28 Februari 2022

PH Army Eyes Creation of More Brigade Combat Teams

28 Februari 2022

Brigade Combat Teams of the Philippine Army (photo : PA)

MANILA – The Philippine Army (PA) said plans are in place to increase its Brigade Combat Team (BCT) to respond to various security threats.

"The Army intends to incrementally increase the number of BCTs in the medium term consistent with the prevailing and emerging threat environment," Army spokesperson Col. Xerxes Trinidad said in a message on Friday when asked how many BCTs the PA is planning to create.

The BCT is the Army’s primary combined arms and rapid deployment unit.

"It is composed of combat, combat support, and combat service support elements in the conduct of operation to accomplish tasks in support to the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) mission," Trinidad said.

At present, the PA has already one BCT aptly named the "1BCT" which was activated in December 2018 and deployed in Sulu helping with ongoing efforts to neutralize local terrorist groups there.

Asked if the 1BCT's complement is already complete, Trinidad said efforts are now ongoing to further beef the 1BCT.

This is needed to increase its "operational readiness" needed to perform its missions, he added.

"The Army vowed to enhance the BCT’s manning and unit’s capabilities to increase its operational readiness in the accomplishment of its tasks," Trinidad said.

BCTs are formed to address the need of the PA for forces that can be quickly committed for action in cases such as the 2013 Zamboanga City siege and the 2017 battle for Marawi City. 


Uji Coba Pandur 8x8 Pesanan Kemhan di Ceko

28 Februari 2022

Uji coba kendaraan tempur 8x8 Pandur II di Ceko (photos : Ordnance51)

Jika kita membuka situs Excalibur Army dalam media sosialnya khususnya pada tayangan tanggal 6 Desember 2021 lalu maka kita dapat melihat uji coba kendaraan Pandur II 8x8 pesanan Indonesia yang dilakukan pada musim dingin di Ceko.

Pada bulan April 2019 lalu Kementerian Pertahanan telah melakukan penanda-tanganan pesanan senilai 80 juta dollar untuk kendaraan 8x8 buatan Excalibur Army - CzechoSlovak Group (CSG) sebanyak 22 unit jenis Pandur II dengan persenjataan kanon kaliber 30mm  Ares UT-30 Mk II. Adapun kendaraan Pandur II 8x8 ini akan dipergunakan oleh Batalyon Infantri Mekanis (Yonifmek) TNI AD.

Nama CSG dan kendaraan Pandur 8x8 bukan sesuatu yang baru bagi TNI AD dimana sebelumnya pada tahun 2017 telah dilakukan pesanan sebanyak 16 unit M3 amphibious pontoon bridge bersama 4 kendaraan tempur Pandur 8x8 untuk digunakan Batalyon Zeni Tempur Kostrad dan kini ranpur tersebut telah berdatangan.

Di Ceko kendaraan ini diuji untuk melewati medan yang bersalju dan kemampuan amfibi kendaraan ini ketika menyeberangi danau, uji coba dilakukan bersama personel TNI AD.

Belum jelas kapan kendaraan tempur 8x8 ini akan diserah-terimakan dan berapa unit jumlahnya. Namun penanda-tanganan license agreement antara Pindad dan CSG pada tanggal 22 Februari lalu menandakan bahwa kendaraan tempur ini selanjutnya akan diteruskan produksinya oleh PT Pindad. 

(Defense Studies)

MAF To Acquire Loitering Munitions Capabilities

28 Februari 2022

STM Kargu kamikaze drone (images : STM)

The requirement for loitering munitions by the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) has been revealed during THE FUTURE OF DRONES AND AIR MOBILITY SYSTEM web seminar organised in 2021. Also known as the Kamikaze drones, they would be most useful for counter battery, destruction of enemy air defence as well as special operations.

Recently, Turkish drone maker, Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş (STM) has offered its Kargu kamikaze drone following expression of interest by the MAF. Built as small and portable quadcopter which could be operated by a single man, it is optimised for asymmetric warfare and counter insurgency operations (COIN) hence making it most useful against the Kidnap for Ransom (KFR) groups from southern Philippines which some times intruded Malaysian waters.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially Facial Recognition feature, any members of KFR gangs who were listed in the ESSCOM wanted list could risk their life as the drone is able to pin point its attack precisely on target person of interests with its lethal 1.3 kilogram of warhead attached to the aircraft.

Against MANPADS or anti aircraft artillery (AAA), the Kargu could be employed in swarms making it very difficult to be defeated by enemy air defence.

Employed in combat by Azerbaijan and Turkey, STM now zeroes in to Malaysia as its next potential customer especially in support of the Joint Task Force 2 Command (Markas Angkatan Tugas Bersama 2 – Mk ATB2) in Sabah, Defence Intelligence Staff Division (Bahagian Staf Perisikan Pertahanan – BSPP) as well as the Defence Special Operation Division (Bahagian Operasi Pasukan Khas Pertahanan – BOPKP ).

Looking at such potential, STM has offered local assembly of the drone to the MAF. As of date, DEFTECH and TAI have agreed to establish local production of the latter’s Anka Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Anka MALE UAV is one of the candidates vying for the contract to supply three Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).


27 Februari 2022

South Korea Tests Indigenous Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missile

27 Februari 2022

This L-SAM design shows the system is being developed to fire anti-aircraft (top) and anti-ballistic missiles (bottom) (image : DAPA)

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has confirmed to Janes that it has test-launched the country's indigenously developed long-range surface-to-air missile (L-SAM) system.

A spokesperson for DAPA said the L-SAM launch took place on 23 February and was overseen by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD), a DAPA subsidiary. According to local reports, the launch was conducted from Taean County in the southwest of Seoul.

L-SAM launcher (photo : DAPA)

The DAPA spokesperson did not provide additional details of the launch, which was reportedly conducted to test whether the L-SAM system can launch missiles on an intended trajectory and at precise targets.

The L-SAM system has been under development for the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) since 2019 as a direct countermeasure to North Korea's advancing ballistic missile capability.

The project is led by the ADD and local company LIG Nex1. The development of the missile system is expected to be completed in 2024.

L-SAM radar (image : ADD)

According to LIG Nex1, the L-SAM system, which has not yet been publicly named, will be equipped with two types of interceptor missiles: a ballistic missile interceptor and an aircraft interceptor.

The former is expected to have a range of 150 km and be capable of intercepting missiles at altitudes between 40 and 100 km. The aircraft interceptor is intended for use against high-flying aircraft to ranges of 150 km. It will be powered by a dual-pulse solid-propellant rocket motor.

According to the ADD, an L-SAM battery will consist of a multifunction radar, a command-and-control (C2) centre, a combat control station, and four truck-mounted launchers: two for the new anti-aircraft and two for the new anti-ballistic missiles.

Hanwha to Set up Manufacturing Plant at Geelong-Victoria

27 Februari 2022

Hanwha Defense Australia's new Avalon Airport manufacturing plant (image : Geelongindy)

Morrison Government strengthening Geelong's defence manufacturing future

The Morrison Government is creating jobs and strengthening the future of defence manufacturing in Victoria, with a new state-of-the-art armoured vehicle centre of excellence to be established at Avalon Airport in Greater Geelong.

A first of its kind, Hanwha Defense Australia’s 32,000sqm armoured vehicle centre of excellence is estimated to create a minimum of 300 jobs over the life of the $1 billion project, generating ongoing support opportunities for Australian industry until the late 2040s. 

Hanwha was contracted by the Morrison Government last December to deliver 30 self-propelled howitzers and 15 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles, collectively referred to as the Huntsman family of vehicles.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said Hanwha would build the sovereign armoured vehicle manufacturing and maintenance facility to deliver core platforms of the Protected Mobile Fires project.

“Hanwha will draw on Greater Geelong’s highly skilled and experienced workforce to deliver this project,” Minister Price said.

“About 100 jobs are expected to be created during the two-year, $170 million construction of the armoured vehicle centre of excellence.

“It is great news for the Geelong region economy that the $1 billion program will support at least 300 jobs during its lifespan.

“This project demonstrates the Morrison Government’s commitment to supporting local jobs.”

Senator for Victoria, Sarah Henderson said Avalon Airport was an ideal location for the armoured vehicle centre of excellence.

K10 and K9 vehicle (photo : ROKArmedForces)

“Avalon Airport, complete with its international terminal which the Morrison Government helped build, is a wonderful asset for our region and will make a first-class home for the Howitzer defence project,” Senator Henderson said. 

“The Government’s election commitment to base this $1 billion defence project in the Geelong region, announced in May 2019, is an absolute game-changer for our local economy and for Victoria.

“With five Australian-owned companies currently shortlisted to construct the armoured vehicle centre of excellence, a sovereign national asset for military capability manufacturing, this will deliver an immediate jobs boom for our region and for Victoria.

“Geelong is set to become one of Australia’s most important defence manufacturing centres. It is expected that other defence industry suppliers will consider re-locating to the Geelong region so the opportunities for future growth are enormous.”

Design work on the facility is now in its final stages, and there is an opportunity for Australian defence industry partners to co-locate on site to streamline the manufacturing process and maximise export opportunities for the Australian defence industry.

The new facility will include multiple assembly lines, a 1500m test track, a deep-water test facility, and an obstacle course to test capability.

Hanwha will build the new facility on a 20-hectare site at Avalon Airport.

The site will be leased from Linfox Pty Ltd, an Australian-owned logistics and supply chain management company.

Coast Guard Multi-Role Response Vessel Arrives in PH

27 Februari 2022

MRRV 9701 arrived in Manila (photo : PCG)

MANILA – One of two 97-meter multi-role response vessels (MRRVs), the Philippine Coast Guard’s (PCG) biggest acquisitions, arrived at Port Area, Manila on Saturday.

The MRRV-9701 has a maximum speed of not less than 24 knots, an endurance of not less than 4,000 nautical miles, and is capable of conducting sustained maritime patrols, according to a news release.

The MRRVs are modeled after the Japan Coast Guard Kunigami-class vessels and will be deployed to support the ongoing operations of the PCG Task Force Pagsasanay (Exercises) that conducts anti-terrorism and anti-piracy simulation.

The vessels were acquired under the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project Phase II, funded by an Official Development Assistance loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

DOTr Assistant Secretary for Maritime, Vice Admiral Narciso Vingson Jr. and PCG Officer-in-Charge, Vice Admiral Eduardo Fabricante, led officers and personnel in welcoming the ship.

"Lubos po kaming nagagalak dahil nandito na ang pinakamalaking barko ng Philippine Coast Guard. Nagpapasalamat kami sa ating mahal na Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte at kay Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade sa kanilang patuloy na pag-agapay at pag-suporta sa modernisasyon ng (We are very happy with the biggest ship of the Philippine Coast Guard. We thank our dear President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Transportation Secretary Art Tugade for their continued support to modernize the) PCG," Fabricante said during the welcome ceremony. 


26 Februari 2022

Prajurit KRI Tarakan-905 Laksanakan Latihan Menembak Di Tengah Deru Ombak Laut Seram

26 Februari 2022

Latihan menembak di atas KRI Tarakan 905 (photos : Koarmada 3)

Sorong/TNI AL/Koarmada III -- Prajurit Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia/ KRI Tarakan-905 melaksanakan latihan menembak di Laut Seram, pada saat  pelaksanaan Operasi Cendrawasih Jaya 2022 yang di gelar Koarmada III. Senin (21/02/22).
Latihan menembak tersebut dipimpin langsung Komandan KRI Tarakan-905 Letkol Laut (P) Cokorda G.P. Pemayun, yang melatih prajuritnya melaksanakan penembakan dengan menggunakan Meriam  20 mm, Meriam 12.7 mm, GPMG dan Senjata Ringan M4.

Dikatakan Komandan KRI Tarakan-905, bahwa latihan tersebut merupakan upaya untuk melatih profesionalitas prajurit, dan mengecek kesiapan seluruh senjata yang dimiliki kapal perang tersebut dalam menanggulangi ancaman bahaya udara.

Selain itu Komandan KRI Tarakan-905 menjelaskan, latihan ini merupakan perintah Panglima Koarmada III Laksamana Muda TNI Irvansyah,S.H.,CHMRP.,M.TR.(Opsla) selaras dengan Program Prioritas Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (Ksal)  Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono dalam  pembangunan SDM TNI AL yang unggul dan professional serta peningkatan kemampuan TNI AL dalam menghadapi ancaman bersifat non-konvensional.

Sebelum pelaksanaan latihan menembak, para prajurit KRI Tarakan-905 terlebih dahulu mendapatkan pengarahan dan briefing mengenai keselamatan dan keamanan diri selama melaksanakan latihan menembak, sehingga dengan  briefing, dapat dipastikan para prajurit paham dan melaksanakan  seluruh prosedur menembak yang baik dan aman dengan berpegang pada prinsip zero accident dalam setiap kegiatan.

HMAS Arunta's Crew Trains Hard in Lead-up to Deployment

26 Februari 2022

HMAS Arunta with new mast and radar (photo : thedownsnz)

HMAS Arunta’s ship’s company has been busy maintaining and enhancing their skills since departing their home port of Sydney last month for a regional presence deployment.

The passage up Australia’s eastern seaboard wasn’t a pleasure cruise for the crew of the Anzac-class frigate, with each day filled with a program of individual and collective training activities.

Training has ranged from enhancing technical skills, with routine maintenance and staying proficient in small-arms safety, through to more complex training such as flight-deck operations with Arunta’s embarked MH-60R Seahawk helicopter or whole-of-ship damage-control exercises.

Key areas of focus included integrating the embarked flight, which included the aircraft, aircrew and maintenance team, with the ship’s flight-deck operations’ team, along with naval gunnery and anti-submarine warfare.

The busy training program is a normal part of life at sea for Navy personnel, whose individual and team skills are continually being developed and assessed.

The training was the final step in preparing the ship before undertaking an Indo-Pacific regional presence deployment.

Commanding Officer HMAS Arunta Commander Samuel Woolrych said he was pleased with how his team had come together.

“It’s been an intensive time since leaving our home port, but the ship and flight crews have come together well into one integrated team. We have ensured individual and collective skill proficiency is up to standard and we have the whole team working as one,” Commander Woolrych said.

“We are well-trained, confident in each other, know our ship, and are ready for any possible task.”

HMAS Arunta has since completed a routine logistics port visit in Darwin before departing to support Australia’s longstanding contribution to preserving security and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

This first regional presence deployment for 2022 will provide opportunities to undertake maritime exercises and enhance interoperability with partners in the South-East Asia and north-east Indian Ocean regions.

TUDM Cipta Sejarah Rekod Jam Penerbangan Tertinggi Helikopter H225M di Asia

26 Februari 2022

Helikopter H225M TUDM (photo : Lihutao)

SHAH ALAM - Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) mencipta sejarah apabila merekodkan jumlah jam penerbangan terkumpul paling tinggi di Asia menerusi helikopter H225M (EC725AP).

Airbus dalam kenyataan memaklumkan, kesemua 12 unit H225M itu telah mencapai rekod jam penerbangan keseluruhan lebih dari 20,000 jam penerbangan.

“Fleet helikopter H225M Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia sebanyak 12 unit ini telah berkhidmat semenjak 2012 lagi.

“Direka bentuk untuk menangani misi yang paling mencabar, helikopter H225M telah mengambil bahagian dan menyertai pelbagai misi latihan dan kemanusiaan, termasuk operasi penyelamatan semasa banjir dan operasi menyelamatkan nyawa termasuk cabaran menangani pandemik Covid-19.

“Secara keseluruhan, kesemua unit tersebut berjaya mengumpulkan sejumlah 20,000 jam penerbangan,” kata kenyataan itu pada Rabu.

Airbus Helicopters telah menganjurkan satu majlis di Pangkalan Udara Kuantan untuk menyampaikan penghargaan kepada TUDM di atas kejayaan tersebut.

Anugerah tersebut disampaikan Ketua Serantau bagi Airbus Helicopters Asia Pasifik, Vincent Dubrule, kepada Panglima Tentera Udara, Jeneral Tan Sri Ackbal Abdul Samad TUDM bagi meraikan dan memperingati pencapaian penuh bersejarah itu.

Turut hadir Timbalan Panglima Tentera Udara, Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Seri Mohd Asghar Khan Goriman Khan; Pengarah Urusan Airbus Helicopters Malaysia merangkap Ketua Pegawai Operasi Airbus Helicopters Asia Pasifik, Gerard Pau serta wakil Ketua Negara Airbus di Malaysia, Raymond Lim.

25 Februari 2022

Dubes AS Lepas Ferry Flight Heli Bell 412EPI ke-9 Pesanan Kemhan

25 Februari 2022

Helikopter Bell 412EPI pesanan Kemhan RI (photo : PTDI)

Dubes Amerika Serikat Tinjau PTDI, Dukung Modernisasi Pesawat Hercules C130

BANDUNG, iNews.id - PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) bakal menjalin kerja sama dengan perusahaan Amerika. Kerja sama tersebut untuk modernisasi dan pengembangan pesawat Hercules C130 serta produksi komponen Helikopter Bell 412EPI.

Rencana itu terkuak dalam kunjungan Duta Besar Amerika Serikat untuk Indonesia, Sung Y Kim Sing mengunjungi fasilitas produksi PTDI, di Bandung, Kamis (24/2/2022). Kunjungan diterima langsung oleh SVP Material & Supply Chain Management PTDI, Iwan Krisnanto beserta jajarannya. 

Dalam kunjungan ini dia meninjau fasilitas produksi komponen helikopter Bell 412EPI di PTDI. Kunjung itu juga bentuk dukungan langsung dari Duta Besar Sung Y Kim kepada PTDI dalam upaya meningkatkan kapasitas dan kapabilitas dalam kemampuan perawatan serta modernisasi pesawat C130 Hercules.

“Kami sangat mendukung PTDI untuk dapat meningkatkan kapasitas dan kapabilitas MRO khususnya dalam melaksanakan pekerjaan perawatan dan modernisasi Pesawat C130 Hercules yang rencananya akan dikerjasamakan dengan perusahaan-perusahaan Amerika,” kata Sung Y Kim. 

Duta Besar Amerika Serikat untuk Indonesia, Sung Y Kim Sing mengunjungi fasilitas produksi PTDI, di Bandung (photo : PTDI)

Dalam kesempatan ini, Duta Besar Sung Y. Kim juga menyaksikan pelaksanaan ferry flight Heli Serbu Bell 412EPI ke-9 pesanan Kementerian Pertahanan untuk TNI Angkatan Darat. 

PTDI dan Bell Textron Inc yang merupakan industri manufaktur pesawat yang berbasis di Texas, Amerika Serikat bersama-sama menjalin kolaborasi strategis di bawah kesepakatan Industrial Collaboration Agreement (ICA). Di mana PTDI berperan sebagai global supply chain untuk Bell Textron Inc. dalam hal memproduksi tail boom, door post, pylon dan ducts untuk helikopter Bell 412 dan Huey II. Serta sebagai Certified Maintenance Center (CMC) untuk seluruh produk helikopter Bell yang dioperasikan di Indonesia.

“Terhadap kemitraan yang telah terjalin kuat antara PTDI dan Bell Textron, saya yakin ada peluang luar biasa untuk memperdalam ikatan itu. Kami sangat fokus untuk memastikan kemitraan ekonomi antara kedua negara terus tumbuh untuk menghasilkan stabilitas dan peningkatan kemakmuran kedua negara,” kata Sung Y Kim.

Mengapa Singapura Pilih Varian F-35B Short Take-Off Vertical Landing (STOVL)?

25 Februari 2022

Pesawat tempur F-35B (photo : Lockheed Martin)

Sebagaimana yang kita tahu, Singapura bakal mengoperasikan 12 buah pesawat pejuang generasi kelima F-35 yang dibeli daripada Amerika Syarikat seawal-awalnya pada tahun 2026, sekiranya penghantaran pesawat itu tidak tertangguh akibat pandemik COVID-19.

Varian pesawat pejuang keluaran syarikat Lockheed Martin yang dibeli oleh Singapura adalah F-35B, yang merupakan varian Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL).

Varian F-35B STOVL yang dibeli oleh Singapura ini hanya memerlukan landasan yang amat pendek iaitu hanya kira-kira 550 kaki panjang bagi membolehkan pesawat pejuang generasi kelima itu berlepas manakala untuk mendarat pula ia boleh dilakukan secara vertical.

12 buah pesawat F-35B yang diperolehi oleh Singapura itu agak mahal harganya disebabkan keistimewaan STOVL itu, dengan harga per-unit pesawat itu adalah dianggarkan US$110 juta (RM) sebuah.

Ia berbanding dengan harga per-unit bagi varian F-35A yang memerlukan landasan untuk berlepas dan mendarat yang dianggarkan sebanyak US$80 juta (RM).

Manakala varian terkini F-35C adalah khusus untuk operasi di kapal-kapal pengangkut pesawat Amerika Syarikat dan bakal menggantikan pesawat F/A-18C/D.

Mengapa Singapura memilih varian F-35B STOVL?  Mengapa ia tidak memilih varian F-35A.

Pangkalan Udara Sembawang (merah kiri) dan Paya Lebar (merah kanan), sementara untuk penerbangan sipil bandar udara Tengah (biru kiri) dan Changi (biru kanan) (image : Scramble)

Singapura sedar sebagai sebuah negara pulau dengan saiz daratan yang terhad, ia memerlukan pesawat pejuang yang tidak menggunakan landasan konvensional yang panjang sebagaimana yang digunakan oleh pesawat-pesawat pejuang negara itu yang lain.

Pesawat-pesawat Tentera Udara Republik Singapura yang lain iaitu 60 buah F-16 dan 40 buah F-15SG memerlukan landasan konvensional untuk berlepas dan mendarat.

Disebabkan kepesatan pembangunan ekonomi, Pangkalan Udara Paya Lebar akan ditutup selepas tahun 2030 untuk dibangunkan dengan dengan aktiviti ekonomi manakala aset-aset tentera udara negara itu dipindahkan ke Pangkalan Udara Tengah dan Pangkalan Udara Changi.

Selepas tahun 2030, Singapura hanya memiliki dua pengkalan udara.

Itulah dilemma yang dihadapi oleh pihak tentera Singapura, kekangan tanah untuk aktiviti ketenteraan sehingga menyebabkan aset-asetnya diletakkan di beberapa negara luar termasuk Amerika Syarikat dan Australia serta Brunei untuk tujuan latihan dan lain-lain.

Malah bermula daripada tahun 2029, pesawat-pesawat tentera Singapura akan berlatih di Pangkalan Tentera Amerika di Guam.

Perancang-perancang tentera Singapura sedar apabila konflik ketenteraan meletus melibatkan negara pulau itu, landasan-landasan kapal terbang di republik itu bakal menjadi sasaran “musuh” dalam usaha untuk melumpuhkan operasi tentera udara negara itu.

Operasional F-35B di malam hari (photo : GKN Aero)

Pemilihan varian F-35B STOVL oleh Singapura itu merupakan keputusan yang strategik kerana ia memberikan opsyen yang luas kepada perancang tentera negara itu kerana pesawat pejuang itu boleh beroperasi daripada mana-mana kedudukan tanpa memerlukan landasan konvensional untuk berlepas dan mendarat.

Dari mana-mana kedudukan di Singapura, pesawat-pesawat pejuang F-35B boleh melancarkan serangan terhadap kedudukan musuh walaupun Pangkalan Udara Tengah dan Changi itu berjaya dilumpuhkan dalam serangan.

Keputusan Singapura memilih F-35B STOVL itu juga memaksa “musuh-musuhnya” untuk mencari jalan paling berkesan untuk melumpuhkan tentera udaranya.

Dahulu, jika memusnahkan landasan kapal terbang sudah cukup untuk melumpuhkan operasi Tentera Udara Singapura, kini dengan adanya pesawat-pesawat pejuang F-35B STOVL usaha melumpuhkan operasi tentera udara republik itu semakin sukar.  

Bagi “musuh-musuh” Singapura, mereka kena cari cara jalan lain bagaimana hendak melumpuhkan operasi Tentera Udara Singapura kerana memusnahkan landasan sama ada di Pangkalan Udara Tengah atau di Pangkalan Udara Changi “sudah tak boleh pakai lagi.”

Selepas 12 buah F-35B STOVL, Singapura mungkin memilih semua pesawat pejuang untuk memiliki keistimewaan STOVL.


Australia Requests LAIRCM Anti-Missile Kit for Transport Aircraft

25 Februari 2022

Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) (photo : Northrop Grumman)

WASHINGTON - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Australia of LAIRCM Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and related equipment for an estimated cost of $122 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Australia has requested the possible sale of AN/AAQ 24(V)N Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) component systems required to support an ongoing upgrade of its large Air Mobility Platforms, which include C-17As, KC-30As, and C-130Js. As such, the Government of Australia has requested to buy twenty-seven (27) AN/AAQ 24(V)N Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) System Processor Replacements (LSPR) (27 installed, 0 spares); and thirty (30) Guardian Laser Turret Assemblies (GLTA) (30 installed, 0 spares). Also included are LAIRCM Control Indicator Unit Replacements (CIURs); Advanced Threat Missile Warning Sensors (ATWs); Smart Card Assemblies (SCAs); High Capacity Cards/User Data Memory Cards (HCCs/UDMs) (installed and spares); Simple Key Loaders; initial spares, consumables, and repair/return support; support and test equipment; integration and test support; personnel training, publications and technical documentation; U.S. Government and contractor engineering, technical and logistics support services; and other related elements of logistical and program support. The estimated total value is $122 million.

This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States. Australia is one of our most important allies in the Western Pacific. The strategic location of this political and economic power contributes significantly to ensuring peace and economic stability in the region. It is vital to the U.S. national interest to assist our ally in developing and maintaining a strong and ready self-defense capability.

The proposed sale will improve Australia’s capability to meet current and future threats by providing modern protection for large air mobility platforms. These countermeasures are crucial to defeating modern threats. Australia will have no difficulty absorbing these articles into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

The principal contractors will be Northrup Grumman Corporation, Rolling Meadows, IL; and The Boeing Company, Long Beach, CA, and San Antonio, TX. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will require the assignment of 0.5 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) additional U.S. Government representatives and 0.5 FTE U.S. contractor representatives to support Australia from the U.S. for a duration of five (5) years to support program management and engineering activities necessary to field and sustain LAIRCM on multiple Royal Australian Air Force platforms.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

Medium Tank Harimau 105 mm Sukses Jalani Factory Acceptance Test

25 Februari 2022

Rangkaian dari Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Medium Tank Harimau (photos : Pindad)

Pindad Sukses Lakukan Uji Tembak Medium Tank Harimau 105 mm

Cipatat - PT Pindad (Persero) melaksanakan uji tembak (firing test) produk First Article Medium Tank Harimau pada 24 - 25 Februari 2022 di Pusat Pendidikan Infanteri (Pusdikif) TNI AD Cipatat, Kabupaten Bandung Barat. Kegiatan uji tembak merupakan salah satu rangkaian dari Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) produk Medium Tank Harimau. Tujuan kegiatan uji tembak dilaksanakan untuk mengetahui dan memastikan kemampuan turret dengan kanon 105mm dalam kondisi baik, memenuhi persyaratan dan spesifikasi desain terbaru yang mendapatkan berbagai peningkatan.

Kegiatan uji tembak dihadiri oleh Plt. Kabid Matra Darat Pus Alpalhan Baranahan Kemhan, Kolonel Yudha Adillah selaku ketua tim Factory Acceptance Test Medium Tank Harimau, Kasubdit Siapsat dan Alutsista Pussenkav, Kolonel Beni Nugroho beserta jajaran. Hadir pula dalam kegiatan uji tembak adalah Direktur Teknologi & Pengembangan PT Pindad (Persero), Sigit Santosa, Vice President Penjaminan Mutu & K3LH, Prima Kharisma beserta jajaran VP & GM.

Medium Tank Harimau merupakan salah satu dari 7 program pengembangan strategis pemerintah untuk meningkatkan kemampuan BUMN Industri Pertahanan dalam membangun penguasaan teknologi menuju kemandirian alutsista dalam negeri. Bekerja sama dengan FNSS Turki, Pindad sudah mendapatkan pengetahuan, pengalaman, dan referensi standar internasional mengenai pengembangan tank.

Sebelumnya, Medium Tank Harimau menjalani serangkaian Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) yang dilaksanakan di fasilitas uji FNSS Turki pada 8 – 14 Agustus 2021. Rangkaian uji yang dijalani antara lain; uji rintangan tanjakan 60%, uji lintas parit, uji pengereman, uji lintas miring 30%, uji radius putar, uji kemampuan mengarung dan berbagai uji lainnya. Setelah menjalani berbagai rangkaian uji FAT di FNSS Turki, Medium Tank Harimau menjalani uji selanjutnya di Indonesia dan difokuskan pada uji tembak kanon kaliber 105 mm.

Uji tembak / firing test dilakukan dengan posisi Medium Tank Harimau statis dan target tembakan statis berjarak 1250 meter berukuran 4x4 meter menggunakan jenis peluru HEP-T (High Explosive Plastic Tracer) & peluru TPCSDS-T (Target Practice Cone Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Tracer). Sesi pertama merupakan uji visual turret 105 mm untuk memastikan integrasi dan konfigurasi pada desain terbaru Medium Tank Harimau sudah memenuhi persyaratan dan spesifikasi. Pengujian dilakukan dengan memeriksa prinsip kerja, laras, alat bidik, fitur, gerakan hingga tombol-tombol sudah bergungsi dengan baik.

Sesi kedua merupakan uji tembak turret dengan kanon 105 mm. Manager Mutu Industrial 2 PT Pindad (Persero), Suparno bertindak sebagai Kepala Pelaksana Kegiatan Uji Tembak memberikan aba-aba penembakan Medium Tank Harimau. Pengujian tembak diawali dengan menembak dengan posisi menghadap arah depan, lalu dilanjutkan dengan arah kanan, kiri dan diakhiri arah belakang. Masing-masing posisi tembak dilakukan pengujian dengan menggunakan peluru sebanyak 1 butir. Hasil uji tembak adalah Medium Tank Harimau sukses menembak tepat sasaran dengan turret tetap stabil dan seluruh fungsi turret berfungsi baik sesuai persyaratan.

Setelah melaksanakan uji tembak, Medium Tank Harimau dengan desain dan konfigurasi terbaru melaksanakan berbagai uji daya gerak. Rangkaian uji yang dilaksanakan adalah uji percepatan dan uji perlambatan yang dilaksanakan pada ruas jalan tol km 125 Padalarang - Bandung. Kemudian, dilanjutkan dengan uji balok sejajar, uji embarkasi, uji tanggul dan uji insani yang dilaksanakan di PT Pindad (Persero), Bandung.

Salah satu peningkatan pada desain terbaru Medium Tank Harimau adalah desain sudut hidung depan kendaraan dan sudut pandang pengemudi. Desain terbaru pada Medium Tank Harimau menghindarkan benturan antara kanon pada turret dengan bodi pada sudut depresi -10°. Selain itu, desain terbaru memberikan jarak pandang yang lebih luas bagi pengemudi. Cakupan pandangan dari pengemudi sudah memenuhi syarat untuk melakukan manuver dan memberikan visibilitas yang lebih baik.

Factory Acceptance Test pada produk Medium Tank Harimau menjadi momentum penting bagi PT Pindad (Persero) sebagai bukti kapabilitas dalam penguasaan teknologi bidang pertahanan terutama produk kendaraan tempur. Dengan berbagai peningkatan pada desain serta keberhasilan pada uji tembak First Article Medium Tank Harimau, diharapkan PT Pindad (Persero) mampu memajukan dan menguatkan pertahanan nasional.

24 Februari 2022

PAF Eyes More 'Black Hawk' Trainings with US Army Pacific

24 Fabruari 2022

PAF S-70i Black Hawk fleet (photo : PAF)

MANILA – The Philippine Air Force (PAF) is looking to have more training opportunities with the United States Army Pacific Command (USARPAC), as it is poised to get more S-70i "Black Hawk" combat utility helicopters.

This is among the matters discussed by PAF commander Lt. Gen. Connor Anthony Canlas and USARPAC chief Gen. Charles Flynn during the latter's visit to the PAF headquarters at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City February 21.

"Discussed are the possible Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEEs) and trainings on helicopter operations particularly the 'Black Hawk' and other SMEEs which will benefit both parties," PAF spokesperson Lt. Col. Maynard Mariano said in a statement Wednesday.

The PAF presently has 15 operational "Black Hawk" helicopters which were delivered in 2020 and 2021. These were 16 originally but one crashed during a night-flying exercise on June 24, 2021.

The Air Force is expected to get 32 more "Black Hawk" helicopters within the next three years after Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and PZL Mielec president Janusz Zakrecki formally signed the PHP32 billion contract for the acquisition of the additional helicopters on Tuesday.

Aside from the possible training for "Black Hawk" helicopter operations, Flynn and Canlas also discussed other operational matters.

"The two commanders discussed and shared insights on the integration of Ground Based Air Defense Systems into the overall picture of the Integrated Air Defense Concept," Mariano said.

He added the meeting culminated with the assurance of continued cooperation and partnership between the USARPAC and the PAF. (PNA)

DND signed contract for 32 S-70i Black Hawks helicopters

DND signed the contract for the purchase of 32 additional units of S70i Black Hawks from PZL Mielec of Poland, worth USD 624 million. 

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana signed in behalf of the DND, while Mr. Janusz Zakrecki, PZL Mielec President represented the Polish company during the ceremony.

Lorenzana issued the Notice of Award for PZL Mielec of Poland regarding the 32 "Black Hawk" helicopters last December 28.

He added that the project, worth PHP32 billion, comes with an initial logistics support package and training for pilots and maintenance crew.

"The delivery of these helicopters will start on CY (Calendar Year) 2023 (five units) while the remaining ones will be delivered in three batches as follows: CY2024 - 2nd batch (10 units); CY2025 - 3rd batch (10 units); and CY2026 - last batch (seven units)," Lorenzana said.

The PAF completed the acquisition of 16 Black Hawk helicopters, also from the Polish aerospace manufacturer, worth USD241 million (about PHP11.5 billion).

The first batch of six helicopters was delivered in November 2020, followed by the second batch of five in June last year that was formally accepted, turned over, and blessed on Oct. 13, 2021.

The last batch of five was delivered on Nov. 8, 2021, and formally accepted by the PAF on December 3. One of the initial six units delivered crashed on June 24, 2021 while on a night-flying exercise.

Drone ScanEagle Bakal Buat Kemampuan Intelijen KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma-355 Bertambah Tajam

24 Februari 2022

UAV ScanEagle diatas fregat KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma (AHP)-355 (photos : Koarmada2)

TNI AL. Koarmada II. Surabaya -- KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma (AHP)-355 dari Satuan Kapal Eskorta (Satkor) Koarmada II, diyakini akan semakin tajam, agresif dan profesional kemampuan intelijennya yang dibutuhkan dalam tugas operasi maupun saat melaksanakan patroli maritim.

Hal tersebut diprediksi terjadi setelah KRI AHP-355 yang dikomandani oleh Kolonel Laut (P) Ludfy, menerima hibah Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) atau Drone ScanEagle dari Amerika Serikat. TNI AL mendapat hibah Drone ScanEagle dari Amerika Serikat sebanyak 14 unit dalam skema Foreign Military Financing (FMF) AS,  yang salah satunya ditempatkan di KRI AHP-355 untuk mendukung kegiatan patroli maritimTNI AL.

ScanEagle merupakan  pesawat nirawak yang dilengkapi dengan Camera Optik dan Infrared, dengan kecepatan jelajah 60 knot, ketinggian penerbangan hingga 20.000 feet dan endurance hingga 16 jam.

Bertempat di Geladak Helly KRI AHP-355, pada Selasa (22/02/2022),  Ground Crew Team yang terdiri dari prajurit KRI AHP-355 melaksanakan persiapan dengan melakukan Engine Run Aircraft guna memastikan kesiapan UAV ScanEagle untuk penerbangan SAT (Sea Acceptance Test).

Guna mensimulasikan perencanaan kegiatan penerbangan UAV ScanEagle saat SAT, Komandan Wing Udara II dan Komandan KRI AHP-355 beserta staff melaksakan Tactical Floor Game (TFG) di Puspenerbal. “TFG dilaksanakan dengan skenario yang telah disusun dimulai dari embarkasi personil dan materil, KRI AHP-355 menuju ke daerah pelaksanaan SAT, prosedur penerbangan UAV ScanEagle hingga Recovery serta diakhiri dengan KRI AHP-355 bersandar kembali di Pangkalan Surabaya, “ terang Kolonel Ludfy disela kegiatan.

Ludfy juga menyampaikan jika pelaksanaan SAT Drone ScanEagle di KRI AHP-355 merupakan rangkaian kegiatan penerimaan Hibah Drone ScanEagle yang telah dilaksanakan sejak pertengahan tahun 2020. “Kedepannya diharapkan UAV ScanEagle ini dapat digunakan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) maritim TNI AL, guna mencegah pelanggaran di wilayah laut Indonesia dan memperkuat pertahanan Negara,“ ujarnya.

Disisi lain Ludfy menambahkan, dilengkapinya KRI AHP-355 dengan Drone ScanEagle merupakan pelaksanaan dari modernisasi KRI, Pesud dan material tempur menuju kekuatan yang siap dioperasikan (ORF), sebagaimana yang diprioritaskan oleh  Kasal Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono untuk kemajuan TNI AL.

SEA Awarded Contract to Supply Torpedo Launcher System to Hyundai Heavy Industries

24 Februari 2022

Two new Philippine Navy corvettes will be supplid by SEA Torpedo Launcher System (image : SEA)

SEA has been appointed to supply its Torpedo Launcher System to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for two new Philippine Navy corvettes. The contract follows the successful delivery of SEA’s TLS for the Philippine Navy’s frigates, and further cements our positive relationship with both HHI and the Philippine Navy.

Part of the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program (RAFPMP), the multi-million-pound contract will see the first corvette delivered in 2023 and the second in 2025.

SEA’s TLS is a weapon-agnostic, close range and rapid-reaction system capable of firing a variety of NATO-compatible standard light weight torpedoes, including the US Mk44, Mk46 and Mk54 torpedoes, UK Sting Ray, Italian A244S, French MU90 and the Korean Blue Shark. Highly flexible due to its unique modular design, the system can also be configured to use other weapons on an individual basis. This will enable the Philippine Navy to retain control of its supply chain through a choice of suppliers for ammunition, delivering greater flexibility and long-term value.

The state-of-the-art modular design of the TLS also enables easier and cost-effective upgrades throughout its service life and significantly reduces the risk of capability obsolescence based on ammunition supply.

Mr Kyunghyun Cho, from HHI said: “This contract is part of a significant modernisation programme for the Philippine Navy. Following the successful delivery of SEA’s TLS for the Philippine Navy’s frigates, we were impressed by the performance and reliability of the system and are pleased to be collaborating with SEA to deliver the same superior capability to the Navy’s corvettes.”

David Hinds, Vice President Strategic Accounts at SEA, said: “The inherent flexibility of our TLS will provide the Philippine Navies with a capability that helps future-proof the corvettes against new weapon developments and obsolescence, whilst also ensuring commonality across the fleet.

“This contract is the positive result of collaboration with our in-country partners, the British Embassy, HHI, and the Philippine Navy, and signifies the increasing global appeal of weapon agnostic defence capabilities that deliver greater operational flexibility. We look forward to working with our partners across Southeast Asia and further strengthening our relationship with HHI and the Philippine Navy.”


KAI Prepares for KF-21 First-Flight Milestone

24 Februari 2022

KF-21 Boramae prototype 001 awaiting upcoming flight test at Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) facility in Sacheon (photos : ROKArmed Forces)

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is on track to conduct the first flight of its KF-21 Boramae multirole fighter aircraft, buoyed by the completed development of the platform's new active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar.

A spokesperson from KAI told Janes on 21 February that the company is preparing a First Flight Readiness Review (FFRR) and is ensuring the preparedness of components and line-replaceable units (LRUs) for the event.

The KF-21's first flight is scheduled for July, the spokesperson confirmed.

The preparation process is supported by continuing flight trials, undertaken by the KF-21 Combined Test Team (CTT) comprising KAI, the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF), and the country's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA).

The KAI spokesperson said that by June the CTT will be operating six flyable KF-21 prototypes and two structural prototypes for assessments. Of the six flyable aircraft, four are single-seat and two are twin-seat platforms.

“Following common but essential ground and avionics tests and check-outs, each flyable KF-21 prototype is performing different kinds of trials and evaluations,” said the KAI spokesperson. “For example, if prototype number one undertakes an engine-aircraft compatibility test, prototype number three will undertake a ground vibration test.”

However, following the first flight of the aircraft in July, the testing strategy will change. “After the KF-21's first flight, each prototype will have a different flight mission for evaluation,” said the KAI spokesperson without elaborating.

The spokesperson added that the development of an essential element of the new KF-21 fighter – its AESA radar – has been completed and is now undergoing extensive performance assessments.

23 Februari 2022

German Embassy Says About MTU Engines of S26T Submarines to Thailand

23 Februari 2022

S-26T submarines powered by four MTU 16V396 SE84 diesel-generators (photo : Mship)

Philipp Doert, German Federal Military Attaché to Thailand told the Bangkok Post newspaper regarding the country where Germany has not issued an export license or Export License of the MTU engine that will be set up with the Thai Navy's S26T submarine that is being built in China, Chinese authorities have not contacted Germany before offering the MTU engines as part of its submarines until a contract between Thailand and China has been signed.

The military ambassador added that in this case, the export license is not issued to Thailand as an end-user. But it is not issuing an export license to the Chinese military or Chinese defense industry.

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