.

The aircraft is being modified to carry one single-barrelled 30 mm DEFA 553 aircraft cannon on the portside aft of its fuselage. The weapon has been salvaged from a retired Douglas A-4H Skyhawk that was formerly in service with the Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Udara: TNI-AU).

The DEFA 553 cannon has a muzzle velocity of 810 m/s, and can fire up to 1,200 rds/min at both air and surface targets. There are also plans to complement this weapon with electro-optical targeting systems and a laser designator. However, the company has yet to decide on systems that will be selected for these roles on the demonstrator.

Other differences that the gunship demonstrator will feature over earlier versions of PTDI’s CN-235 include using General Electric (GE) CT7-9 turboprop engines, instead of the older CT7-7. The aircraft has also been built with wingtip devices to improve the aircraft’s overall fuel efficiency.


Local Maintenance for the MRH-90 Taipan

30 Agustus 2018

ADF MRH-90 "Taipan" (photo : Defence Today)

Italian helicopter manufacturer Leonardo has now selected Fisherman’s Bend in inner Melbourne as the site for a helicopter repair and overhaul facility.

Minister for Defence, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP said the facility will be capable of servicing Australia’s Multi-Role Helicopter, Taipan, as well as foreign military and certain civil helicopter main gear boxes.

“The facility will commence operation in mid-2020 and employ at least 15 technical staff for 30 years or more, with 25 or so staff employed indirectly,” Minister Pyne said.

“I would like to congratulate Leonardo and their local subsidiary, Leonardo Australia, for committing to establish this strategically important regional centre of excellence.”

“Previously we had to send the gear boxes back to Italy for maintenance – now we’ll be able to do that work here, faster and cheaper, while transferring skills and know-how to Australian industry.”

The Federal Government is investing around $16 million in the facility, with a similar amount being committed by Leonardo.

This facility will be the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, and will generate new opportunities for local defence industry in the regional aerospace market.

This project is a true win-win situation for both Defence and local defence industry, creating more defence industry jobs in Victoria and leading to greater helicopter availability for operations.

(Aus DoD)

Menhan Pastikan Rencana Pembelian Hercules dan Beberapa Pesawat Angkut Berat Lainnya dari AS

30 Agustus 2018

C-130J Hercules (photo : Fiveprime)

Menteri Pertahanan Pastikan Rencana Pembelian Hercules dari Amerika Serikat

POS KUPANG.COM -  Indonesia memastikan pembelian pesawat angkut C-130 Hercules dan beberapa pesawat angkut berat lain dari Amerika Serikat untuk mendukung arsitektur pengembangan pertahanan.

"Ke depan Indonesia berencana membeli beberapa alutsista dari AS, seperti pesawat angkut C-130 Hercules dan pesawat angkut berat lainnya," kata Menteri Pertahanan Ryamizard Ryacudu, saat melakukan kunjungan kehormatan kepada Menteri Pertahanan Amerika Serikat James Mattis, di Washington DC, pada Selasa waktu setempat.

Ia mengatakan Indonesia berkomitmen untuk meningkatkan kemampuan alat utama sistem persenjataan secara mandiri dalam jangka panjang secara bertahap, serta menjalin kemitraan dengan negara-negara sahabat.

"Melalui kemitraan tersebut, secara bertahap Indonesia dapat membangun kemandirian industri pertahanan, sebagai bagian dari industri strategis nasional," kata Menhan Ryamizard.

Bahkan, lanjut mantan Kepala Staf Angkatan Darat itu, Indonesia berharap tidak saja mandiri dalam memenuhi kebutuhan alat utama sistem persenjataan namun mampu untuk menjualnya kepada negara-negara sahabat.

CH-47 Chinook (photo : Wiki)

Dalam pertemuan tersebut, menteri pertahanan kedua negara sepakat untuk meningkatkan hubungan serta kerja sama pertahanan dan militer kedua pihak di berbagai tingkatan mulai dari saling kunjung pejabat tinggi, pertukaran siswa sekolah staf dan komando, pendidikan intelijen, pertukaran informasi strategis hingga industri pertahanan.

"Berbagai kerja sama tersebut harus terus dijaga dan ditingkatkan dalam berbagai bentuk pembangunan kapasitas dan kapabilitas," kata Menhan Ryamizard.

Terkait itu, Menhan Amerika Serikat James Mattis mengatakan pihaknya berkomitmen untuk terus memelihara dan meningkatkan kerja sama pertahanan dengan Indonesia di berbagai tingkatan, mulai dari saling kunjung pejabat tinggi militer kedua negara, pertukaran siswa militer, latihan bersama dan pengadaan alat utama sistem persenjataan.

Amerika Serikat berkomitmen untuk memberikan tambahan alokasi bagi perwira TNI untuk mengikuti berbagai tingkatan pendidikan militer di Negeri Paman Sam tersebut, termasuk pendidikan dan latihan bagi pasukan ranger dan pasukan khusus.


29 Agustus 2018

Japan Provides 3 More High-Speed Boats to Philippines

29 Agustus 2018

Speed boats from Japan to PCG (photo : Japan Embassy)

The Japanese government has turned over three 7-meter class high-speed boats to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) during the commissioning of BRP Cape Engaño (MRRV 4411) and BRP Bagacay (MRRV 4410) at the Headquarters of the Philippine Coast Guard(PCG) in Manila on August 23.

The ceremony was attended by Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda, Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea, and PCG Commandant Elson E. Hermogino.

“The three 7m high-speed boats are the 8th, 9th and 10th of the thirteen high-speed boats provided under Japan’s grant aid worth 600 million yen (270 million peso),” the Japanese Embassy in Manila said.

BRP Cape Engaño (MRRV 4411) and BRP Bagacay (MRRV 4410) are the final two of ten ordered Parola-class 44-meter multi-role response vessels from Japan built by Japan Marine United.

The vessels were acquired through the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project (MSCIP) for PCG Phase 1 funded mainly through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) official development assistance (ODA) loan.

The contract with Japan Marine United was awarded in April 2015. The first Parola-class MRRV, BRP Tubbataha (MRRV-4401) was commissioned in October 2016.

“The vessels and boats will enhance PCG’s capabilities for law enforcement, help in the prevention of maritime accident and in the conduct of quick rescue operation, and contribute to the overall improvement of maritime safety in the Philippines. The provision of these vessels and boats is expected to further strengthen strategic partnership between Japan and the Philippines,” the Japanese Embassy said.


Kemenhan Berencana Beli 44 Unit Tank Baru PT Pindad

29 Agustus 2018

Tank medium Pindad (photo : Pindad)

NGAMPRAH, (PR).- Tahun ini Kementerian Pertahanan RI berencana membeli 44 unit tank medium yang merupakan produk baru dari PT Pindad (Persero). Tank medium yang belum diberi nama itu dianggap memiliki kemampuan pertahanan balistik dan antiancaman ranjau terkini.

Demikian disampaikan Direktur Jenderal Potensi Pertahanan Kemenhan Bondan Tiara Sofyan seusai menyaksikan uji daya gempur tank medium tersebut. Dia didampingi Dankodiklat TNI AD Mayjen TNI AM Putranto dan Direktur Utama PT Pindad (Persero) Abraham Mose

"Proyeksinya minimal harus 44 unit dulu untuk pertama kali. Kami ada alokasi melalui APBN 2018-2019, yang nanti akan kami matangkan di akhir," kata Bondan di Pusat Pendidikan Infantri (Pusdikif) TNI AD, Cipatat, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Senin 27 Agustus 2018.

Tank medium Pindad (photo : Ayo Bandung)

Dari serangkaian uji tembak tank medium yang dilakukan, Bondan menilai hasilnya sangat memuaskan, karena seluruh target bisa disasar dengan baik. Meski begitu, dia tetap menginginkan agar tank medium prototipe kedua dari PT Pindad tersebut terus disempurnakan. 

"Jadi, berdasarkan (tank medium) yang ini, nanti ada masukan untuk penyempurnaan kecil, baru masuk ke tahap mass production. Nah, ketika sudah dipakai kan pasti ada masukan-masukan lagi, kami akan terus improvement, supaya combine provement pada akhirnya," tuturnya.

Siap mengoperasikan

AM Putranto mengatakan, kebutuhan tank medium untuk TNI AD perlu disesuaikan dengan organisasi dan harus dibicarakan dulu dengan Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Darat Jenderal TNI Mulyono dan para pemangku kepentingan lainnya.

Tank medium Pindad (photo : Ayo Bandung)

"Soalnya, organisasi yang baru juga dari Kostrad ada satu lagi divisi 3, minimal kan ada satu batalyon kavaleri. Saya berharap, tank-tank yang dipersiapkan ini akan bisa menambah kekuatan pertahanan, khususnya di Angkatan Darat," katanya.

Menurut dia, prajurit TNI AD sudah siap mengoperasikan tank medium baru itu, karena tank tersebut tidak berbeda jauh dengan tank tempur utama (main battle tank) Leopard. Bedanya, kata dia, tank medium Pindad sangat modern dan berada di kelas middle, yang dianggap cocok untuk medan di Indonesia. 

"Jangan sampai barang ada, baru mau mulai (menyiapkan prajurit). Itu akan tidak baik untuk kesiapan operasional. (Kesiapan prajurit) itu pun akan kami laporkan kepada Bapak KSAD. Dalam hal ini, tentunya beliau akan memprioritaskan satuan mana (yang akan ditunjuk), kalau memang middle tank ini dibutuhkan," tuturnya.

Tank medium Pindad (photo : Jawa Pos)

Minta nama ke Jokowi

Sementara itu, Abraham Mose menyebutkan, keunggulan dari medium tank tersebut ialah sekelas dengan main battle tank Leopard, tapi bobotnya diturunkan sedikit menjadi 32 ton. Dilengkapi berbagai teknologi terbaru seperti sistem kewaspadaan mandiri, hunter killer system, laser warning system, battle management system, dan proteksi level 5, dia menilai kemampuan tank tersebut sama dengan tank Leopard. 

"Setelah ini, tentunya hasil pengujian prototipe yang kedua akan kami lakukan perbaikan, kemudian kami harapkan sertifikasi bisa selesai satu bulan. Setelah itu, kami siap masuk ke mass production. Seperti apa yang disampaikan Bu Dirjen, paling tidak di akhir tahun ini kami siap untuk mendukung kebutuhan di TNI," katanya.

Tank medium Pindad (photo : Soreang Online)

Seperti halnya kemampuan dalam memproduksi kendaraan tempur Anoa, menurut dia, Pindad bisa membuat 40-50 unit tank medium tersebut dalam setahun. Yang diperlukan sekarang, kata dia, ialah penyempurnaan tank medium secara desain. Pasalnya, ada sejumlah masukan terkait ukuran tank tersebut.

"Untuk namanya, sementara ini belum ada. Kami lagi coba diskusikan. Apakah penamaannya diresmikan pada 5 Oktober nanti oleh Bapak Presiden, atau pada saat Indo Defense nanti. Kami cari dua momen ini, mana yang paling pas, dan kesediaan Bapak Presiden untuk memberikan penamaan medium tank kami," tuturnya.

(Pikiran Rakyat)

EOS Wins LAND 400 Australian Defence Program

29 Agustus 2018

EOS R400S Mark 2 D-HD remote weapon station (photo : EOS)

Electro Optic Systems, (ASX: EOS), acting through its subsidiary EOS Defence Systems Pty Limited, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the remote weapon system provider for Phase 2 (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) of the Australian Army’s LAND 400 program. EOS tendered the R400S Mark 2 D-HD remote weapon station for this acquisition. This latest R400 variant is commencing full rate production to meet existing contracts in early 2019. It is expected that approximately 80 remote weapon stations for Land 400 Phase 2 would enter an existing manufacturing process from 2021.

Additionally, the LAND 400 Phase 3 tender released today requires that all tenderers ‘include the integration / use of’ the EOS Remote Weapon Station in their responses for the next Phase of the program. Phase 3 seeks to deliver 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and 17 Manoeuvre Support Vehicles from 2024/25 onwards.

These two events represent a significant step forward for EOS Defence Systems as the primary RWS provider to the Australian Army. Combined with the existing in-service 230+ EOS remote weapon stations these additional systems will create a larger EOS RWS fleet across multiple vehicles and deliver significant improvements in operational effectiveness and cost of ownership for Australia’s combat forces.

The R400S Mark 2 Direct Drive-Heavy Duty (D-HD) remote weapon station is the latest high precision product from EOS Defence Systems and can mount different weapons up to and including the M230LF lightweight 30mm cannon and anti-tank guided missiles.

The LAND 400 program comprises four phases which are summarised below:
- LAND 400 Phase 1 – Project Definition Study (completed);
- LAND 400 Phase 2 –Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle Capability
- LAND 400 Phase 3 –Mounted Close Combat Capability; and
- LAND 400 Phase 4 – Integrated Training System.

EOS Group CEO, Ben Greene, said: “EOS as an Australian defence industry company is enormously proud of being chosen to provide more weapon stations to this important ADF program. Although the vast majority of EOS revenue is derived from exports, meeting the needs of the Australian Defence Force is of utmost importance. This announcement practically demonstrates the commitment of government to Australian Defence Industry.”

EOS Defence Systems CEO, Grant Sanderson, commented: “This is a very pleasing outcome and great recognition for the EOS Defence Systems workforce who have worked exceptionally hard over the last few years to create these world class products. 

This new order combined with the AUD$630+mil other orders received over 2017/18 underwrite production growth for the next five years. Such backlog creates opportunity for EOS to continue to provide the highest quality and best value for money technology in the world to the Australian Defence Force and our global customers.”


Indonesia Allocates USD 1.9 million for Consultancy Work on Sixth Submarine

29 Agustus 2018

Indonesia has moved closer towards acquiring a sixth submarine for its navy. Consultancy project aimed at establishing more beneficial technology transfer arrangements (photo : PAL)

Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has set aside a total sum of IDR 28.38 billion (USD 1.9 million-ed) for consultancy services in relation to the acquisition of a sixth submarine for the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL).

A document on this allocation, which was obtained by Jane’s on 28 August from the ministry’s directorate for defence potential, indicated that the funds will be drawn from Indonesia’s defence budget allocation for 2018.

A specific focus on the consultancy will be on transfer-of-technology (TOT) arrangements, and how Indonesia’s local industry can better benefit from the contract for a sixth submarine when it materialises.


28 Agustus 2018

PT Pal Kejar Pendapatan dari Kapal Perang

28 Agustus 2018

LPD buatan PT PAL yang diekspor ke Filipina (photo : PAL)

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT PAL menargetkan pendapatan sebesar Rp 2,4 triliun pada 2018. Jumlah itu naik dua kali lipat dari angka pendapatan perusahaan pelat merah tersebut di 2017, Rp 1,2 triliun. Namun catatan Kontan.co.id, pendapatan PT Pal di semester I 2018 masih jauh dari target yakni masih 23%.

Sekretaris Perusahaan Pal Rariya Budi Harta menjelaskan saat ini Pal berfokus untuk mengerjakan kapal perang. Menurutnya permintaan kapal perang meningkat setelah sebelumnya pada 2016 Pal mengekspor dua kapal jenis strategic sealift vessel (SSV) ke Filipina.

“Masing-masing harganya kira US$ 45 juta sampai US$ 50 juta,” katanya kepada Kontan.co.id pada Sabtu (25/8).

Saat ini, kata Rariya, pihaknya juga kedatangan permintaan dari Benua Afrika yakni Senegal. Tak hanya itu, Pal juga sedang mengerjakan pesanan TNI AL untuk jenis kapal landing platform dock.

Selain mengerjakan pembangunan kapal, Pal juga menjadi tempat perbaikan kapal-kapal milik angkatan laut, termasuk untuk jenis kapal selam.


‘F16 Jets are Expensive to Maintain’, said PHL Senior Military Official

28 Agustus 2018

F-16 fighter jet (photo : Picyl)

MANILA, Philippines — A senior military official was claiming that F16 fighter jets the US had offered to supply the Philippines would require huge operational and maintenance cost for the already-cash strapped Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The official, who asked not to be named, said that while F16 jets are highly-capable aircraft that could make the Air Force more capable of guarding the Philippine skies, they are costly to operate and maintain.

Based on available data, the cost ranges from $7,000 to $24,000 per hour for each F16 jet.

Under the current peso to dollar rate, the Air Force would spend P371,000 per hour to fly one F16.

“This is on top of the cost of the procurement, transfer and the weapons systems. It’s very highly-capable fighter jet but it’s also a highly-maintenance aircraft. Why not if there’s money,” he said.

In 1998, the market value of  F16C/D was around $18.8 million or P996.4 billion apiece, apparently excluding upgrades and the weapon systems.

It was gathered that the US government had offered the Philippines this type of jet a long time ago but the previous administrations declined them due to lack of procurement, operational maintenance funds.

“This US F16s offer is not new, only that we don’t procure them due to financial constraints. It’s costly to operate,” he said.

Three US officials have written President Duterte offering the F16s but the President declined the offer saying that what the Philippines needs for now are trainer planes, close-air support aircraft, combat helicopters, to fight the insurgents.

Defense observers described the offer as another effort by the US government to dissuade the Philippines from procuring big ticket military platforms from Russia.

Visiting US Assistant Defense Secretary for Asian and Pacific security, Randall Schriver, earlier cautioned the Philippine government from procuring key military platforms from Russia saying doing so would be unhealthy to the US-Philippine alliance.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana spent almost a week in Moscow shopping for big ticket defense equipment including submarines, warships, attack helicopters, trainer planes, grenade launchers, sniper and assault rifles.

Russia is offering a soft loan to help the Philippines bankroll the modernization program of the AFP.

Lorenzana said nothing is final yet.

He said any government deal with any state for that matter, must go and pass through the tedious defense procurement processes.


TNI AU Adakan Modifikasi Engine Pesawat C-130

28 Agustus 2018

Pesawat Hercules A-1314 TNI AU (photo : Teemu Tuuri)

Rapat Pembahasan Tindaklanjut Modifikasi Engine 501-D22A menjadi T56-A-15/LFE

TNI AU.   Wadan Koharmatau Marsekal Pertama TNI Hadi Suwito, S.E.,  pimpin Rapat Pembahasan Tindaklanjut  Modifikasi Engine 501-D22A menjadi T56-A-15/LFE di ruang rapat Basjir Soerya Mako Koharmatau Senin (27/08/2018).  Melalui rapat ini diharapkan dapat mewujudkan sistem pemeliharaan Engine yang lebih efektif, efisien, mantap dan terpadu baik antara masing-masing satuan pelaksana pemeliharaan, maupun satuan pelaksana pemeliharaan dengan satuan atas dan pimpinan sebagai penanggung jawab kebijaksanaan pemeliharaan. Muaranya adalah terjaminnya kesiapan dan keandalan alutsista TNI Angkatan Udara.

Bertambahnya populasi pesawat yang menggunakan Engine T56-A-15/LFE semakin banyak, hal ini berdampak kepada timbulnya permasalahan-permasalahan terhadap kesiapan Engine T56-A-15/LFE.  Wadan Koharmatau menyampaikan beberapa alasan yang mendasari diselenggarakannya rapat pembahasan ini:

Pertama:     Saat ini pesawat C-130 Hercules TNI AU menggunakan Engine T56 Series dengan tiga jenis Engine yaitu T56-A-7B, T56-A-15/LFE dan 501-D22A, namun dengan adanya program Retrofit dan adanya Instruksi Teknik Udara (ITU) yang diterbitkan oleh Koharmatau nomor 07/7/Mod/C-130 bulan Juli 2008 tentang penggantian dan pemasangan Engine T56-A-15/LFE pada pesawat L-100-30 menyebabkan populasi pesawat yang menggunakan Engine T56-A-15/LFE semakin banyak dan berbanding lurus dengan tuntutan yang tinggi pula terhadap kesiapan Engine T56-A-15/LFE. 

Dilain pihak populasi Engine 501-D22A cukup banyak, sedangkan penggunaannya hanya tinggal satu pesawat (A-1314) saja. Untuk mengantisipasi hal tersebut maka perlu diadakan rapat tentang pelaksanaan modifikasi Bare Engine 501-D22A menjadi Engine T56-A-15/LFE agar dukungan kesiapan pesawat C-130 Hercules yang menggunakan Engine T56-A-15/LFE terpenuhi.

Kedua:   Arti Modifikasi.   Perubahan rekayasa atau konfigurasi terhadap suatu unit, dengan tujuan meningkatkan kemampuan/daya guna dan keamanan dalam penggunaan, memudahkan atau menyederhanakan pengoperasian atau dukungannya.

Ketiga:  Bahwa antara Engine 501-D22A dengan T56-A-15/LFE memiliki Persamaan Engine dan Sistim Engine.