05 Juli 2020

Kapal Selam Nagapasa Class Laksanakan Dry Docking di PT PAL

05 Juli 2020

Kapal selam KRI Nagapasa 403 melaksanakan docking (photo : PAL)

Surabaya - Kapal Selam Nagapasa Class Melaksanakan #DryDocking di Dok Irian PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). Kapal Selam Nagapasa Class akan melaksanakan docking selama 25 hari untuk maintenance dan perawatan rutin.
Saat ini Indonesia memiliki 3 unit kapal selam Nagapasa Class, dua diantaranya telah dioperasikan oleh TNI AL dan satu unit masih dalam tahap pengujian oleh PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) sebagai pembangun dan TNI AL yang dijalankan oleh Satgas Kapal Selam Alugoro.


Overweight, Australian Frigate Design Heads Back to Drawing Board

05 Juli 2020

While Australia originally said it would pick an in-service design for its new frigates, it finally selected the Type 26 design, whose Australian variant has now reportedly grown from 8,800 to 10,000 tonnes, sparking concerns over its cost and performance (image : BAE)

Frigate Heads Back to Drawing Board

The [Australian] navy's A$35 billion fleet of new frigates is undergoing design changes because they have become too heavy, risking a cost blowout for taxpayers and potentially compromising their performance.

The Defence Department confirmed BAE System's Hunter class frigate has become longer, while its weight has increased.

BAE Systems conceded the frigate may have to swell in size but insisted it would still meet the navy's requirements.

The Australian Financial Review understands senior naval officers are beginning to have misgivings, although the relationship is nowhere near as strained as it is with the French submarine designer Naval Group.

The government selected BAE Systems in June 2018 to build nine frigates in Adelaide, ahead of Spanish shipbuilder Navantia and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri.

Both European shipbuilders had put forward designs based on ships already in service with their respective navies, but BAE's Type 26 was a new design and at that stage only had one ship under construction for the Royal Navy.

The initial design, as pitched to the government, gave the frigate a weight of 8800 tonnes when fully loaded and length of 149.9 metres.

See full article Financial Review

04 Juli 2020

Australia to Buy LRASM, Boost Long-Range Strike Capabilities

04 Juli 2020

F/A-18E/F with LRASM (photo : US Navy)

Long-range strike capabilities to maintain regional security

Australia will invest in new long-range strike capabilities to maintain regional security and deter or respond to aggression in the Indo-Pacific, as part of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and Force Structure Plan.

The new investments will be made across the air, maritime and land assets to give the Australian Defence Force more options to protect Australia’s interests.

“The challenges and changing nature in the Indo-Pacific have meant we need a new approach and one that actively seeks to deter actions that are against our interests,” the Prime Minister said.

“These new capabilities will provide a strong credible deterrent in our region that will help provide the stability and security we need.

“We are committed to peace and stability in the region, and an open, inclusive, prosperous and sovereign Indo-Pacific.”

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, said military capability in our region is modernising rapidly and we need to maintain a regional capability edge.

“It is essential that we have the capabilities that can hold forces and infrastructure at risk from a greater distance, to influence decision-making of those who may seek to threaten our national interests,” Minister Reynolds said.

The Morrison Government’s commitment to this new strategic policy setting is demonstrated with the decision to acquire an advanced maritime strike capability, the AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), from the United States Navy (USN), at an estimated cost of around $800 million.

The new missile is a significant upgrade from our current AGM-84 air-launched Harpoon anti-ship missile, which was introduced in the early 1980s, with a range of 124 kilometres. The LRASM has a range in excess of 370 kilometres.

LRASM will initially be used on the F/A-18F Super Hornets and has the flexibility to be integrated onto other Defence aircraft. Training on the weapon system is set to commence in 2021.

LRASM will be another fifth-generation capability added to the Air Force inventory to protect Australia’s maritime region, including our sea lines of communication and helping ensure regional maritime security.

This is the first in a long-term plan to procure advanced longer-range strike weapon systems for our combat aircraft to allow Air Force to operate at greater range and avoid increasingly sophisticated air defences.

To enhance the strike capability of the ADF across all domains, the Government has also put in place plans to invest in:

-advanced naval strike capabilities, including long-range anti-ship and land strike weapons
-the acquisition of long-range rocket artillery and missile systems to give the Army an operational strike capability
-the development, test and evaluation of high-speed long range strike, including hypersonic weapons.

Over the decade to 2029-30, investment in the acquisition of new capability will grow from $14.4 billion (34 per cent of the budget) to $29.2 billion (40 per cent of the budget).

The Government will also consider further force structure adjustments over the medium to longer term, which could involve the introduction of additional, longer-range weapon systems, which will be critical for the ADF to be able to continue to deliver credible deterrent effects.

(Aus DoD)

Elbit Systems Awarded $53 Million Contract to Supply and Integrate Intelligence Suites to a Navy in Southeast Asia

04 Juli 2020

AES 212 electronic intelligent system (image : Elbit)

HAIFA, Israel (NASDAQ: ESLT) (TASE: ESLT) ("Elbit Systems" or "the Company") announced today that it was awarded a contract valued at approximately $53 million to provide and integrate intelligence suites onboard vessels of the Navy of a country in Southeast Asia. The contract will be performed over a two-year period.

Under the contract Elbit Systems will equip several vessels with suites that provide the capability to perform complex reconnaissance missions, generating an operational picture of the air, surface and underwater domains.

Elbit Systems will supply and integrate comprehensive suites comprised of an array of systems from across the Company's maritime portfolio, including: AES-212 electronic intelligence systems, NATACS naval tactical communication intelligence systems and jamming capabilities, SPECTRO XR™ electro-optical payloads, M670 hull mounted sonars, TRAPS towed reel-able active/passive sonars, underwater communication systems and combat management systems.  The program also includes maritime radars and satellite communication capabilities. In addition, the Company will provide training services. 

Elad Aharonson, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR Division, said: "There is growing demand for our maritime solutions. I believe that the unique combination of a diverse portfolio of operational systems and groundbreaking technological innovation enables us to effectively address the evolving needs of maritime forces."

(Elbit Systems)

3 Unit Transporter untuk Yonif Mekanis Raider 413/Divif 2 Kostrad

04 Juli 2020

Scania tank transporter (all photos : Kostrad)

(Penkostrad) - Satuan Yonif Mekanis Raider 413 Kostrad merupakan salah satu satuan dibawah Brigif Mekanis Raider 6 Kostrad yang bermarkas di wilayah Kabupaten Sukoharjo. Beberapa tahun terakhir satuan ini dibekali dengan Tank Tempur M113, kini kembali di diberikan suatu kepercayaan besar oleh komando atas, dengan didatangkannya Alutsista baru berupa Transporter Pengangkut Tank.

Kedatangan Alutsista baru ini tiba di Markas Yonif Mekanis Raider 413 Bremoro Divif 2 Kostrad, berupa 3 (Tiga) unit kendaraan Angkut Transporter untuk pendistribusian Ranpur M113 ke daerah latihan maupun daerah penugasan.

Alutsista yang dikirim dari Direktorat Peralatan Angkatan Darat (Dirpalad) tersebut diterima langsung oleh Komandan Yonif Mekanis Raider 413 Kostrad, Mayor Inf Anggun Wuriyanto, S.H., M.Han.

Danyon mengatakan, bahwa dengan adanya kendaraan Transporter tersebut maka menambah kekuatan Alutsista Yonif Mekanis Raider 413 Kostrad. Namun dengan datangnya Alutsista ini berarti tugas dan tanggung jawab kita juga semakin bertambah, seluruh prajurit dituntut lebih professional dan berbuat semaksimal mungkin, guna kepentingan pertahanan dan keamanan Bangsa.


PHL Air Force’s Ordered S-70i Black Hawk Helicopter Spotted

04 Juli 2020

PAF S-70i Blackhawk helicopter (photo : Kępanowski)

One of the soon to be delivered S-70i Black Hawk combat utility helicopters (CUHs) of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) was spotted sitting on a trailer truck by Tomasz Kępanowski who is part of EPRZ Spotting Team.

Information on when the photo was taken was not specified, but the photo was uploaded by Kępanowski on Instagram, July 1, 2020.

Both Republic of Poland Ambassador to the Philippines Jarosław Szczepankiewicz and PAF have confirmed that around 6 of 16 ordered S-70i Black Hawk CUHs will be delivered before 2020 ends.

“The purchase of 16 S-70i combat-utility helicopters manufactured by the Polish Aviation Works-Mielec (PZL-Mielec) is an excellent example of cooperation between our two countries,” Ambassador Szczepankiewicz said in June. “By the end of 2020, PZL-Mielec will hand over the first six units of S-70i Black Hawk helicopters to the PAF under a contract signed in 2019.”

“On Combat Utility Helicopters, the delivery of 5 to 6 Blackhawk S70i is expected before the year ends,” PAF also said in June.

Ambassador Szczepankiewicz also noted that an armed version of S-70i Black Hawk is also being offered.

“A fully armed version of the S-70i matches the needs of the PAF expressed in its program,” the envoy said. “The commonality between the armed Black Hawk and the already contracted 16 S-70is for the PAF combat-utility helicopter program will further enhance sustained cost-efficiencies between the two fleets. Armed S-70is are already in commission in three countries: the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Colombia.” 


03 Juli 2020

Kasau Melihat Progres Fasilitas Simulator Sukhoi

03 Juli 2020

Kasau di hangar pesawat Sukhoi (all photos : TNI AU)

Kasau Kunjungi Simulator Sukhoi Hingga Hanggar Hercules

TNI AU. MAKASSAR, DISPENAU. Kunjungan kerja (kunker) Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara Marsekal TNI Fadjar Prasetyo, S.E., M.P.P. di Lanud Sultan Hasanuddin, Makassar, diisi dengan meninjau proyek pembangunan simulator pesawat tempur Sukhoi di Skadron Udara 11, armada pesawat Boeing intai strategis di Skadron Udara 5, dan pembangunan hanggar Hercules di Skadron Udara 33, Rabu (1/7/2020).

Pembangunan fasilitas simulator pesawat Sukhoi di Makassar diharapkan Kasau mampu meningkatkan kemampuan dan profesionalisme para penerbang Skadron Udara 11 karena pelatihan dapat dilakukan di dalam negeri yang sebelumnya selalu dilaksanakan di negara lain.

“Simulator ini buatan Rusia dan total yang akan kita miliki ada 10 unit, terdiri dari 8 unit FTD (Flight Training Device) dan 2 unit FMS (Full Mission Simulator) sehingga saya berharap fasilitas ini dapat lebih meningkatkan kemampuan para penerbang tempur kita,” ujar Kasau.

Pada kunjungannya ke Skadron Udara 5 dan 33, Kasau menyampaikan terima kasih kepada seluruh personel yang telah melaksanakan tugas dengan baik dengan kondisi sarana dan prasarana yang belum sepenuhnya ideal. Hingga saat ini, pembangunan hanggar Skadron Udara 33 masih terus berlangsung dan untuk sementara menempati salah satu bangunan yang terdapat di Lanud Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar.

Kasau berpesan untuk tetap semangat dalam menjalankan tugas di tengah kondisi keterbatasan. “Meskipun saat ini sarana, prasarana, dan personel masih minim, namun jangan menyurutkan tekad dan semangat kalian untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi bangsa dan negara,” tegas Kasau.

Kedatangan Kasau beserta rombongan disambut Komandan Lanud Sultan Hasanuddin Marsma TNI H. Haris Haryanto, S.I.P., dan pasukan jajar kehormatan. Pangkoopsau II, Kaskoopsau II, Pangkosekhanudnas II, beserta para pejabat Koopsau II dan Kosekhanudnas II turut menyambut kunnjungan kerja Kasau di Makassar.

Turut hadir mendampingi Kasau, Asrena Kasau, Aslog Kasau, Pangkohanudnas, Danpuspomau, Kadisopslatau, Kadiswatpersau, dan Kasubdisfasdukbang Diskonsau.