17 Januari 2021

KRI FTH-361 dan KRI BDK-623 Gelar Latihan Bersama di Medan Operasi

17 Januari 2021

Latihan Bersama KRI FTH-361 dan KRI BD-623 (all photos : Koarmada2, TNI)

Unsur satuan tugas pengamanan perbatasan RI-Malaysia dibawah kendali Gugus Tempur Laut (Guspurla) Koarmada II yang saat ini sedang melaksanakan tugas operasi yaitu KRI FTH (Fatahilah)-361 dan KRI BDK (Badik)-623 melaksanakan latihan bersama  di laut Sulawesi pada Jumat (15/1/2021).

Latihan bersama yang digelar oleh dua unsur KRI tersebut sebagai tindak lanjut dari perintah Komandan Guspurla Koarmada II  Laksma TNI Rahmat Eko Rahardjo agar seluruh Unsur KRI senantiasa menjaga kesiapsiagaan tempur kapal masing-masing dan melatih uji terampil dari semua prajuritnya selama melaksanakan tugas operasi dibawah kendali BKO Guspurla Koarmada II.

Komandan KRI FTH-361 Letkol laut (P) Ahmad Ahsan menyampaikan “Pada latihan bersama yang digelar saat ini, kami melaksanakan latihan flash exercise dan flaghoist exercise yaitu latihan komunikasi dengan menggunakan isyarat lampu dan isyarat bendera serta Air defence exercise atau latihan pertahanan udara. Latihan komunikasi isyarat ini digelar sebagai bentuk antisipasi jika terjadi Black Out (Alat peralatan mati/tidak bisa dioperasikan) saat melaksanakan tugas operasi di tengah laut” terang Letkol Ahsan.

Latihan bersama untuk meningkatkan profesionalisme prajurit ini merupakan implementasi dari program Prioritas Kasal Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono tentang Pembangunan Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) TNI AL yang Unggul.

Dalam pelaksanaan latihan bersama di medan operasi tersebut tetap menerapkan protokol kesehatan secara ketat seperti yang telah ditekankan oleh Panglima Koarmada II Laksda TNI I N.G. Sudihartawan guna mencegah penularan Covid-19 serta tetap menjaga kesehatan seluruh prajurit agar mampu melaksanakan tuntutan tugas dengan stamina prima.


Peluncur Roket pada Heli BO-105 TNI AD

17 Januari 2021

Helikopter BO-105 TNI AD (photo : Puspenerbad)

BO 105 adalah sebuah helikopter ringan bermesin ganda yang di buat oleh Bolkow dari Sttutgart Jerman,  merupakan salah satu Heli Serang Puspenerbad dengan persenjatan roket FFAR (Folding Fins Air Rockets) jenis T.905 kaliber 2,75 inc NATO dalam dua MLRS (Multi-Launch Rocket System) masing-masing dengan 13 tabung peluncur.

Penembakan roket dari helikopter BO-105 TNI AD (photo : Puslatpur)

Tiga jenis hulu ledak yang digunakan ialah FZ-21 untuk anti personal, FZ-58 untuk anti tank dan FZ-32 untuk marking jika NBO-105 dioperasikan sebagai FAC (Forward Air Control) untuk memandu pesawat tempur yang sedang memberikan bantuan tembakan udara.

16 Januari 2021

New Countermeasure System for P-8 Poseidon can Defeats Every Missile

16 Januari 2021

P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircarft (photo : Aus DoD)

BAE Systems has signed a contract with the US Navy to develop the AN/ALE-55 electronic countermeasure system for the P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft.

The contract has a total value of over 4 million USD, the time to complete the contract is 2 years from the time it was officially signed, BAE said on January 5. With the above money, it is not clear how many systems will be delivered.

According to some information disclosed by BAE, the AN/ALE-55 is capable of accurately replicating the aircraft’s flight path and radar reflection in order to deceive all missiles using heat probes or radar.

AN/ALE-55 fiber optic decoy (photo : BAE Systems)

This system also combines with electronic warfare devices on aircraft to jam enemy radar systems, or attract enemy air defense fire, to protect the safety of expensive aircraft.

In addition, the AN/ALE-55 bait can be fitted with radar detection and detection equipment to provide parameters for the aircraft behind. While the enemy focuses on these “fake planes”, the aircraft will approach and launch missiles / bombs at the target, preventing the enemy from responding.

“In combat, especially in anti-aircraft warfare, early detection of the target and firing before the enemy is vital.

The AN/ALE-55 trap has repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities and BAE Systems will take that technology up with a deal with the US Navy, “said Tom McCarthy, director of baits at BAE Systems. concentration.

AN/ALE-55 fiber optic decoy (photo : BAE Systems)

The AN/ALE-55 is not only integrated into large aircraft like the P-8A, but they can be easily fitted to other fighters to increase the safety of the aircraft, he added. close to the enemy air defense battle.

It is known that the P-8A Poseidon is the most active aircraft of the US Navy when operating near the Tartus and Hmeimim bases of Russia in Syria in recent years. In addition, this aircraft also regularly appears in the Black Sea, in the Baltic.

The frequency of the P-8A’s appearance along with a number of other US aircraft near Russia was increasing, causing Russian fighters to take off to intercept. Therefore, experts said that the US decided to equip the AN/ALE-55 for the P-8A to deal with the dangers of Russian missiles.


Regional Defense Spending in 2021 by GFP

16 Januari 2021

Total annual defense spending by nation (image : GFP)

Global Firepower tracks the annual defense spending budgets of each participant in the GFP ranking, these being funds allotted by governments to cover various aspects of a standing fighting force - namely procurement, maintenance / support, and pensions.

Data presented on this list is through 2021. Values are presented in $USD. Estimates are made when official data is not available. (amount in thousands USD)

(10) Australia  42.700

(27) Singapore 10.700

(31) Indonesia 9.200

(37) Thailand 7.200

(38) Vietnam 6.390

(50) New Zealand 4.300

(52) Philippines 4.250

(57) Malaysia 3.850

(71) Myanmar 2.000

(94) Cambodia 600

(137) Laos 18

See full article Global Fire Power

BRP Abaraham Campo (PC396) was Assigned to Safeguard South Cebu and Surrounding Areas

16 Januari 2021

BRP Abraham Campo patrol craft (photo : Navforcentral)

PN vessel BRP ABRAHAM CAMPO (PC396) safeguard seawaters of Southern Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor and Negros

Headquarters, Naval Forces Central, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, January 12, 2021 – Naval Forces Central through Naval Task Force 50 operation control surface vessel, BRP ABRAHAM CAMPO (Patrol Craft 396), skippered by Commander Kenneth N Rosalejos PN conducted Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO)/ Law Enforcement Operations (LEO) at vicinity seawaters of Southern part of Cebu-Bohol-Siquijor and Negros.

In support to Central Command’s Territorial Defense Operation, Naval Forces Central continuously provides naval presence and coastal security that leads to the deterrence of lawless elements which utilizes seawaters as an avenue to mobilize their personnel and logistics from one island to another. Moreover, PC396 strengthens naval presence at vicinity seawaters of Southern Cebu-Bohol-Siquijor and Negros. Thus, monitored a total of 12 vessels transiting the area safely and with no unusual observations.

NTF50 through PC396 conducted inter-agency collaboration thereby establishing coordination to 17 different local government units and local government agencies in the area of operations. PC396 also conducted coastal patrol to different key vital installations and tourist spots within Southern Cebu.

Your Navy in the Visayas will continue to remain steadfast in rendering public service and ensures the security of our maritime environment in the new normal situation.

(Naval Forces Central)

15 Januari 2021

Pusdikkav Juga Melaksanakan Harwat Tank Leopard

15 Januari 2021

Harwat tank Leopard TNI AD (photo : Pusdikkav)

Tim Pemeliharaan (Tim Har) Pusdikkav melaksanakan Harcegah secara periodik

Harcegah yang dilaksanakan oleh prajurit Dendemlat Pusdikkav sebagai awak Ranpur maupun satuan secara periodik, yang dimulai dari pemeliharaan harian, pemeliharaan mingguan dan pemeliharaan bulanan dalam rangka mendukung tugas pokok Pusdikkav untuk menyelenggarakan pendidikan Kecabangan Kavaleri (Fungsi Utama) maupun melaksanakan pembinaan organik (Fungsi Organik).

Harcegah Ranpur yang efektif dan efisien akan menjamin kesiapan operasional dan usia pakai yang maksimal dalam mendukung pelaksanaan tugas pokok.

Crew Now Training to Familiarize with BRP Antonio Luna

15 Januari 2021

Second frigates expected to be delivered by the first quarter of 2021 (photo : PN)

MANILA – The officers and enlisted personnel aboard the prospective BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151), the country's second missile frigate, is now conducting unit training at sea.

"(They are now conducting) unit training (as of this time). This means that the crew is now conducting a hands-on operation on the different systems aboard the ship. This includes machinery, weapons, and sensors," Philippine Navy (PN) public affairs office chief Lt. Commander Maria Christina Roxas said in a message to the Philippine News Agency on Thursday, when sought for updates about the ship.

Roxas added that the ship is also performing maneuvers during this period except undocking which is being done with the assistance of a harbor pilot.

She added that the unit training took place shortly after the BRP Antonio Luna's final drydock, painting and outfitting after its satisfactory sea acceptance trials (SAT) which took place last December 14 to 18 off Ulsan, South Korea.

Earlier, Rear Adm. Alberto Carlos, head of the PN's Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee (TIAC), declared that FF-151 is compliant with the agreed technical specifications after personally witnessing the warship's performance during the sea trials.

"FF-151 is 95 percent complete at this time. All machinery and combat systems were subjected to test procedures as stipulated in the contract and were observed to be working properly. More importantly, I'm happy to announce that FF-151 passed the prescribed standards and procedures," he said.

Built by South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), BRP Antonio Luna is a modern naval warship capable of surface, sub-surface, air, and electronic warfare using state-of-the-art electronic sensors, long-range missiles, acoustic guided torpedoes, and an embarked anti-submarine helicopter.

The ship is expected to be delivered and turned over to the PN by the first quarter of 2021.

The first frigate, BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150), was delivered and subsequently commissioned into the PN last July 10.

BRP Antonio Luna's keel-laying on May 23, 2019, coincided with the launch of BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150).

The contract for the BRP Jose Rizal and the BRP Antonio Luna was placed at PHP16 billion with another PHP2 billion for weapon systems and munitions.