02 Desember 2016

New Armour Training Simulation Systems to Enhance Army's Training

02 Desember 2016

Briefing on the capabilities of the Armour Driving Simulator (photo : Sing Mindef)

Second Minister for Defence Mr Ong Ye Kung officiated at the opening of the Armour Simulation Centre (ASC) at Sungei Gedong Camp this morning. At the event, Mr Ong had the opportunity to observe the Army's continued commitment to optimise training space and available training time through advanced technology.

The ASC houses two new virtual simulation systems, the Armour Driving Simulator (ADS) and the Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS). With the realistic scenario-based training, both systems complement existing field training by providing safe and progressive training to hone the driving and gunnery skills of soldiers across all of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)'s Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Infantry Fighting Vehicle platforms. The highly configurable and networked simulators also train tactical commanders in the command and control of their forces.

Also present at the ceremony were Chief of Army Major-General Melvyn Ong, senior officers from the SAF, and senior officials from the Defence Science and Technology Agency. (Sing Mindef)

Illustration of Armour Driving Simulator (ADS) (image : Sing Mindef)

Factsheet: Armour Simulation Centre

The new Armour Simulation Centre (ASC) comprises the Armour Driving Simulator (ADS) and Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS).

Key features of the Armour Driving Simulator (ADS)

Wider Range of Training Platforms. The ADS supports driving simulation training across all Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) platforms including the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank (MBT), Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier and Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Prior to the ADS, there were only driving simulators for the Leopard 2A4 MBT.

Enhanced Training Realism. Providing varying weather and terrain conditions, as well as basic, advanced and operational driving scenarios, the ADS provides the AFV and IFV operators and commanders with enhanced training experiences. In addition, with the simulator's six degrees of freedom (6DOF), it is able to move freely in three-dimensional space, as the three planes replicate varying terrains to provide trainees with realistic operating conditions prior to their field training.
Versatile Design. There are 10 simulator cabins for the Leopard 2SG MBT, Bionix II IFV and Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier, and four Instructor Operating Stations to control and manage the training. Up to four cabins can be mounted onto the motion simulators for training at any one time, up to platoon level.

Illustration of Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS) (image : Sing Mindef)

Key features of the Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS)

Enhanced Tactical Command and Control Training. With simulator training configurable up to company level, our commanders are able to hone their command and control (C2), fire and manoeuvre, battlefield coordination, and gunnery competencies prior to their field training.

Versatile Design. The AGMS is configurable to support gunnery and tactical manoeuvre training across all our AFV and IFV platforms. There are 36 simulator cabins which replicate the three platforms - (1) Leopard 2SG MBT, (2) Bionix I and II IFV, and (3) Ultra M113 APC. Up to 15 simulator cabins can be configured for training at any one time.

Integrated Training. Comprising 15 cabins integrated with the Battlefield Management System (BMS) and networked with a Fire Support Team simulation station, the AGMS provides integrated simulation training up to company level. Prior to the AGMS, simulator training could only cater up to platoon level. (Sing Mindef)

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