31 Desember 2016

Type-90B KORMAR will be Fully Combat Ready in 2017

31 Desember 2016

Type 90B MLRS firing 122mm rocket (photo : tingredian)

Indonesian Marine Corps acquired Chinese MLRS "Type-90B"

TSAMTO - Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir - KORMAR) adopted four 122-mm multiple launch rocket systems "Type-90B" production of China North Industries Corporation NORINCO.

According to "Jane's  Defence Weekly", citing a source in the NE Indonesia, systems have been delivered in accordance with the contract signed the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia with NORINCO corporation in 2015. The test firing produced systems are currently undergoing several landfills in East Java.

122-mm MLRS "Type-90B" designed to fire destruction of command posts, missile launch sites, airfields, ports, infrastructure objects of the enemy. It is mounted on the automobile chassis Tiema SC-2030 with the 6x6 wheel (licensed version of Mercedes-Benz in China).

KORMAR Type 90B MLRS (photo : IMF)

Artillery unit MLRS is composed of non-removable package with 40 tubes. Ammunition includes 80 units, 122-mm unguided rockets, including 40 in combat pack behind the cab. Firing range is 20-40 km, Rocket system can be run separately or in one gulp with an interval of 0.5 seconds, reloading time - 3 minutes.

The structure of the battery pack may include six MLRS launchers, six freight loading vehicles, command control vehicle, reconnaissance vehicles, weather station, and maintenance vehicle.

Battery of Type-90B (image : Army Recognition)

To equip MRL, NORINCO also has a new 122-mm guided munitions BRE7 with a combined GPS/inertial navigation system, which, according to the manufacturer, which is claimed to provide a circular error of probability of 25m at a range of 40km with a CEP, It is not known data whether Indonesia intends to purchase this type ammunition.

According to "Jane's", acquired of MRL does not feature digital fire control system, including minicomputers HJ-1, and all the shooting parameters are calculated manually.

Fire Dragon BRE7 122mm guided rocket (photo : Army Recognition)

As expected, the set of KORMAR MRL will be fully ready for combat use in 2017.

Before delivery MLRS "Type-90B" Indonesian Marine Corps also conducted tests of rocket R-Han 122B development of the national company the "PT Pindad" with RM-70 MLRS. At the present time it established small-scale production of these munitions.


Russia Offers Submarine, Drones to PHL

31 Desember 2016

Russian submarine (photo : engineering russia)

MANILA, Philippines - Russia has offered to sell a submarine to the Philippines along with drones with military hardware to boost the modernization program of the military, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said yesterday.

Lorenzana said he would decline the procurement of a submarine because it is too expensive and the military does not need it right now.

He said the defense department is looking at the acquisition of drones and sniper rifles.

“The drones, we can get them,” Lorenzana said during the Rizal Day commemoration rites at the Rizal Park in Manila yesterday.

While the talks are still in the initial stage, Lorenzana noted how aggressive their Russian counterparts are in establishing cooperation with the Philippines.

He was quick to clarify that the there is no military alliance being mapped out with Moscow, and the cooperation will likely be on training, exchange of personnel and some observing in military exercises.

Lorenzana and Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. flew to Moscow recently upon the instructions of President Duterte after Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev had asked government officials to provide Russia with a wish list to determine what kind of assistance could be provided to the Philippines.

The President has expressed interest in getting sniper rifles from Moscow, but Lorenzana said these were not yet available during their visit.

Based on his conversation with Yasay, Lorenzana said the President would likely embark on a state visit to Russia in April or May, after winter. 

Duterte said that he could not stand the cold weather during winter.

Port call

Meanwhile, a Russian anti-submarine vessel and a naval tanker would make a port call at Manila’s South Harbor next week, the Navy announced yesterday.

Capt. Lued Lincuna, Navy spokesman, said that Russian vessels Admiral Tributs, an anti-submarine warship, and the tanker Boris Butoma would be at Pier 15 from Jan. 2 to Jan. 7.

The last Russian warships to visit county was the anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Panteleyev escorted by Boris Butoma and the rescue tug Fotiy Krylov, that dropped anchor at South Harbor in January 2012.

“During the visit, a customary meeting procedure will be conducted by a welcome ceremony to be rendered by the Philippine Navy. There will also be courtesy calls, shipboard tour and send-off ceremony, among others,” Lincuna said.


30 Desember 2016

Tank Amfibi BMP3 F Uji Amunisi Kaliber 100 mm Buatan Belarusia

30 Desember 2016

Kanon 100mm tank BMP-3F Marinir (all photos : indonesian_armedforces)

Dispen Kormar (Surabaya). Komandan Batalyon Tank Amfibi-1 Mar Mayor Mar Ukik Ari Nursanto M.Tr.Hanla. selaku Perwira Pelaksana Latihan, menyaksikan kegiatan Uji fungsi Amunisi Belarus BMP 3F caliber 100 mm di daerah latihan Marinir Karang Tekok Asembagus Situbondo Selasa,(20/12/2016).

Hadir dalam kegiatan Tersebut  Asisten Logistik Korps Marinir  Kolonel Mar Suherlan,  Aslog Pasmar-1 Kolonel  Mar Budiarso,  Wadanmenkav-1 Mar Letkol Arif Handono,  Kadislasbinsen Letkol Laut Ruli,  Komandan Puslatpur Marinir Baluran Letkol Mar Arif Prasetyo, Dislitbangal Kolonel Laut Kasito, Kaarsenal Kolonel Laut Kawahab,  Babek Mabesal Mayor Laut Agus Priyanto, Dissenlekal Mayor Laut Yusuf K., Perwira Logistik Mabes TNI Mayor Inf Jimmy Kharisma.

“Kegiatan ini bertujuan untuk melihat secara riil kualitas dari amunisi caliber 100 mm dari Belarusia sehingga nantinya dapat memperkuat kemampuan tembak BMP 3F dalam mendukung tugas operasi yang diberikan” Ujar Danyon Tankfib-1 Mar.


Indonesia Receives a Further 16 Leopard 2 RI Main Battle Tanks

30 Desember 2016
Leopard 2 RI MBT (photos : Keris, Carlos)

The Indonesian Army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Darat: TNI-AD) has taken delivery of another 16 Leopard 2 RI (Republic of Indonesia) main battle tanks (MBTs).

The vehicles, which are part of a contract for 61 MBTs of the type with Rheinmetall Defence, were unloaded at the Port of Tanjung Priok's vehicle-handling terminal on 28 December, said its operator, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal.

According to an IHS Jane's report from September 2016, Indonesia had by then taken delivery of 24 Leopard 2 RI MBTs. Unloading of this latest tranche in December brings the number of tanks delivered to 40.

The TNI-AD is expected to receive its final tranche of Leopard 2 RI MBTs by March 2017.


29 Desember 2016

Thai Navy Conducts First Vertical Replenishment Exercises with H145M Helicopter

29 Desember 2016
H145M of the Royal Thai Navy during VETREP exercise (all photos : Squadron 202)

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has conducted a series of vertical replenishment (VERTREP) trials with its new H145M helicopter.

The trials, conducted throughout December 2016 with the service's lead T 994-class coastal patrol craft, were conducted to prove out the range of operations that can be conducted with the newly inducted aircraft, said the service.

The RTN formally commissioned its H145M helicopters in early November 2016, although technical acceptance for the first two aircraft was completed in April the same year.

The service has also completed a series of deck landing trials with the helicopter on board its Endurance-class landing platform dock (LPD) platform, HTMS Angthong (791).


Perjanjian 4 LMS Dimeterai di LIMA 2017

29 Desember 2016

Littoral Mission Ships (image : TLDM)

KUALA LUMPUR  – Perjanjian pembelian empat buah kapal misi pesisir (LMS) membabitkan Malaysia dan China bakal di­meterai pada Pameran Udara dan Maritim Antarabangsa Langkawi (LIMA) 2017 di Langkawi, Kedah pada Mac tahun depan.

Panglima Angkatan Tentera, Jeneral Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor berkata, perjanjian yang membabitkan ke­dua-dua negara tersebut akan di­meterai melalui surat hasrat (LOI).

“Saya dimaklumkan LOI akan ditandatangani sewaktu LIMA 2017 nanti. Saya lihat pembelian kapal ini berjalan lancar mengikut perancangannya demi memantapkan pertahanan perairan negara kita serta mempertingkatkan kuasa armada Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM).

“Bagaimanapun, waktu sebenar pembinaan itu tidak dapat saya nyatakan,” katanya yang ditemui dalam Majlis Penyerahan Rasmi Kalendar Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) dan Sumbangan Tahunan Perbadanan Perwira Niaga Malaysia (Pernama) kepada Tabung Kebajikan Angkatan Tentera di Wisma Pertahanan di sini hari ini.

Yang turut hadir, Panglima Tentera Darat, Jeneral Datuk Seri Zulkiple Kassim dan Pengerusi Pernama, Jeneral (B) Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal.

Terdahulu, Raja Mohamed Affandi turut menerima kalendar 2017 tajaan Pernama dan sumbangan tahunan kepada Tabung Kebajikan Angkatan Tentera.

Sebelum ini, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak me­ngumumkan pembelian empat buah LMS dari China dengan kos hampir RM1 bilion untuk mening­katkan pertahanan maritim negara.

Dalam pada itu, Raja Mohamed Affandi berkata, pameran LIMA kali ini dijangka mampu menarik lebih ramai penggiat industri pertahanan dari pelbagai negara di samping orang ramai dengan kelainan yang ditampilkan.

“LIMA menunjukkan perkembangan positif kali ini dengan penyertaan negara seperti Rusia, Ukraine dan Belanda. Ia secara tidak langsung dapat menjana pendapatan negara terutama aspek pelancongan dan perniagaan,” ujarnya.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Abdul Aziz berkata, Pernama berjaya mencatatkan keuntungan hasil jualan hampir RM390 juta sepanjang tahun 2016 yang me­nyaksikan peningkatan lebih 30 peratus berbanding tahun lalu.

“Ia merupakan satu pencapai­an amat memberangsangkan terutama dalam keadaan ekonomi yang agak mencabar dan berharap mereka terus memberi sokongan kepada kami,” katanya.


28 Desember 2016

Indonesia Reconsiders Further Acquisition of BTR-4 APCs After Early Trials

28 Desember 2016

Indonesia has concluded a series of initial training activities on the BTR-4 amphibious vehicle from Ukraine. Plans to acquire further vehicles is now being reviewed after encountering a number of teething issues (photo : IMF)

The Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir: KORMAR) has concluded initial training activities on its BTR-4 8x8 amphibious wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs), but is now reconsidering further acquisitions of the vehicle, a service official told IHS Jane's on 27 December.

Trimmed by the bow (image : jakartans@defence.pk)

The reconsideration follows KORMAR personnel reporting a number of issues with the platform during its initial training activities.

These included situations in which the APC is trimmed excessively by the bow when operated at full speed in the water.


Japan Seeks to Win Thai Air Defense Radar Contract

28 Desember 2016

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FPS-3 fixed-site warning and control 3D radar (photo : Japan MoD)

Japan is seeking to win a contract to supply Thailand with an air defense radar system built by Mitsubishi Electric Corp, as it looks to counter growing Chinese influence in the Southeast Asian nation, according to four Japanese government officials and one industry source.

The effort is part of a wider push by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration to bolster its position in the region along with its U.S. ally. The Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self Defense Force, Yoshiyuki Sugiyama, traveled to Bangkok last month to discuss areas of possible cooperation.

Japan expects the Thai military government to begin accepting competitive bids as early as next year as it upgrades and adds to its existing U.S. and European radar systems, the sources said. It is unclear who else may be bidding.

The value of such a contract is unclear as the specifications for the system have not yet been released. Radar systems built by Mitsubishi and other companies for Japan can stretch to hundreds of millions of dollars depending on the complexity and coverage. The sources said Japan would look to offer a lower price system because of Thailand's limited defense budget.

Japan's push for stronger ties with Thailand, will benefit the U.S. given the growing tensions over China’s claims in the South China Sea, according to the sources. Japan, which until 2014 had a ban on arms exports, has not previously sold military equipment to Thailand.

Since the 2014 coup brought the current Thai government to power, the U.S. has had strained relations with its old ally, which served as a staging ground for American forces during the Vietnam War, offering access to strategic airfields and ports.

In July, Thailand agreed to buy three Chinese-built submarines worth around $1 billion in a deal that illustrated Beijing's willingness to fill the vacuum left by Washington. And last month, Thai and Chinese military planes performed acrobatic demonstrations together at the Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, around 260 km (161 miles) northeast of Bangkok, as a prelude to the first joint military drill between the nations' air forces.

A company spokeswoman said Mitsubishi Electric does not discuss individual deals.

"While we are aware that Thailand is moving ahead with the deployment of air defense radar, we can't comment on the activities of individual corporations," a spokesman for Japan's defense ministry said.

A Thailand Defense Ministry spokesman, Kongcheep Tantravanich, said that "many countries want to sell it to us but we have to see if the system fits."

Pongsak Semachai, a spokesman for the Royal Thai Air Force, said a Japanese company had approached the force about an air defense system. He declined to name the company.

"The air force has not yet decided whether to buy the air defense system from a Japanese company but the company representatives presented the idea to us informally as they knew that our air defense radar system is about to expire," Pongsak told reporters, without giving further details.

Washington has a statutory obligation to withhold aid to militaries involved in coups against democratically elected governments. That includes restricting its arms makers from selling military kit to the country. Japan does not face such restrictions in engaging with the Thai government.

Tokyo is worried that China's wooing of Thailand could further split members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and blunt criticism of China's island building in the South China Sea. Beijing has claimed most of the resource-rich waterway as its own, sparking protests from other claimants, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.

The radar Japan proposes for the deal is a variant on Mitsubishi Electric's fixed-position FSP-3 radar, an older generation system that has been used by Japan's Self Defense Forces to detect air threats, the sources said.


27 Desember 2016

Indonesia Takes Delivery of 122 mm Rocket Systems from China

27 Desember 2016

The Type 90B 122 mm multiple launch rocket system, similar to the one received by Indonesia in 2016. The Indonesian Marines Corps is now equipped with the Type 90B multiple rocket system from China. System may be equipped with indigenously developed R-Han 122 B rockets. (photo : Army Recognition)

The Indonesian Marines Corps (Korps Marinir, or KORMAR) has taken delivery of four units of the Type 90B 122 mm (40-round) multiple rocket system (MRS) from China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO).

Sources within the service told IHS Jane's on 27 December that first test firings of the system are being conducted until the end of the month at various undisclosed locations throughout East Java.

The systems have been delivered under a 2015 contract signed between the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and NORINCO. Indonesia is the first known export customer of the Type 90B variant.

According to IHS Jane's Land Warfare Platforms: Artillery & Air Defence , the Type 90B MRS consists of a Tiema SC2030 6x6 truck with four rows of 10 tubes mounted on a rotating cradle assembly.

Each tube can be loaded with 122 mm missiles, such as those from NORINCO's family of fin-stabilised unguided calibre rockets featuring composite solid propellant and maximum ranges of between 20,000 m and 40,000 m. The rockets can be fired either singly, or in salvo with 0.5 seconds between rounds.

The Type 90B system has also been marketed with the capability to launch the Fire Dragon (BRE7) 40 122 mm rocket, which features an inertial navigation system (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance system, although it is not immediately known if Indonesia has plans to procure this variant of missiles.

IHS Jane's has, however, received confirmation from multiple sources within the KORMAR that fire control subsystems associated with the Type 90B, such as the HJ-1 mini-computer, have not been included under this contract, and that all firing parameters on the system will be manually calculated.


Heli AW 101 Bukan untuk Kepresidenan, TNI AU: Ini untuk Militer dan SAR

27 Desember 2016

Material airframe helikopter AW101 (image : Merlin)

Jakarta - Pembelian helikopter AgustaWestland (AW) 101 awalnya ditujukan untuk kepentingan kepresidenan. Namun Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi) menolaknya karena merasa saat itu heli yang dipakainya, yaitu Super Puma, masih laik.

TNI Angkatan Udara (AU) yang mengajukan pembelian heli itu lalu merevisinya untuk kepentingan militer dan diajukan kembali. Menurut Kepala Dinas Penerangan (Kadispen) TNI AU Marsekal Pertama (Marsma) Jemi Trisonjaya, anggaran untuk pembelian heli itu sudah turun sehingga tidak ada masalah lagi yang harus diperdebatkan.

"Lo kita kan menunda membeli pesawat VVIP (very very importan person). Nah, kita kan revisi kebutuhannya itu untuk membeli pesawat militer. Nah, militer sudah kita ajukan ke Kemenhan (Kementerian Pertahanan), makanya prosedur itu sudah kita lewati kemudian kenapa bintang dicabut dan itu sudah pasti penggunaannya pesawat itu," ucap Jemi saat berbincang dengan detikcom, Selasa (27/12/2016).

"Kebutuhan heli ini juga multifungsi, bisa untuk SAR, untuk angkut berat, untuk evakuasi, untuk rumah sakit mobile, begitu, kan? Jadi penggunaannya itu memang kita butuhkan untuk Angkatan Udara, yang selama ini kita melaksanakan SAR itu dengan pesawat-pesawat yang sangat terbatas," sambung Jemi.

AW101 TNI AU (photo: Rich Pittman)

Kemudian, Jemi juga mengatakan bahwa pengajuan anggaran pembelian heli itu untuk tahun ini. Dengan demikian, menurut Jemi, pada tahun ini pembelian heli itu harus segera diproses.

"Itu sebenarnya pengajuannya dari tahun 2015 ya, prosesnya gitu. Kemudian keluarnya tahun 2016. Anggaran ini kan harus dalam tahun anggaran sehingga dalam tahun ini harus segera diproses," ucap Jemi.

Pada 23 Oktober 2015, saat itu Marsma Dwi Badarmanto, yang menjabat sebagai Kadispen TNI AU, menyampaikan tentang peremajaan helikopter kepresidenan yang sudah diusulkan sejak lama dan pengadaannya masuk dalam rencana strategis (renstra) II TNI AU tahun 2015-2019. Dalam renstra, pilihan TNI AU untuk mengganti Super Puma yang diproduksi tahun 1980 itu jatuh pada AW 101. Heli tersebut tidak spesifik diperuntukkan bagi Presiden Jokowi, namun juga bagi pejabat VVIP, termasuk wakil presiden dan tamu kenegaraan.

Alasan TNI AU memilih AW 101 adalah heli tersebut dinilai yang paling mumpuni untuk menunjang kepentingan VVIP. Heli yang akan dibeli TNI AU ini disebut Dwi juga antipeluru. Selain itu, heli baru untuk VVIP tersebut juga dilengkapi dengan bantalan udara yang dapat mengembang seperti kantong udara jika terjadi benturan.

AW 101 dipilih juga karena dapat dipasangi pelampung sehingga heli dapat mendarat dan mengapung di perairan dalam keadaan darurat. Pelat-pelat baja tahan peluru pada heli ini juga bisa dipasangkan pada helikopter lain sesuai keperluan.


PTDI Kirim Pesawat CN235-220M Pesanan Angkatan Udara Senegal

27 Desember 2016

Pesawat CN235-220M pesanan Angkatan Udara Senegal (all photos : PTDI)

Bandunng - PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) kembali melakukan terbang kirim (ferry flight) satu unit pesawat terbang tipe CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft dari Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung menuju Dakar, Senegal, Selasa (27/12/2016).

Sebelumnya, PTDI pernah melakukan terbang kirim satu unit pesawat tipe serupa pesanan Aircraft Royal Thai Police (RTP) atau Polisi Kerajaan Thailand dari Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung menuju Bandara Internasional Hat Yai, Thailand Jumat (25/11/2016).

Kali ini, pesawat buatan PTDI tersebut dipesan oleh A.D. Trade Belgia untuk Angkatan Udara (AU) Senegal. Pengadaan pesawat CN235-220M ini berdasarkan penandatanganan kontrak antara PTDI dengan Deputy General Director A.D. Trade, Belgia, pada event Indodefence Expo 6 Nomember 2014.

Kontrak kerja sama ini merupakan pembelian yang keempat kalinya. Sebelumnya, A.D. Trade Belgia juga telah membeli tiga unit CN235 dari PTDI. Ketiga unit pesawat CN235-220M ini telah dioperasikan oleh Burkina Faso 2 unit dan Venezuela sebanyak 1 unit.

"Pesawat CN235-220M produk PTDI sudah dikenal luas di berbagai negara sebagai pesawat multi guna yang efektif dan efisien dan dapat beroperasi dari landasan dengan kondisi terbatas," ungkap Dirut PTDI Budi Santoso di Hanggar Final Assy Fixed Wing PTDI, Jalan Pajajaran, Kota Bandung, Selasa (27/12/2016).

CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft untuk Angkatan Udara Senegal ini memiliki konfigurasi yang dapat diubah dengan cepat seperti paratroop, medical evacuation, VIP transport dan passenger transpon. Sehingga mampu menjawab kebutuhan di negara-negara Asia dan Afrika. 

"Ini adalah bukti kemampuan bangsa Indonesia dalam menguasai teknologi tinggi," jelas Budi

Ia menuturkan, pesawat CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft dilengkapi pintu depan yang bisa dipakai sebagai pintu masuk/keluar untuk VIP/WIP dan pintu belakang khusus yang dibuka ke arah dalam. Sehingga, sambung dia, cukup besar untuk dipakai saat operasi terjun payung.

"Selain itu ramp door yang ukurannya cukup besar dan tetap ada untuk keluar masuk barang bahkan dapat digunakan untuk memasukkan kendaraan kecil," kata Budi.

Kegiatan terbang kirim pesawat terbang CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft tersebut juga turut dihadiri oleh Menteri Perindustrian Airlangga Hartanto.

Untuk diketahui, PTDI telah berhasil memproduksi dan mengirimkan 62 unit pesawat terbang CN235, baik dalam negeri maupun luar negeri. 

PTDI sudah mengekspor sebanyak 35 unit pesawat terbang CN235 kepada pemesannya di luar negeri, yaitu Venezuela, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Uni Emirat Arab, Pakistan, Turki, Malaysia, Korea Selatan, Thailand dan Brunei Darussalam. Sedangkan pelanggan dalam negeri adalah TNI AU, TNI AL dan Merpati Nusantara Airlines. 


TLDM Giat Gantikan Kapal Usang

27 Desember 2016

KD Perdana FAC-M (photo : Malaysian Defence)

KUALA LUMPUR  – Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) sedang giat menggantikan beberapa kapal lama yang berusia hampir 40 tahun sebagai langkah transformasi pasukan keselamatan berkenaan pada tahun depan.

Panglima TLDM, Laksamana Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin berkata, kapal-kapal lama yang memerlukan kos perbelanjaan dan selenggaraan tinggi akan dilupuskan untuk membawa masuk kapal baharu.

Beliau berkata, langkah pertama yang telah diambil TLDM adalah melupuskan kapal yang telah berusia hampir 40 tahun di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah semalam.

“Langkah ini merupakan titik permulaan untuk penggantian kapal lama yang tidak dapat memenuhi keperluan operasi serta memerlukan kos senggaraan dan pembaikan yang tinggi pada ketika ini.

“Insya-Allah, pada tahun de­pan beberapa lagi kapal akan dilucutkan tauliah secara berperingkat-peringkat bagi memberi peluang kapal baharu yang telah dikenal pasti dari China baru-baru ini dan kita harap perkara ini (kapal baharu) akan dapat di­meterai dengan segera pada tahun depan,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas Majlis Pema­kaian Pangkat Pegawai TLDM di KD Sri Gombak di sini hari ini.

Seramai 12 pegawai TLDM telah dinaikkan pangkat dalam majlis tersebut.

Sementara itu, ketika berucap dalam majlis tersebut, Ahmad Kamarulzaman mengingatkan anggota TLDM agar sentiasa bersiap siaga dengan latihan serta maklumat yang cukup bagi berhadapan dengan cabaran pada masa ini.

Beliau berkata, setiap anggota TLDM perlu mengukuhkan tahap pendidikan agar mereka mendapat maklumat yang tepat dalam pelbagai isu agar tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan unsur negatif dari luar.

“Kita perlu menerima hakikat ancaman dari luar ini adalah benar dan jika setiap anggota dilengkapkan dengan maklumat tepat mereka tidak akan mudah terpengaruh degan dakyah-dakyah negatif dari luar,” jelasnya.


Myanmar Navy Commissions Some Asset

27 Desember 2016

UMS Tabinshwehti 773 Stealth Corvette (photo : Myanmar Navy)

Commissioning ceremony of new naval vessels for marking the 69th anniversary Myanmar Navy Day held

Myanmar Navy commissioned its new vessels at the No 3 jetty in Yangon yesterday for marking the 69th anniversary Day of Myanmar Navy.

A Commissioning ceremony of new vessels for marking the 69th anniversary Day of Myanmar Navy was held at the No 3 jetty in Yangon yesterday.

UMS Tabinshwehti 773 Stealth Corvette (photo : Myanmar Navy)

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, wearing Myanmar Navy Uniform as a mark of honouring Myanmar Navy Day, attended and delivered a speech at the ceremony.

Then, he cordially greeted all the retired Commanders-in-Chief (Navy) who attended the ceremony.

AP-01 Troop Carrier (photo : Myanmar Navy)

After Chief of Staff (Navy) Rear Admiral Moe Aung decleared the new vessels as the commissioned vessels, raising National Flag, Myanmar Navy Flag and Commissioning Flags and striking bell in line with the step-by-step commissioning process.

The Senior General and party inspected the commissioned vessels.

AP-01 Troop Carrier (photo : Myanmar Navy)

The Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing took the salute by the frigates namely Kyan-Sit-Thar, Sin Phyu Shin led by Aung Zeya frigate, corvette missile carrier Bayintnaung, Fast Attack Crafts in the Single Line Formation.

At the ceremony the Senior General said that number of navy vessels was not enough in the past, and so there were weak points in defending the Myanmar coastal area.

4 new Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) (photo : Myanmar Navy)

Now, as Myanmar Navy has been upgraded, resulting in higher capacity.
This being so, our territorial waters is now duly respected.

Next, the Senior General and party inspected the Naval Dockyard Command Headquarters.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) (photo : Myanmar Navy)

In the evening, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and his wife formally cut the ribbon to open the booths to mark the 69th anniversary Myanmar Navy Day.

The Myanmar Navy commissioned a personnel carrier ship, corvette missile carrier ship and six Coastal land craft utility ships at the Commissioning ceremony of new vessels for marking the 69th anniversary Myanmar Navy Day.

(Myanmar Gov)

26 Desember 2016

Beechcraft B200T TUDM Digantung Operasi

26 Desember 2016

TUDM sebelumnya mempunyai 4 pesawat Beechcraft B200T Maritime Surveillance yang dioperasikan oleh Squadron 16  di pangkalan Subang AFB (photo : tohairforce1981)

KUALA LUMPUR - Operasi pesawat Beechcraft B200T milik Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) digantung buat sementara waktu sehingga siasatan selesai.

Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein berkata, sehubungan itu, pihaknya akan mengenal pasti punca nahas tersebut dan melaksanakan pelan tindakan yang berkesan bagi mengelakkan kejadian sama berlaku di masa depan.

Katanya, ia penting bagi memastikan keselamatan anggota dan tahap persediaan semua aset Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) termasuk TUDM berada dalam tahap tertinggi dan boleh dioperasikan pada bila-bila masa.

“Ia merupakan perkara serius. Jangan kita abaikan perkara penting terutama dalam aspek penyelenggaraan dan juga perolehan aset serta anggota yang kita ada,” katanya ketika menghadiri Majlis Perasmian Bangunan Baharu Institut Pertahanan dan Keselamatan Malaysia (Midas) di Kementerian Pertahanan di sini hari ini.


ECA Group Signs Site Acceptance Test for Sonar Laboratory Simulator

26 Desember 2016

Generic Sonar Simulator Classroom (photo : ECA)

ECA Group signs SAT for Sonar Laboratory Simulator

In November 2016, ECA Group has successfully conducted the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) for the SonSim Sonar Laboratory delivered to the Navy of an emergent country in Asia region.

ECA Group SonSim Sonar laboratory is a PC based solution (CBT), for the training of sonar operators that allows to train the crews on ASW operations, through the principle of the internationally approved sonar theories.

The system has a classroom configuration, for frontal training using modern Computer Based software to give operators, the possibility to test the sonar theories with hands on the ECA Group virtualized sonar system.

The classroom is composed of:

- One instructor station that allows the contemporaneous presence of two instructors, whom can launch and manage the exercise and control its execution
- One debriefing station, with the functionalities to record and replay the exercise on a large screen for a post-mission analysis
- One sonar classroom with twenty-four (24) student stations, all connected together in the same virtual exercise.

SonSim is a entry level, PC-based training simulator designed for sonar operators training. The simulator can be adapted to simulate any sonar system, ranging from active to passive sensors, used on board submarines, warships, ASW helicopters or Maritime Patrol Aircrafts. SonSim is composed by a server that contains the database, the training session’s initial conditions and run-time recordings, the simulation applications and the system configurations. Sonar Station(s) those can be used in stand-alone sonar training workstation or integrated with bridge simulator. (photo : ECA)

ECA Group Sonar Simulation system (SonSim) is a powerful software engine, with the capability to create a virtual but extremely realistic underwater environment, with all hydrographic and climatic data, as well as, the possibility to change meteorological conditions to demonstrate the effects of various sound propagation profiles while performing submarine detection mission. The Sonar Simulation system (SonSim) is also equipped with several tools that enable the instructor to assess the on-going acoustic propagation and the ability of the trainees to exploit sensors capabilities.

The most appreciated feature of Eca Group Sonar Simulation System (SonSim) is the Data Base management station that enables sonar instructors to change sonar data-base parameters in order to set the own ship sensors and environment, creating the most realistic situation possible.

The good and strong relationship with the customer could allow further evolution and updates of this simulation system according to the needs of the Navy for the future naval programs. (ECA)

Generic  Sonar  Simulator Classroom  Sonar consolesGeneric Sonar Simulator Classroom  - Sonar consoles (photo : ECA)

Training Simulation: FAT for Sonar Lab for Indonesia Navy
25 Juli 2016

The presence of a delegation of Indonesian Navy has given to ECA Group the possibility to work closely with its customer representatives, who have tested ECA Group Sonar simulator System.

ECA Group meets all requirements of this important customer.

The sonar laboratory is a PC based solution for the training of sonar operators using ECA Group sonar simulation system.

ECA Group sonar simulator has already been validated in the past year by customer Navy operators, who have expressed their appreciation for the extreme reliability and realism of the solution. ECA Group sonar simulation system is based on the principle of the internationally approved sonar theories.

Sonar operators can be trained in underwater and surface vessel detection, classification and identification in a virtualized environment with the same characteristics of the real operational area. Using the virtual reality ECA Group recreates the underwater environment taking into account all environmental background noise, the bottom surface reverberation, the climatic and meteorological conditions and all the conditions that effect the sound propagation in a specific geographic area, chosen by the customer. Navy instructors, using the user-friendly interface of ECA Group instructor software can create realistic scenarios with increasing difficulties in order to train sonar operator from the basic to advanced level.

The specific sonar laboratory purchased by Indonesian Navy will be a computer based training system (CBT) with all functionalities needed for the submarine sonar operators to be skilled in their professional mission. (ECA)

24 Desember 2016

Calon Awak KRI Bima Suci Tiba di Vigo, Spanyol

24 Desember 2016

Kapal latih KRI Bima Suci (photo : Atlantico)

Komandan Satgas Yekda Kapal Layar Latih Sambut Kedatangan Cawak Inti Kapal Layar Latih Bima Suci di Kota Vigo, Spanyol

Setelah menempuh perjalanan selama 30 jam, sepuluh Calon Pengawak (Cawak) Inti Kapal Layar Latih Bima Suci pada hari Rabu (21/12) pukul 20:00 waktu setempat, tiba di Kota Vigo, Spanyol. Kedatangan Cawak Inti ini disambut oleh Komandan Satgas Yekda Kapal Layar Latih (Dansatgas Yekda KLL), Laksamana Pertama TNI Sutarmono, M. Si. Han. Beserta seluruh Staf serta perwakilan dari Galangan Kapal Freire. Dansatgas Yekda KLL mengucapkan Bienvenido dalam bahasa Spanyol yang artinya Selamat datang kepada Komandan Cawak Kapal Layar Latih Bima Suci, Letkol Laut (P) Widiyatmoko Baruno Aji.

Sebelum mendarat di Kota Vigo, Cawak Inti melaksanakan transit di Amsterdam Airport Schiphol di Kota Amsterdam, Belanda selama 3 jam dan Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport di Kota Madrid, Spanyol selama 8 jam. Atase Pertahanan RepubIik Indonesia di Madrid, Kolonel Nav Joko Winarto beserta Staf dari KBRI di Madrid turut menyambut Cawak Inti di Madrid.

Sepuluh Cawak Inti ini terdiri dari enam orang Perwira dan empat orang Bintara terpilih. Dansatgas Yekda KLL tampak terlihat akrab dengan empat orang Bintara Cawak Inti yang merupakan mantan Anak buah beliau pada waktu menjabat sebagai Komandan KRI Dewa Ruci pada tahun 2004 s.d. 2008. Cawak inti ini merupakan gelombang pertama dari dua gelombang kedatangan Cawak Kapal Layar Latih Bima Suci yang dijadwalkan dimana nantinya mereka akan mendapatkan pelatihan dan pendidikan yang diselenggarakan oleh Satgas Yekda KLL serta Galangan Kapal Freire sampai Kapal Layar Latih Bima Suci tiba di Indonesia. (TNI AL)

KRI Bima Suci berdimensi panjang 111,20 meter dan lebar 13,65 meter melebihi KRI Dewaruci yang memiliki panjang 58 meter dan lebar 9,5 meter, yang terdiri dari tiga lantai. (photo : Antara)

Bulan depan semua tiang layar KRI Bima Suci lengkap terpasang

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Setelah peluncuran badan kapal KRI Bima Suci sukses dilaksanakan 17 Oktober lalu di Vigo, Spanyol, semua tiang kapal layar tiang tinggi TNI AL itu akan terpasang sempurna pada Januari 2017. 

"Tiang-tiang layar ini dibuat perusahaan khusus tiang layar kapal di Jerman,” kata Kolonel Victor Laban, salah satu pejabat di Satuan Tugas Proyek Pengadaan Kapal Layar Latih TNI AL, dari Vigo, kepada ANTARA News di Jakarta, Minggu. 

Menurut dia, badan kapal KRI Bima Suci yang berkelir putih dengan guratan garis-garis biru di haluan kapal itu masih ditambat di galangan kapal Contruccon Navales Freire di Vigo itu. 

"Proyek pembangunan kapal latih baru TNI AL ini berjalan terus, di antaranya di bagian interior dan mesin kapal. Akomodasi dan berbagai subsistem kapal ini nanti akan yang paling canggih di kelas kapal layar tiang tinggi di seluruh dunia," katanya. "Sejauh ini semuanya berjalan sesuai program dan rencana."

KRI Bima Suci itu akan memiliki 26 lembar layar yang berkedudukan di ketiga tiang kapalnya. Akan tetapi, nama-nama tiang itu belum diberikan secara resmi laiknya nama-nama tiang KRI Dewaruci, seniornya yang akan digantikan kapal baru ini. 

Di KRI Dewaruci, secara berturutan dari depan, nama tiang itu adalah tiang Bima, tiang Arjuna, dan tiang Yudistira yang posisinya paling belakang dan berdekatan dengan ruang komando serta navigasi-kemudi utama. 

Di KRI Bima Suci, layar-layar jib dan dastur mengisi semua ruang di antara tiang-tiang utama. Layar-layar ini berfungsi menangkap angin yang datang dari arah samping sementara layar-layar peruan, walau bisa dibelokkan ke kiri dan ke kanan hingga sudut tertentu, untuk angin yang datang dari arah buritan kapal. 

Inilah yang akan menjadi andalan daya dorong kapal layar tiang tinggi itu jika kapal memakai layar-layar sebagai sumber pendorong utamanya. Dalam berbagai lomba kapal layar, pemakaian mesin acap dilarang sama sekali. 

Berbeda dengan kapal-kapal perang lain TNI AL, KRI Dewaruci, KRI Bima Suci, KRI Arung Samudera I dan II, adalah kapal perang non kombatan dan inilah alasannya kapal-kapal ini tidak memakai nomor lambung sekalipun dilengkapi ular-ular perang di titik tertinggi tiang utamanya. 

see full article Antara

Canada Blocks Sale of Defence Equipment to Thailand

24 Desember 2016

Thailand - Navy Canadair CL-215B (photo : Wiki)

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion has recently blocked the sale of military equipment to Thailand, the Canadian government has confirmed to IHS Jane's.

A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada (GAC) - the government department that oversees the country's foreign relations and trade - did not provide details about the type of equipment that was barred from sale but said the value was "modest".

The spokesperson indicated that the sales ban was decided on a case-by-case basis and that it was a response to Canada's concerns about Thailand's human rights record. The Southeast Asian country has been governed by the military since a coup d'etat in May 2014 (Jane's)

Royal Thai Air Force conducting an operational live missile firing of ADATS (photo : Army Technology)

Some Canadian defense companies become a supplier of defense equipment to Thailand such as General Dynamics Land Systems Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bell Helicopter Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, and many more.

In the procurement of wheeled armored vehicles 8x8 for the Army, participating Canadian armored vehicle LAV III type, but the contest was won by BTR-3E1 from Ukraine in 2008.

Or CL-215 amphibious aircraft that was assigned to the Navy and some ADATS (Air Defense Anti-Tank System) missiles and Oerlikon air defense weapons that was assigned to Air Force, after that no more news about a greater supply of arms from Canada to Thailand.

But because of weapons and military equipment that is currently using components from several sources, the supply of military equipment that Canada suspend sales to Thailand will have no effect. (AAG)