31 Agustus 2021

CH-4 TNI AU Peroleh Sertifikasi Kemhan

31 Agustus 2021

CH-4B TNI AU versi UCAV (photo : Adityaaap)

Penandatanganan dan penyerahan sertifikat kelaikudaraan militer PUNA CH-4 MALE

Jakarta -- Bertempat di ruang kerja Kapuslaik Kemhan Lantai 10 Gedung Jenderal A.H Nasution, Laksma TNI Teguh Sugiono, S.E., M.M melaksanakan Penandatanganan dan Penyerahan Sertifikat Kelaikudaraan Militer Pesawat Udara Nir Awak (PUNA) CH-4 MALE  kepada Bapak Budi Handoko selaku yang mewakili Aerospace Long March Internotional Trade Co. Ltd (PT. ALIT). Pada kegiatan ini Kapuslaik di dampingi oleh Kabid Laik Udara Kolonel Tek Arif Andrijanto, beserta beberapa Inspektor Kelaikan IMAA (Indonesian Military Airworthiness Authority). Kegiatan berjalan lancar dengan selalu memperhatikan Protokol Kesehatan dan Pencegahan Covid-19.

CH-4B TNI AU versi ELINT (photo : Military_Buzz)

Penandatanganan dan Penyerahan Sertifikat Kelaikudaraan Militer Pesawat Udara Nir Awak (PUNA) CH-4 MALE, dilaksanakan setelah seluruh proses kegiatan Sertifikasi Kelaikan Militer yang meliputi kegiatan Aplikasi, Verifikasi Dokumen/Review Document, Pemeriksaan Kesesuaian/Conformity Inspection dan Pengujian Fungsi/Functional Test yang telah melalui rangkaian proses pengujian Statis dan pengujian Dinamis yang dilaksanakan oleh Tim Kelaikan IMAA.

Keeping Up with HMNZS Te Mana

31 Agustus 2021

HMNZS Te Mana after upgrade, prepare to handed over to New Zealand (photos : RNZN)

HMNZS Te Mana is in the process of gearing up for her Safety and Readiness Check (SARC) scheduled for the end of September, and Ship’s Company are ramping up the damage control training to get everyone prepared. 

The first two weeks for Te Mana’s newcomers has focused on ship familiarisation. Recently, they moved onto training with damage control equipment, including the WEDA Electric Submersible Pump, and the Fall right system.

Te Mana’s Duty Watch Fire and Emergency Party have been practising their response to a Fire, Flood or Toxic Gas situation, and using the correct drills to overcome it.

All our personnel are trained in damage control as well as firefighting, sea survival and nuclear, biological and chemical protection techniques to prepare them for any combat or emergency situation.

Russia Immediately Sends Pantsir S-1 Missile Defense System To Myanmar

31 Agustus 2021

Pantsir S-1 air defense system (photo : Wiki)

Russia will deliver the Pantsir S-1 missile defense system to Myanmar according to the schedule as outlined in the relevant sales contract, RIA news agency quoted the Director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation as saying Wednesday local time.

The truck-mounted weapon system was used to shoot down planes, drones and cruise missiles. Classified as a medium-range weapon, the Pantsir is a surface-to-air and anti-aircraft artillery weapon

Russia says it has long-standing and strategic relations with Myanmar's military regime. The Kremlin believes the authorities are doing all they can to try to stabilize what it calls the situation in Myanmar.

Myanmar and Russia reached an agreement for the Pantsir S-1 system in January, the RIA quoted the Director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev as saying.

"We will deliver (the system) according to the terms and conditions set out in the contract," he was quoted as saying.

The sale has also drawn sharp criticism from human rights activists who accuse Moscow of legitimizing Myanmar's military regime, which came to power after a February 1 military coup by continuing bilateral visits and arms deals, the Daily Sabah reported.

In fact, the announcement of this sale is part of the signing of a number of contracts between Russian weapons manufacturers with China, India, Myanmar and a number of other countries at the 2021 Army Forum in Moscow, Russia.

"Among the signatories are our traditional partners, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and of course, India, China, Myanmar," Dmitry Shugayev told TV channel Zvezda, citing Urdupoint.

"All these joint contracts are worth more than US$2.3 billion or equivalent to Rp33,155,765,000,000," added Shugayev.

Dmitry Shugayev added that until now there is no information whether the Myanmar state is interested in sending additional Pantsir S-1 systems or not. As for information, the 2021 Army Forum takes place from August 22-28.


Uji Penyelaman Statis dan Uji Fungsi Komunikasi Bawah Air KRI CAKRA - 401

31 Agustus 2021

PRE-SAT KRI Cakra 401 (photo : PAL)

Static Diving Test and Underwater Communication Function Test of KRI CAKRA - 401

Beberapa waktu lalu, KRI Cakra – 401 telah melakukan pelaksanaan pengujian Static Diving Test and Underwater Communication Function Test (PRE-SAT). Dalam tahap PRE-SAT, KRI CAKRA telah menguji beberapa fitur platform dan sistem sensor.

Tahukah kamu bahwa Tenaga listrik yang digunakan KRI CAKRA tidak menyebabkan kebisingan sehingga bebas bising saat menyelam. Tenaga listrik juga membuat tidak mudah terdeteksi sonar kapal lain atau musuh. 

Persenjataan KRI CAKRA juga dilengkapi dengan Surface and Underwater Torpedo (SUT) 21 inch dengan delapan tabung. Selain itu, KRI Cakra memiliki spesifikasi teknis dengan berat selam 1,395 ton dan dimensi 59,5 meter x 6,3 meter x 5,5 meter.


30 Agustus 2021

Two PH-Made Cube Satellites Launched into Space

30 Agustus 2021

Maya-3 and Maya-4 cube satellites (image : LIPPAD)

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 29) – The Filipino-made Maya-3 and Maya-4 cube satellites have been launched into space on Sunday afternoon (Philippine time).

The two satellites were aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 spacecraft which lifted off at 3:14 p.m. from the Launch Complex 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The cargo spacecraft was supposed to launch on Saturday afternoon, but was aborted due to poor weather.

The target docking of the SpaceX Falcon 9 spacecraft at the International Space Station orbiting lab is on Monday night (Philippine time).

The date of the Maya-3 and Maya-4 cube satellites' launch into orbit has yet to be announced.

Maya-3 and Maya-4 were designed and developed by scholars of the Department of Science and Technology's (DOST) Space Technology and Applications Mastery, Innovation, and Advancement (STAMINA4Space) Program.

Philippine Space Agency director-general Joel Marciano, Jr. said the two cube satellites will help improve the data gathering of Filipino experts in agriculture, weather monitoring, and disaster management, particularly in getting information from rural areas.

Marciano added that the satellites' data sensor collection will also contribute in strengthening government policies on food security, disaster risk management, maritime domain awareness, and environmental monitoring.

Maya-2 is currently in space after being launched into the ISS in February and deployed into orbit in March.

Maya-1, the predecessor of the three cube satellites, was launched into space in June 2018 and was deployed into the orbit two months after. It returned to earth in December 2020.

The country also launched its first two microsatellites, Diwata-1 in 2016 and Diwata-2 in 2018. Diwata-1 was decommissioned in March 2020 while Diwata-2 remains in space.


Australia Begins its Tender Process to Find a New Man-Portable UAV

30 Agustus 2021

Project Land 129 Phase 4B will find a replacement for the Wasp AE SUAS serving with the Australian Army (photo : ADF)

As predicted last month by the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG), Australia issued an RfI on 25 August concerning a new small unmanned aerial system (SUAS) for the Australian Army.

The system’s primary purpose is to provide ISR support via near real-time video and still images, for the combat team commander by day or night, the RfI explained. In effect, the SUAS will ‘provide an over the hill, down the road and around the corner reconnaissance capability’.

Labelled Project Land 129 Phase 4B, this programme will replace 65 in-service AeroVironment Wasp AEs procured from 2017-21 and which will be retired in 2024. That contract had followed the acquisition of 14 Wasp AE UAVs in 2015 as part of Army Minor Project 024.32 to help develop doctrine, tactics and procedures.

One notable difference to the advance notice issued in July was that the acquisition period had been pushed back a year to FY2024-26.

These SUAS will be disbursed to army manoeuvre brigades, the Special Operations Command and the Army Reserve. It should be man-portable by two soldiers and operable by a single person.

The SUAS should operate in littoral regions, which may include urbanised and densely vegetated areas or even from a small boat. They should assist a combat team in making a quick attack, or perhaps to aid counter-fire, adjust fire against an enemy or perform battle damage assessment.

Each SUAS will comprise an aerial vehicle, payload, ground control station, remote viewing terminal (outside the scope of this programme), operational support equipment and training support equipment.

The military considers a 7km range as ‘very important’ and 10km as ‘important’. By the same token, an endurance of 45 minutes and 60 minutes are considered ‘very important’ and ‘important’, respectively. Its endurance speed should be at least 25kt, though 50kt is deemed ‘important’.

See full article Shephard

Puspenerbal Kirim Perwiranya Pelatihan Pilot Helikopter Latih Bell-505 di USA

30 Agustus 2021

Helikopter latih single engine Bell 505 akan menggantikan heli latih Bell 47G (photo : Corporate Helicopters)

Skuadron 200 Wing Udara 2 Puspenerbal TNI AL Kirim Perwiranya Pelatihan Pilot Helikopter Latih Bell-505 di Bell Traning Academy

Puspenerbal --- Pusat Penerbangan TNI Angkatan Laut (Puspenerbal) sebagi Badan Pelaksana Pusat (Balakpus) TNI AL yang berkedudukan langsung dibawah Kasal, menyelenggarakan pembinaan kekuatan dan kemampuan penerbangan TNI AL melalui latihan dan pembinaan personel, Jum’at (28/8). Bertempat di Skuadron 200 Wing Udara 2 Puspenerbal Juanda Sidoarjo.

Pelatihan di Bell Training Academy di Forth Worth, Texas, USA (all photos : Puspenerbal)

Dalam rangka melaksanakan latihan dan pembinaan personel dalam hal ini crew awak Pesawat Udara (Pesud), perlu adanya pesawat latih baik Fix Wing maupun Rotary Wing yang mampu menyiapkan crew dalam menjalankan tugas dan fungsi Penerbngan TNI AL. Pesud latih berupa helikopter sangat dibutuhkan Penerbangan TNI AL saat ini maupun dimasa yang akan datang, yang mana helikopter latih yang dimiliki sebelumnya sangat terbatas, Ujar Komandan Wing Udara 2 Kolonel Laut (P) Winardi, S.H., M.H.

Lanjut Danwing Udara 2 bahwa tahun 2021 ini, TNI AL melaksanakan pengadaan helikopter latih single engine, dimana dalam pengadaan helikopter tersebut ditugaskan 4 (Empat) calon pengawak dari penerbangan TNI AL untuk melaksanakan pelatihan pilot Heli latih Bell-505. Keempat Pilot yang ditugaskan sebagai calon pengawak helikopter tersebut diantaranya yaitu Mayor Laut (P) Rai Terianom, Kapten Laut (P) Muhammad Al Amin, Lettu Laut (P) Rayendra Jaka Loekmana dan Letda Laut (P) Sima Andriansyah.

Pelatihan Pilot dalam rangka pengadaan helikopter latih Bell-505 selama 5 hari dari tanggal 26 sampai dengan 31 Juli 2021 di Bell Traning Academy, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Pelatihan Pilot yang dilaksanakan sesuai kontrak pengadaan adalah Ground & Initial Flight Course, yang mana selesai pelatihan tersebut menjadi Captain Pilot.

Kegiatan pelatihan pilot helikopter latih Bell-505 yang dilaksanakan meliputi persiapan, pelaksanaan latihan, dan pengakhiran. Pelaksanaan latihan di Bell Training Academy yang dilaksanakan secara Teori/klasikal, Simulator dan Praktek terbang.

Pelaksanaan pelatihan Pilot helikopter latih Bell-505 berjalan lancar dan sesuai dengan hasil yang diharapkan.

Royal Thai Army Procured 3 Kodiak 100 for 299 Million Baht

30 Agustus 2021

Kodiak 100 aircraft (photo : Angkasa Review)

The Royal Thai Army has a project to procure light general-purpose aircraft, equipped with standard equipment with repair parts and ground equipment of 3 units according to the project of procuring general-purpose aircraft to replace 2 types of U-17B type general purpose aircraft, totaling 4 units, including aircraft hangar and aircraft hangar and 2 helicopters and a pilot and aircraft mechanic training course. The responsible person is Department of Transportation, Royal Thai Army, budget 299.938 million baht, with the median price derived from a single operator, Forth Corporation Public Company Limited.

According to the data, FORTH is the representative of the Kodiak 100 aircraft in Southeast Asia. Which makes it quite certain that the aircraft that the Army will procure will be the Kodiak 100, with an average price of about 99 million baht per aircraft.

The Kodiak 100 is a single-wing propeller-engine passenger plane. Travel speed 183 knots, flying range 2,096 kilometers, use 1 pilot and can transport 9 passengers. In Thailand, there are 2 Kodiak 100 privately owned boats and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 1 unit.

Cessna U-17B Skywagon of the Royal Thai Army (photo : Wings Aviation)

The Royal Thai Army has already had two general-purpose aircraft procurement projects, which are two C208Bs from Cessna and a PC-12NGX from Pilatus 1 and 3 Kodiak 100s, a total of 4.

It is unclear what the Army plans for the C208B and Kodiak 100, as both are of the same class. have similar performance and can be used differently which, if comparing the advantages and disadvantages, including the use There should be no need for two similar aircraft to be procured. (Compare as simple as procuring a Camry and Accord to work together). The procurement of a small number of different aircraft made it difficult for both pilots and mechanics to train. Spare parts stocking, maintenance, and operation are often more costly than procuring a single aircraft.

The Army has a number of U-17Bs in service. Therefore, it is expected that more aircraft will be procured in the future. Which must see if there will be another aircraft model added or not or how will the Army plan to deploy all three light aircraft that are similarly procured and that differ in performance and functionality?


29 Agustus 2021

Kohanudnas Kirim 22 Peserta Ikuti Training Radar ke Leonardo, Italia

29 Agustus 2021

Pembekalan oleh Pangkohanudnas kepada peserta training (photo : Kohanudnas)

Pangkohanudnas Memberikan Pembekalan Peserta Training Maintenance Radar Medium Range

Pangkohanudnas Marsda TNI Ir. Novyan Samyoga, M.M, memberikan pembekalan kepada 22 peserta training maintenance radar group 1 yang akan berangkat ke Italia untuk melaksanakan training selama 3 bulan dari tanggal 30 Agustus sampai 30 November 2021 di Leonardo Italia, bertempat di Gedung Serbaguna Leo Watimena Kohanudnas, Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta Timur, Jumat, 27 Agustus 2021. Peserta training terdiri dari, 3 personel Techrep, 15 personel dari TNI AU, 2 personel training maintenance dan 2 personel pendamping dari PT LEN (Persero) Industri.

TNI AU akan mendapatkan 1 radar Leonardo RAT 31-D/L/M untuk memperkuat deteksi udara (photo : Leonardo)

Dalam pembekalannya Panglima mengatakan, "Kita sebagai User disana harus tanamkan kebanggaan diri kita masing-masing bukan hanya belajar mengoperasikan atau maintenance radar saja tetapi kita harus menyerap sebanyak-banyaknya dan sedalam-dalamnya ilmu dan teknologi untuk bisa mengatasi problem wiring sistemnya, dengan memelihara atau memperbaiki sendiri itu lebih bagus apabila kita putus komunikasi nanti, agar kita bisa menguasai teknologi radar itu sendiri. Karena ilmu dan teknologi tidak akan dikasihkan ke kita semua, tapi kita harus berusaha menggali dan mencari cara untuk bisa memperbaiki dan memeliharanya" tegas Pangkohanudnas.

Turut hadir dalam pembekalan tersebut Kaskohanudnas Marsma TNI H. Haris Haryanto, S.IP, Askomlek Kaskoopsau I Kolonel Lek . M. Rusli selaku Kasatgas Radar GCI dan Radar Medium Range, para pejabat Kohanudnas, serta perwakilan dari PT. LEN (Persero) sebagai mitra penyedia pengadaan proyek radar medium range.

Communications Upgrade for the NZ Frigates Gets Underway

29 Agustus 2021

Anzac-class frigates of RNZN (photo : NZDF)

Work is underway to upgrade the communications systems on board New Zealand’s two Anzac-class frigates, HMNZS Te Kaha and Te Mana, the Minister of Defence Peeni Henare announced today.

Cabinet has approved the $21.2 million design of a new frigate communications system, which will include a new control system, modern radios, data and voice communication systems.

“The advances in communications technologies since the frigates were built in the mid-90s have been huge, so this is a great opportunity to future proof their communications systems,” said Peeni Henare.

“This communications upgrade will ensure the naval combat force can keep pace with changes in technology, and continue to carry out the broad range of tasks requested of it by the Government.”

The upgrade will ensure the ships can handle the increasing volume of data generated by modern communications systems, and operate with other New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) capabilities and coalition partners.

“The frigate systems upgrade undertaken in Canada has seen the operational life of the frigates extended out to the mid-2030s, with enhanced combat capabilities, surveillance and counter measures,” said Peeni Henare.

“This upgrade will ensure our personnel have the equipment and capability they rely on to deliver what the people of New Zealand need.”

Following completion of the design, the project will deliver a phased build and integration of the new equipment and systems on board each ship, with new capability available from 2024.

The two Anzac-class frigates are the only Royal New Zealand Navy ships capable of operating across the full-spectrum of NZDF operations, including combat roles with coalition partners, search and rescue, and humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations.

TNI AD Bangun Tactical Satcom

29 Agustus 2021

Satcom TNI AD (photos : Hubad)

Kasad sebut "Tactical Integrated Satcom" dukung tugas-tugas TNI AD

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Kepala Staf Angkatan Darat Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa menyebutkan keberadaan "Tactical Integrated Satellite Communication" dapat menunjang seluruh tugas pokok Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Darat. 

Kasad Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa dalam siaran TNI AD diterima di Jakarta Senin, mengatakan Tactical Satcom TNI AD tersebut akan membuat komunikasi antarsatuan TNI AD se-Indonesia bisa terintegrasi dengan lebih baik. 

"Dengan adanya Tactical Integrated Satcom TNI Angkatan Darat, maka secara tidak langsung membantu mempermudah serta mendukung tugas pokok TNI AD, salah satunya menjaga keamanan negara serta melindungi masyarakat," kata Kasad.

Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Darat membangun proyek Tactical Integrated Satellite Communication di Markas Batalyon Perhubungan Pushubad, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat.

Kepala Staf Angkatan Darat Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa, bersama istri Hetty Andika Perkasa sempat meninjau seluruh infrastruktur Tactical Integrated Satcom TNI AD yang telah selesai dikerjakan. 

Perkembangan teknologi digital semakin masif dan berkontribusi dalam banyak hal di era revolusi industri 4.0, termasuk sektor pertahanan. Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa, dalam merespons hal tersebut, terus berupaya melakukan inovasi nyata, seperti pembangunan proyek Tactical Integrated Satellite Communication TNI AD.

Kepala Bagian Multimedia Subditbinkom Pushubad Letkol Chb Ahmad Farid menyampaikan sebelumnya TNI AD belum memiliki teknologi komunikasi berbasis satelit.

 “Dalam komunikasi memiliki 3 sistem komunikasi berbasis kabel, berbasis radio dan satelit. Sampai sejauh ini kita belum memiliki namun berkat ide bapak Kasad. Beliau menginginkan kita memiliki Hub Station dimana dengan keberadaannya dapat memanajemen operasional VSAT yang berada di satuan jajaran kita," katanya.

Kemendag: Rencana Imbal Beli Sukhoi dengan Rusia Masih Mandek

29 Agustus 2021

Pesawat tempur Su-35 (photo : SputnikNews)

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - Kementerian Perdagangan (Kemendag) menyebutkan realisasi pembelian pesawat tempur Sukhoi SU-35 dari Rusia dengan skema imbal beli yang ditawarkan Indonesia belum memperlihatkan kemajuan berarti sampai saat ini. Nota kesepahaman barter telah ditandatangani antara Indonesia dan Rusia sejak 2017. 

“Sudah tiga tahun posisi Indonesia harus ada kepastian lanjut atau tidak, itu yang pertama,” kata Koordinator Bidang Peningkatan Akses Pasar Kemendag Bambang Jaka dalam webinar, Kamis (29/7/2021). 

Bambang menjelaskan bahwa seluruh instrumen terkait proses imbal beli sudah siap. Kemendag juga telah memetakan ulang perusahaan-perusahaan RI yang akan memasok produk-produk yang ditawarkan dalam skema barter. 

Sebagaimana diketahui, Kemendag pada 2019 melaporkan bahwa terdapat 16 komoditas yang diajukan sebagai komoditas ‘barter’ dengan Rusia. Produk tersebut mencakup minyak kelapa sawit mentah (crude palm oil/CPO) dan produk turunannya, karet, biskuit, dan kopi. 

Dalam kerja sama perdagangan tersebut, Rusia diwajibkan untuk membeli komoditas asal Indonesia sebesar 50 persen dari nilai pembelian Sukhoi. Total nilai pembelian untuk 11 unit alat tempur tercatat mencapai US$1,14 miliar, sementara kontribusi dari imbal beli mencapai US$570 juta. 

“Poinnya adalah masih berproses. Tinggal bagaimana pimpinan-pimpinan di Republik ini berani mengambil, bukan mengambil risiko dalam konteks gambling, tetapi memutuskan take it or leave it untuk Sukhoi,” kata Bambang. 

Kementerian Pertahanan sebelumnya menyebutkan kontrak pembelian telah bisa efektif sejak Agustus 2018. Namun dengan berlanjutnya pembahasan mengenai komoditas untuk imbal beli, terjadi keterlambatan pada kedatangan 2 unit pesawat pada 2019. 

Apabila transaksi kedua negara berjalan lancar, pesawat tempur dengan spesifikasi persenjataan lengkap (full combat) akan datang secara bertahap, yakni kloter pertama dua pesawat, lalu kloter kedua empat pesawat dan kloter ketiga lima pesawat.

Australia, India, Japan, U.S. Kick Off Exercise Malabar 2021

29 Agustus 2021

Malabar 2021 has started since Aug 26 (photo : PACOM)

PHILIPPINE SEA -- Maritime forces from Australia, Japan, India, and the United States begin phase 1 of cooperative maritime exercise MALABAR 2021 in the Philippine Sea, Aug. 26.

MALABAR is an annual maritime exercise that enhances planning, training, and employment of advanced warfare tactics between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Indian Navy (IN), Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and U.S. Navy which demonstrates the commitment between like-minded nations to upholding a rules-based maritime order in the Indo-Pacific.

USS Barry-DDG 52 (photo : DVIDS)

This year’s exercise is hosted by the U.S. Navy and will take part in two phases. The first phase is an opportunity for the four Indo-Pacific navies to operate together in the Philippines Sea to strengthen their skills in combined maritime operations, anti-submarine warfare operations, air warfare operations, live-fire gunnery events, replenishments-at-sea, cross-deck flight operations, and maritime interdiction operations.

This year the exercise includes Naval Special Warfare forces during phase 1 to address irregular maritime threats and enhance integration with traditional naval forces.

INS Shivalik F47 (photo : PACOM)

"MALABAR 21 is an excellent opportunity to conduct multi-national training to hone warfighting and maritime security skillsets,” said Capt. Chase Sargeant, commander, CTF 71. "U.S. destroyers closely integrating with our partners and allies builds the foundation for regional security and stability that benefits all Indo-Pacific nations."

U.S. participants for phase one include Pacific Fleet’s top sub hunter, Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG 52), Naval Special Warfare forces, maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft from Task Force 72, and Military Sealift Command’s (MSC) Henry J. Kaiser-class underway replenishment oiler USNS Rappahannock (T-AO 204).

HMAS Warramunga F152 (photo : RAN)

"MALABAR 21 provides a wonderful opportunity to bolster our international partnerships," said Cmdr. Chris Gahl, commanding officer, USS Barry. "Our team is excited to demonstrate [anti-submarine warfare] capabilities and to collaborate alongside our Indo-Pacific partners and allies. The lessons and tactics we share will enhance our strength and capabilities in supporting the common vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific."

Elements of the Royal Australian, Indian, Japanese, and American maritime forces routinely operate together in the Indo-Pacific, fostering a cooperative approach toward regional security and stability to deter malign influence.

JS Kaga DDH 184 and two destroyers (photo : Seaforces)

Representing the Indian Navy is Shivalik-class multi-role stealth frigate INS Shivalik (F 47), and Kamorta-class anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kadmatt (P 29). Representing the JMSDF is Izumo-class multi-purpose operation destroyer JS Kaga (DDH 184), Murasame-class destroyers JS Murasame (DD 101) and JS Shiranui (DD 120). Representing Australia is Anzac-class frigate HMAS Warramonga (FFH 152). Maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft are scheduled to include an IN P-8, JMSDF P-1, and U.S. P-8A.

Under Commander, U. S. Pacific Fleet, 7th Fleet is the U.S. Navy's largest forward-deployed numbered fleet, and routinely interacts and operates with 35 maritime nations in preserving a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

28 Agustus 2021

Saat 2 Kapal Kolinlamil Asah Kemampuan dalam Kogasgabratmin

28 Agustus 2021

KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 dan KRI Teluk Banten 516 (photo : Kolinlamil)

Saat Lintas Laut Menuju Daerah Sasaran Satgas Kogasgabratmin Asah Kemampuan

Dua Kapal Perang TNI AL, yaitu KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 dan KRI Teluk Banten 516 berhasil lolos dari ancaman ranjau yang disebar oleh pasukan musuh di Perairan Pontianak.

Tapi jangan salah, ranjau yang ada di Laut Natuna itu bukanlah ranjau asli.

Lolosnya dua kapal perang TNI AL dari unsur Komando Lintas Laut Milter (Kolinlamil) dan Koarmada II dari ranjau itu terjadi dalam sesi latihan operasi pendaratan (Latopsratmin) 2021 saat lintas laut menuju daerah operasi pendaratan di Lampung.

Dua kapal perang yang tergabung dalam Komando Tugas Gabungan Pendaratan Administrasi (Kogasgabratmin) tersebut berhasil keluar dari pelabuhan dengan selamat dan langsung melancarkan operasi di perairan terbuka setelah melakukan Mine Field Transit (MFT). MFT adalah suatu prosedur melewati medan ranjau atau proses penuntunan melewati alur terobos pada medan ranjau demi keamanan dan keselamatan personel dan kapal itu sendiri.

KRI Teluk Banten 516 (photo : MO Roy)

Latihan diawali dengan Communication Check dimana Komandan KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 sebagai Officer Conducting Serial (OCS) yang akan mengendalikan semua jaring komunikasi radio dan melaksanakan pencocokan waktu. Kemudian dilanjutkan dengan Departure Harbour berturut-turut KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 dan KRI Teluk Banten 516. Setelah keluar dari pelabuhan, seluruh unsur-unsur melaksanakan Latihan Mine Field Transit (MFT).

Tidak hanya itu, latihan ini juga melakukan Tactical manouvering (Tacman) dimana semua unsur melaksanakan manuver taktis dengan berbagai formasi yang telah ditentukan oleh OCS.

Bahkan, dalam lintas laut menuju daerah operasi pendaratan ini kali ini juga melakukan latihan Publication Exercise (Pubex) dan Replenishment At Sea (RAS).

KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 (photo : Frans Tedjakusuma)

Replenishment at Sea adalah kegiatan untuk memperbekali logistik pasukan antar kapal perang, mengisi bahan bakar, hingga proses evakuasi penumpang kapal.

Dan latihan RAS ini merupakan latihan yang tidak mudah dilakukan. Sebab, latihan transfer logistik antar kapal itu dilakukan di tengah laut lepas dan di tengah kondisi cuaca laut yang tidak pernah menentu.

Dalam latihan itu, KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 melaksanakan pengisian bahan bakar ke KRI Teluk Banten 516 dengan posisi di lambung kiri.

Berbagai latihan yang dilakukan KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 dan KRI Teluk Banten 516 sebagai bagian dari Kogasgabratmin yang mendukung tugas Komando Tugas Gabungan (Kogasgab) TNI.


RSAF A330 MRTT Deployed to Assist US Evacuation Operations

28 Agustus 2021

The Republic of Singapore Air Force's A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft taking off from Changi Air Base (East) this evening (photo : Sing Mindef)

The United States (US) Government has accepted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's offer of assistance conveyed during US Vice President Kamala Harris's visit to Singapore earlier this week, for a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (A330 MRTT) aircraft to assist in the evacuation of Afghanistan evacuees. The A330 MRTT will be deployed to transport evacuees currently relocated in Qatar to Germany or other receiving countries.

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen was at Changi Air Base (East) to meet and send off Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel deployed for this mission, together with senior SAF officers including Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Melvyn Ong and Chief of Air Force Major-General Kelvin Khong. A total of 77 SAF personnel, comprising pilots, aircrew, engineers and Singapore Army security personnel, will be involved in this humanitarian mission.

On Singapore's participation in the evacuation efforts, Dr Ng said, "The urgent need is to protect evacuees and other civilians, and Singapore is making a direct contribution to this humanitarian cause. We cannot imagine the fear and terror that these displaced people are facing, arising from the situation in Afghanistan. But we take some comfort that the SAF, through this mission, can play a part in providing for a more secure and safe future for some displaced families and individuals".

Dapatkan PMN Rp 1,28 Trilliun, PT PAL Siap Produksi Kapal Selam Secara Whole Local Production

28 Agustus 2021

Fasilitas produksi kapal selam PT PAL (photo : PAL)

Surabaya, 24/08) Sesuai dengan UU No.9 Tahun 2020, PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) mendapatkan Penyertaan Modal Negara (PMN) pada APBN Tahun Anggaran 2021 sebesar Rp.1,28 triliun untuk melengkapi fasilitas hanggar Kapal Selam. PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) akan mengelola dana PMN dengan mewujudkan cita-cita pembangunan kapal selam dari lingkup Joint Section, test and trials (Setting to Work, Hydro Test, Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT), Sea Acceptance Test including Pre-SAT sampai dengan penyusunan working standard hingga menjadi Whole Local Production.

Penyertaan Modal Negara (PMN) pada APBN Tahun Anggaran 2021 sebesar Rp.1,28 triliun digunakan untuk peningkatan kemampuan produksi, SDM, dan fasilitas pendukung lain. CEO PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Dr. Kaharuddin Djenod M.Eng saat menyambut kunjungan Wakil Menteri Pertahanan (Wamenhan) Muhammad Herindra M.Sc ke PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) pada 12 Agustus 2021, mengatakan “Fasilitas hanggar kapal selam yang dimiliki PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) memiliki kapasitas produksi kapal selam secara bersamaan sebanyak 4 kapal selam jenis Scorpene (atau sejenis) dan 2 kapal selam jenis midget berukuran 30 meter”. Pemberian dana PMN pada PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) akan mendukung perwujudan Whole Local Production, selaras dengan yang dicita-citakan Menteri Pertahanan RI Letnan Jenderal TNI (Purn) Prabowo Subianto.


US Approves Sale of SM-6 and SM-2 IIIC Missiles to Australia

28 Agustus 2021

SM-6 surface-to-air missile (photo : Raytheon)

WASHINGTON - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Australia of Defense Services Related to Future Standard Missile Production and related equipment for an estimated cost of $350 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Australia has requested to buy defense services related to the future purchase of Standard Missile 6 Block I (SM-6) and Standard Missile 2 Block IIIC (SM-2 IIIC) missiles. These services include development; engineering, integration, and testing (EI&T); obsolescence engineering activities required to ensure readiness; U.S. Government and contractor engineering/technical assistance, and related studies and analysis support; technical and logistics support services; and other related elements of program and logistical support. The total estimated value is $350 million.

Standard Missile family (image : prepona)

This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States. Australia is one of our most important allies in the Western Pacific. Australia is strategically positioned to contribute significantly to ensuring peace and economic stability in the region. It is vital to the U.S. national interest to assist our ally in developing and maintaining a strong and ready self-defense capability.

The proposed sale will support the readiness and future sale of vital anti-air warfare capability that can be deployed from Australia’s newest Hunter-Class Destroyers equipped with the latest AEGIS Combat Systems. The purchase of Standard Missile 6 Block I (SM-6) and Standard Missile 2 Block IIIC (SM-2 IIIC) missiles is currently included in Australia’s procurement roadmap and will improve their ability to operate alongside U.S. and Allied naval forces against the full spectrum of naval threats. Australia will have no difficulty absorbing these defense services into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

27 Agustus 2021

U.S., Thailand Participate in 20th SEACAT

27 Agustus 2021

SEACAT Exercise between US and Thailand (all photos : DVIDS)

PHUKET, Thailand -- U.S. Navy and Thailand Maritime Enforcement Command Center (Thai MECC) personnel practice maritime tactics, techniques and procedures during Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT) exercise, Aug. 15.

In its 20th year, SEACAT is a multilateral exercise designed to enhance cooperation among 21 participating Southeast Asian countries and provide mutual support and a common goal to address crises, contingencies, and illegal activities in the maritime domain in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

PH Frigate, 2 Indian Ships Conduct Maritime Exercise in WPS

27 Agustus 2021

INS Ranvijay (D-55) and INS Kora (P-61) (photo : PN)

MANILA – BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151), the Philippine Navy's new guided-missile frigate, has joined two Indian Navy ships in a maritime exercise at the West Philippine Sea Monday.

The BRP Antonio Luna, guided-missile destroyer INS Ranvijay (D-55) and guided-missile corvette INS Kora (P-61) performed several operational maneuvers off the northwestern coast of Palawan.

"Both navies were very much satisfied with the outcome of these interactions that focus on enhanced interoperability and collaboration," Naval Forces West (NFW) acting commander Marine Col. Antonio Mangoroban Jr. said in a statement Monday.

INS Ranvijav D-55 (photo : PN)

The Indian Navy ships were deployed to improve maritime security coordination with partner nations such as the Philippines which India has had a long-standing relationship for 72 years.

Since 1998, regular visits by Indian navy vessels to the Philippines have highlighted the two maritime nation-states' defense cooperation.

The exercise was conducted in a contactless manner in compliance with the prevailing pandemic guidelines and health and safety protocols were strictly observed.

After the exercise, the Indian naval ships are scheduled to call at Manila Port for replenishment.

BRP Antonio Luna (photo : PN)

Recently, BRP Antonio Luna participated in the 19th Southeast Asia Maritime and Cooperation 2021.

Since its commissioning, the ship has been participating in regular drills with foreign navies to improve its capabilities.

It is currently assigned to the NFW under the AFP Western Command and is the sister ship of the BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150), the country's first missile frigate.

“As a newly-commissioned vessel of the Philippine Navy, BRP Antonio Luna is anticipated to be at par with her foreign counterparts and it is a breath of fresh air to see our modern navy partake in these maritime partnership exercises,” Mangoroban said.


Yonranratfib 2 Mar Uji Kendaraan Tempur

27 Agustus 2021

Pengujian kendaraan pendarat amfibi LVT-7A1 (all photos : Korps Marinir)

Dispen Kormar (Surabaya). Dalam rangka Verifikasi dan Sertifikasi surve berkala Dinas Kelaikan Material Angkatan Laut (Dislaikmatal) melaksanakan sertifikasi atau uji laik Kendaraan Tempur (Ranpur) Batalyon Kendaraan Pendarat Amfibi 2 Marinir (Yonranratfib 2 Mar) guna memastikan kelaikan dan kesiapan operasional Ranpur salah satu uji arung di Dermaga Satauan Amfibi (Satfib) Koarmada II, Ujung Surabaya. Rabu (25/08/2021).

Kegiatan uji kendaraan tempur di laut ini merupakan bagian dari kesiapan Ranpur khususnya dalam waktu melaksanakan LSL II TW III TA 2021 yang sesuai rencana akan dilaksanakan dalam waktu dekat, maka dari itu Komandan Yonranratfib 2 Mar Mayor Marinir Kuswandi, S.H., M.Tr.Opsla memerintahkan kepada prajuritnya yang tergabung dalam latihan agar menyiapkan beberapa Ranpur LVT-7 A1 untuk melaksanakan sertifikasi uji arung.

Rangkaian kegiatan diawali dengan pengecekan personel pengawak Ranpur, dilanjutkan pengecekan fisik material kendaraan di Garase Yonranratfib 2 Mar, setelah dinyatakan siap, Ranpur langsung bergeser menuju Dermaga Satfib Koarmada II Ujung untuk melaksanakan uji arung.

Dalam kesempatan tersebut Komandan Yonranratfib 2 Mar menyampaikan penekanan kepada prajurit agar tetap mengutamakan keselamatan atau Zero Accident baik keamanan personel maupun material serta selalu mematuhi protokol kesehatan," Uji arung ini dilaksanakan untuk memastikan segala Alutsista yang dibawa ke daerah latihan nantinya dapat berfungsi dengan baik," Pungkasnya saat mengawasi proses kegiatan tersebut.

Vietnam's Request for Third ex-USCG Cutter Receives Support of Biden Administration

27 Agustus 2021

Third ex-Hamilton class was needed by Vietnam Coast Guard (photo : mtpat10)

The Vietnam Coast Guard's (Canh Sát Bien Viet Nam: CSBV's) request for a third ex-Hamilton-class, high-endurance cutter has received the endorsement of the Biden administration.

The news was disclosed by US Vice-President Kamala Harris during her visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, on 25 August.

The CSBV operates a fleet of two ex-Hamilton-class cutters that were previously in service with the US Coast Guard. The first vessel, which has been renamed CSB-8020, was handed over to Vietnam in May 2017 while the second ship, CSB-8021, arrived in the country in July 2021.

26 Agustus 2021

Kemhan Pesan Kapal OPV dan OPV 90 Meter Buatan Dalam Negeri

26 Agustus 2021

Acara first steel cutting pesanan 2 kapal OPV (photo : Kemhan)

Lampung – Untuk menambah dan memperkuat kekuatan Alutsista di jajaran TNI Angkatan Laut, Kementerian Pertahanan (Kemhan) mengadakan dan membangun Kapal Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) dan OPV 90 meter, masing-masing sebanyak 1 (satu) unit dari perusahaan Industri Pertahanan Dalam Negeri PT Daya Radar Utama.

Dimulainya pembangunan kedua kapal perang tersebut, ditandai dengan pemencetan tombol oleh Kepala Badan Sarana Pertahanan Kementerian Pertahanan (Kabaranahan Kemhan) Marsekal Muda TNI Yusuf Jauhari, M.Eng., didampingi Asisten Logistik (Aslog) Kasal Laksamana Muda TNI Puguh Santoso, SE., MM., dan Komisaris PT Daya Radar Utama Steven Angga Prana pada Upacara First Steel Cutting atau Pemotongan Plat Baja Pertama, di Lampung, Kamis (26/8).

OPV 90M pesanan TNI AL (image : DRU)

Kabaranahan Kemhan dalam sambutannya mengatakan, Upacara First Steel Cutting adalah momen penting sebagai tanda dimulainya proses pembangunan fisik kapal dan diharapkan menjadi awal yang baik untuk kelanjutan pembangunan kapal.

Pembangunan OPV dan OPV 90 meter di PT Daya Radar Utama ini, lebih jauh Kabaranahan Kemhan menjelaskan, merupakan salah satu bentuk pembinaan industri pertahanan dalam negeri yang bertujuan meningkatkan kemampuan dan keahlian dalam membangun kapal perang di masa mendatang, serta mendorong pemulihan ekomoni nasional.

“Hal ini seiring dengan program pemerintah untuk mewujudkan industri pertahanan dalam negeri yang unggul, tumbuh dan tangguh serta dapat bersaing di kancah industri perkapalan internasional, dan pengadaan kapal ini, merupakan investasi pemerintah dalam mengelola kekayaan laut sebagai potensi ekonomi yang memberikan kontribusi bagi pemulihan dan peningkatan perekonomian nasional”, kata Kabaranahan Kemhan.

Spesifikasi OPV90M PT DRU (photo : Defencehub)

Mengakhiri sambutannya, Kabaranahan Kemhan berharap kepada jajaran PT Daya Radar Utama dan juga Satgas Yekda OPV dan OPV 90 meter beserta jajarannya untuk dapat bekerja sama dengan baik dalam melaksanakan pembangunan kedua kapal perang OPV dan OPV 90m, sehingga kapal ini nantinya diterima sesuai dengan tepat mutu dan tepat waktu.

Pelaksanaan kegiatan First Steel Cutting Kapal Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) dan OPV 90 meter dilakukan dengan tetap menerapkan protokol kesehatan, sebagai upaya mencegah penyebaran Covid-19.