31 Desember 2016

Russia Offers Submarine, Drones to PHL

31 Desember 2016

Russian submarine (photo : engineering russia)

MANILA, Philippines - Russia has offered to sell a submarine to the Philippines along with drones with military hardware to boost the modernization program of the military, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said yesterday.

Lorenzana said he would decline the procurement of a submarine because it is too expensive and the military does not need it right now.

He said the defense department is looking at the acquisition of drones and sniper rifles.

“The drones, we can get them,” Lorenzana said during the Rizal Day commemoration rites at the Rizal Park in Manila yesterday.

While the talks are still in the initial stage, Lorenzana noted how aggressive their Russian counterparts are in establishing cooperation with the Philippines.

He was quick to clarify that the there is no military alliance being mapped out with Moscow, and the cooperation will likely be on training, exchange of personnel and some observing in military exercises.

Lorenzana and Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. flew to Moscow recently upon the instructions of President Duterte after Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev had asked government officials to provide Russia with a wish list to determine what kind of assistance could be provided to the Philippines.

The President has expressed interest in getting sniper rifles from Moscow, but Lorenzana said these were not yet available during their visit.

Based on his conversation with Yasay, Lorenzana said the President would likely embark on a state visit to Russia in April or May, after winter. 

Duterte said that he could not stand the cold weather during winter.

Port call

Meanwhile, a Russian anti-submarine vessel and a naval tanker would make a port call at Manila’s South Harbor next week, the Navy announced yesterday.

Capt. Lued Lincuna, Navy spokesman, said that Russian vessels Admiral Tributs, an anti-submarine warship, and the tanker Boris Butoma would be at Pier 15 from Jan. 2 to Jan. 7.

The last Russian warships to visit county was the anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Panteleyev escorted by Boris Butoma and the rescue tug Fotiy Krylov, that dropped anchor at South Harbor in January 2012.

“During the visit, a customary meeting procedure will be conducted by a welcome ceremony to be rendered by the Philippine Navy. There will also be courtesy calls, shipboard tour and send-off ceremony, among others,” Lincuna said.


12 komentar:

  1. Wow this is good news then. Submarine is what the Philippine navy needed the most right now. Go for it and ask Vietnam for training and tecnical support. By the time the Submarine complete the crew is prepare to handle her.

    1. not the right time in my opinion. better use the money to buy vls missile, cas and apc. the submarine may be cheap but the support and maintainance cost of it might be too much for pn right now. easiest example is the scorpene acquisition by malaysia. the rmn have to make the sepanggar base specially for submarine operation with all the support facility and what not.

    2. They should complete and perfect the systems that they already gave first before venturing out trying and getting new systems they're not familiar with. Better than having new toys but unable to use them and equip them with all the subsystems properly.

  2. Yes i know the Philippine Navy need complely new training, facility and all that just to operate a fleet of Sub. But i think it can be done since it took Vietnam about 5 years before the first Submarine delivered and Vietnamese never ever operate a Sub prior the new Kilo submarine. Lagipon nak latih satu crew kapal selam tak sampai 3 tahun pon.

  3. The submarine project of PN is part of Horizon 3 (2023-2028) of AFP modernization we are presently in Horizon 1. A blessed New to everyone!!!!!!!

    1. The submarine project of PN is part of Horizon 3 (2023-2028) of AFP modernization we are presently in Horizon 1. A blessed New Year to everyone!!!!!!!

    2. Dont be so excited. Do you ever though of the plan might be change or cancel? Budget, corruption, politic and the willingness of the Philippine Gov to implement the program? This factor can alter the program.

    3. I am not excited, i am just informing Kotori that submarine for PN will not come earlier than 2023, being part of Horizon 3. We are only in Horizon 1. If ever that would push through will be up to the current and furure leadership. So far the modernization is doing well if that is your concern, there is only one project which will not likely to materialize for H1 and that is the SBMS project which was transferred to Horizon 2. But there are project which will likely to be front loaded to Horizon 1 coming from Horizon 2. These information can be viewed from the DND official website.

  4. The Philippines needs submarines! The Philippines has a Subic Naval Base. Lorenz analysis has sold the Rap to China.

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