31 Mei 2017

Last Batch of F/A-50PH have Arrived in Clark AFB

31 Mei 2017

F/A-50PH with tail number 011 and 012 (photo : Peter Ho)

Last batch of Korean fighter jets arrives in PH

Two more FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea arrived on Wednesday morning at the Philippine Air Force Harribon Hangar in Clark Airbase, Pampanga.

The latest batch completes the PAF acquisition of 12 FA-50 fighter jets.

The jets with tail numbers 011 and 012 are capable of carrying short range air to air missiles, air to surface missiles with 2-seat capacity and a length of 43 feet.

The PAF said that the fighter jets are on standby in case these are needed for operations in Marawi, where terrorist group Maute besieged key areas.

(ABS-CBN News)

UkrOboronProm Announces Delivery Plan for Next Batch of Oplot Tanks to Thailand

31 Mei 2017

Oplot main battle tanks (photos : Dylan Malyasov)

The Ukroboronprom state concern has announced that the next batch of Oplot main battle tanks will be supplied under the contract to Thailand next week.

“Next week we ship the next shipment: the amount is confidential information, we fulfilled three quarters of the contract,” chief engineer at Kharkiv-based Malyshev Plant (part of Ukroboronprom) Oleksandr Sheiko said.

The next batch Oplot main battle tanks will arrive at the Sattahip Naval Base in Thailand by sea.

“Delivery of 29 more tanks under contract will be finished this year if the Thai military agency agrees it,” Oleksandr Sheiko said.

At the moment, about 30 tanks were sent by Royal Thai Armed Forces.

The Oplot is main battle tank is developed by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) and produced at Kharkiv-based Malyshev Plant. The main battle tank can destroy ground-based and low-flying, low-speed aerial targets, while offering superior protection and high mobility for troops.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence inducted the Oplot-M MBTs into service in 2009. In September 2011, the Royal Thai Army placed an order with Ukrainian arms trading company Ukrspetzexport for 49 Oplot MBTs.

The first two Oplot tanks entered service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces in May 2009. An over $200 million contract for the delivery of 49 Oplot tanks to Thailand was signed in 2011. The Malyshev company started implementing the contract in April 2012. Investment in the tanks’ serial production amounts to $30 million, according to the company management.

(Defence Blog)

AUSTAL Delivers Second Cape Class Patrol Boat to Royal Australian Navy

31 Mei 2017

ADV Cape Inscription alongside at Austal’s Henderson Western Australia shipyard (photo : Austal)

Austal (ASX:ASB) is pleased to advise that it has delivered Cape Inscription, the second Cape-class Patrol Boat for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

The Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Cape Inscription is the tenth Cape-class designed and constructed by Austal. Cape Inscription joins Cape Fourcroy, which was delivered to the Navy in April 2017 and a further 8 Capes delivered to the Australian Border Force between 2013 and 2015.

Austal Chief Executive Officer David Singleton said the delivery confirmed Austal’s position as Australia’s preeminent patrol vessel builder, with 32 deliveries in total to the Commonwealth since 1998.

“Austal is proud to have delivered Australia’s entire border patrol capability over the past 19 years, through the Bay, Armidale and Cape-class patrol vessels. This work has enabled us develop an unrivalled local shipbuilding capability – we have a highly motivated and competent workforce and a comprehensive supply chain from across Australia. ” Mr Singleton said.

 “With the delivery of Cape Inscription and construction of 19 steel Pacific Patrol Boats underway, we are now preparing for both the Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) and Future Frigate projects, which are due to commence next year,” he added.

Austal has partnered with German shipbuilder and designer, Fassmer for the Australian Government’s OPV contract and recently announced a new design office in Adelaide, South Australia to support this project. This joint-venture partnership is dedicated to providing the best capability and build solution for the Australian Government.

Since 1998, Austal has delivered 74 patrol vessels, including 24 exported to 5 countries. The company continues to pursue export opportunities for platforms, such as the Cape-class and new markets for vessels like the Pacific Patrol Boat.


30 Mei 2017

DND to Acquire Precision-Guided Munitions for FA-50PHs in Russia

30 Mei 2017

Russian precision guided bomb (photos : Australia Air Power)

MANILA --- The Department of National Defense (DND) is looking at the possibility of acquiring precision-guided munitions (PGMs) from Russia to further develop the FA-50PHs' ground-attack capability which can be used against a variety of threat groups.

DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said PGMs are quite useful as they can be delivered with "pinpoint accuracy" against ground targets by the South Korean-made FA-50PHs "Fighting Eagle" jet aircraft.

"(PGMs) are more expensive than conventional ammo but are economical in the long run as we will use less ammo (target is hit within five meter radius) and collateral damage is minimized if not completely eliminated," Lorenzana told the PNA Monday.

The DND chief did not give specifics on what types of PGMs it is planning to evaluate for possible Philippine acquisition and use.

The Philippine Air Force, by May 31, will complete its 12 FA-50PH order from Korea Aerospace Industries worth PHP18.9 billion.

Lorenzana earlier said the Philippines is planning to acquire weapons, including advanced diesel-electric submarines from Russia.

"Yes, we have plans to purchase weapons from them. They have also very sophisticated and advanced weaponry. We will look into them, we have not decided what equipment but off the bat, we are looking, we would like to develop our submarine force so we will look into their submarines one of these days," he added.

>Lorenzana was with President Rodrigo Duterte on his official trip to Russia last week. The trip was cut short because of the ongoing clash between security forces and the Maute terror Group in Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur last week.


Singapore Army Reveals Rafael Spike SR Anti-Armour Missile System

30 Mei 2017

The Spike SR missile with its electro-optical seeker and camera sensor suite clearly shown. It is a single-shot, disposable weapon that is capable of engaging stationary and moving armoured vehicles at ranges of up to 1,500 m. (photo : Rafael, Defense Update)

The Singapore Army has acquired the manportable Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Spike Short Range (SR) missile system as the next-generation guided anti-armour weapon for its infantry forces, Jane's has learnt at the army's Open House 2017 event that was held from 27 to 29 May.

Jane's understands that the Spike SR has replaced the ageing Saab Bofors Dynamics 84 mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle and is now "fully operational". It is primarily employed by the service's infantry, although Jane's understands that it may also be employed by its commando and guards depending on mission requirements.

The Spike SR is the latest and most compact member of Rafael's Spike fire-and-forget missile family. Specifications released by the army describe the system as a disposable, day/night-capable weapon that is 970 mm long with an overall weight of 9.8 kg inclusive of the missile, control launch unit (CLU), and battery.

Unlike the gimballed seeker installed in the Spike MR/LR/ER (medium-, long-, and extended-range) missiles, the Spike SR incorporates an uncooled and fixed day/night-capable electro-optical (EO) seeker and tracker. According to company literature, the SR has a short activation-to-launch cycle of less than six seconds.

The baseline Spike SR configuration features a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead designed to engage static and moving armoured vehicle targets. However, Jane's reported in 2016 that Rafael has introduced a new penetration blast fragmentation (PBF) warhead - employing the warhead technology developed jointly by the Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and the company's Dynamit Nobel Defence subsidiary for the 90 mm MATADOR (Manportable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR) light support weapon - to provide troops operating in urban environments with a tactical anti-structure capability.

The service has also stated a minimum and maximum effective range of 100 m and 1,000 m respectively, although Rafael is now specifying a high hit probability against moving targets at ranges from 50 m up to 1,500 m.


Kapal Latih KRI Bima Suci Dikirim Agustus

30 Mei 2017

Kapal Latih KRI Bima Suci (photo : Javier JAC) 

Tinggal Finishing, Bima Suci Dikirim Agustus

Madrid - Indonesia tengah bersiap memiliki kapal layar latih baru. Kapal yang sudah diberinama Bima Suci dan dibuat di Spanyol ini ditargetkan akan dilepas untuk dikirim ke Indonesia pada pertengahan Agustus mendatang. Kapal yang dibuat Freire Shipyard, perusahaan produsen  kapal ternama Spanyol yang berlokasi di kota Vigo ini sedang dalam proses finishing.

"Kami mendapat informasi pembuatan kapal sudah tinggal finishing. Setelelah selesai, targetnya Bima Suci ini akan berangkat dari Spanyol pada 15 Agustus dan sampai di Indonesia pada 5 Oktober 2017,"  kata  Dubes RI untuk Spanyol, Yuli Mumpuni Widarso di Madrid, Jumat (20/5).

Bima Suci akan menggantikan KRI Dewa Ruci yang sudah terlalu tua karena sudah beroperasi sejak 1953. Target pengiriman dan tiba di Indonesia pada awal Oktober sepertinya akan berbarengan dengan momen peringatan HUT TNI.

Patung Bima Suci di ujung haluan kapal (photo : defence.pk)

Kapal yang mulai dikerjakan Freire Shipyard pada 2014 ini disebut-sebut memiliki spek canggih. Rancangan teknis kapal layar tiang tinggi itu, memiliki panjang total 111,20 meter, lebar 13,65 meter, kedalaman draft 5,95 meter, dan tinggi maksimal tiang layar 49 meter dari permukaan dek atas. Kapal kelas Bark (Barque, bahasa Inggris) tiga tiang itu akan memiliki 26 layar dengan luas keseluruhan layar 3.352 meter persegi. Ketinggian dek utamanya 9,20 meter dari permukaan laut.

Bima Suci, yang sudah diresmikan oleh Menteri Pertahanan Ryamizard Ryacudu ini mempunyai kecepatan maksimal 12 knot jika menggunakan daya dorong mesin. Sementara jika ditambah dengan menggunakan layar, menjadi 15 knot. Untuk tingkat endurance (ketahanan berlayar tanpa mengisi BBM) dapat mencapai 30 hari. Kapal layar tiang tinggi ini dilengkapi dengan 5 dek, 7 kompartemen, dan 48 blok.

Kapal Latih KRI Bima Suci (photo : Oliviervanmeer)

Keistimewaan kapal ini terletak pada instrumen navigasi pelayarannya yang lebih canggih. Instrumen pemurnian air laut menjadi air tawar, hingga alat komunikasi dan data digitalnya.

Dari segi kapasitas, kapal ini dapat menampung 120 taruna dengan 80 awak kapal. Jumlah layar keseluruhan ada 26 buah, lebih banyak dari KRI Dewa Ruci dengan 16 buah layar. Jika di KRI Dewaruci tidak terdapat ruang kelas, KRI Bimasuci menyediakan ruang kelas secara khusus sebagai tempat belajar para taruna AAL saat berlatih dalam operasi Kartika Jala Krida. Ruang kelas yang tersedia mampu memuat 100 taruna.


29 Mei 2017

New Gear for Singapore Special Forces

29 Mei 2017

Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) with the HK MP7 (photo : Shephard)

The Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) of the Singapore Armed Forces has inducted a series of new personal equipment and firearms.

A notable additional is the Heckler & Koch (HK) MP7 personal defence weapon, which was carried on SOTF operatives conducting a parachute insertion into the Army Open House show site from 27-29 May. 

SOTF examples of the MP7 were seen with a silencer and an EOTech or Trijicon red-dot sight mounted on a Picatinny rail. 

Shephard understands that the MP7 was inducted by the SOTF in the last 1-2 years, although they also use the FN Herstal P90 depending on the type of operations. The unit also prefers the HK416 assault rifle, which comes in 10-inch and 14-inch barrel versions, and the smaller-calibre FN Five-SeveN as its sidearm. 

ST Kinetics has also developed a Compact Personal Weapon, with conversions for either 9mm, 5.7mm or 4.6mm rounds. Shephard understands that the weapon is currently under production.

This is the first time the SOTF had showcased deployment via parachute insertion in tactical gear. Also of interest are new black camouflage coveralls, which are different to the black tactical uniform seen in most units. 
Other accessories seen on SOTF operatives were Thales Angenieux night-vision goggles.

Singapore’s SOTF is a combination of the army’s Commandos, Special Operation Force and the navy’s Naval Diving Unit. It was formed in 2009 to meet the full spectrum of terrorist threats. 

Usually kept under wraps, the SOTF has been active in many events in recent years to provide the public with greater confidence against potential threats.


Uji Coba Kendaraan Tempur Jenis Sanca Buatan PT. Pindad

29 Mei 2017

Kendaraan taktis Sanca (photo : Portal Komando)

Bertempat di RM. Joglo Manis Jln. Sultan Agung No 54 Kel. Bangunsari Kec. Kota Kab. Ponorogo rangkaian Uji Coba 1(satu) unit Kendaraan Tempur Jenis Sanca buatan PT. Pindad Persero dan 9 (sembilan) ran pendukung dari Telaga Sarangan menuju Kab. Trenggalek melalui wilayah Kab. Ponorogo yang di pimpin oleh Mayor Inf Sukarno (Ditlitbangad) berserta rombongan sebanyak 50 orang melaksanakan Chek Point .Rabu (24/5)

Teknik pengujian ranpur di route tanjakan maupun di turunan, antara lain Tanjakan jalan 40 derajat dengan beban 4 ton, Tanjakan dan turunan 60 derajat dengan beban 4 ton.

Route yang dilalui Telaga Sarangan - Kec. Parang - Kec. Sukorejo (Tim kawal lintas ganti di perbatasan Ponorogo - Magetan)- Keniten Ponorogo - Perempatan Pasar Songgolangit - RM Joglo Manis(Check Point skaligus makan pagi)- Kec. Siman - Kec. Jetis - Kec. Sambit - Kec. Sawoo - Desa Nglinggis (lintas ganti dgn Unit Pom Trenggalek)- Aloon aloon Trenggalek - Desa Nglinggis - Kembali ke Hotel Amaris Ponorogo.


27 Mei 2017

Philippine Restarts Maritime Patrol Aircraft Acquisition Programme

27 Mei 2017

Airbus CN295 is the platform was understood to be a leading contender in the previous LRPA acquisition project. (photo : wikiwand)

The Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) has invited bids for a PHP5.976 billion (USD120 million) contest to supply the country's air force with two new maritime patrol aircraft.

The platforms, which are being acquired under the programme formally known as the Long Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA) Acquisition Project, are to be delivered equipped with sensors and mission support facilities. The integration of these sensors and a logistics package to deliver the aircraft are also required, according to a tender notice posted by the DND.

Invitation for tender LRPA (photo : maxdefense)

Bidding is open to all qualified local or foreign suppliers who have completed a similar contract within the last 10 years from the date of submission of tender documents. The winning bidder must deliver the aircraft within 1,035 calendar days from the receipt of notice to proceed.

The DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) will hold a pre-bid conference for the contest on 16 June 2017 at 10.00 a.m. at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City, near Manila. Parties interested in the contest will have to submit their bids by 30 June 2017.


Singapore Army's Commando VSV Breaks Cover

27 Mei 2017

The 16 m-long Very Slender Vessel provides the Singapore Army's commando units with an organic high-speed interdiction capability. (photo : Jane's)

Although its existence was officially announced as far back as 2009, the Singapore Army's Very Slender Vessel (VSV) finally made its debut public appearance as a static exhibit at its Army Open House 2017 event that is being held from 27 May to 28 May.

According to army specifications, the VSV is a wave piercing watercraft that measures 16 m long, 2.4 m wide, and 2.5 m tall. The service also stated that the VSV operated by the Singapore commando forces for high speed interdiction missions at speeds in excess of 40 kt, although Jane's understands from manufacturer specifications that it is also designed to be deployed for covert insertion and exfiltration of personnel with maximum transit speeds in the region of 60 kt.

VSV from rear view (photo : Kementah)

It is understood that the VSV was built by military small boat specialist Halmatic, a subsidiary of former shipbuilder Vosper Thornycroft before the latter's UK-based operations were acquired by Babcock International. Jane's earlier reported that the VSV product line includes three other models in the 18 m, 22 m, and 26 m sizes.

The VSV centres on a slender, low radar cross section canoe hullform with an elliptical cross-section and a length-to-beam ratio in excess of 6:1. The VSV's wide chines provide roll stability when stationary, while generating hydrodynamic lift during transit as well as control heeling when it performs tight manoeuvres.

An army commando spokesperson briefed Jane's on 25 May that the VSV is operated by three crew - comprising the boat commander, coxswain, and navigator - and is typically fitted seating for up to 10 personnel.

"A standard high speed craft, rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB), or even our own assault boat usually planes on the water's surface and this produces an extremely uncomfortable ride over long, high speed transits in higher sea states," the spokesperson said.


Panglima TNI: Helikopter AW-101 Tidak Sesuai Spesifikasi

27 Mei 2017

Helikopter AW-101 TNI AU (photo : Liam Daniels)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Panglima TNI, Jenderal TNI Gatot Nurmantyo, menegaskan, helikopter angkut berat  AgustaWestland AW-101 Merlin yang didatangkan dari pabrikan Inggris-Italia itu tidak sesuai dengan spesifikasi yang diperlukan.

"Heli itu pintunya bukan ramp door, padahal harusnya ramp door dan PT Dirgantara Indonesia harusnya bisa membuat heli seperti ini dan sudah dipakai juga," kata dia, dalam konferensi pers, di Gedung KPK Jakarta, Jumat.

Bersama dengan Kepala Staf TNI AU, Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto, Ketua KPK, Agus Rahardjo, dan Kepala Pusat Penerangan TNI, Mayor Jenderal TNI Wuryanto, dia memaparkan potensi kerugian negara dari pengadaan helikopter AW-101 Merlin itu.

Sudah ada tiga tersangka ditetapkan, yaitu Marsekal Pertama TNI FA, Letnan Kolonel Administrasi BW, dan seorang pembantu letnan satu. Semuanya personel TNI AU.

Ramp door adalah pintu untuk keluar-masuk personel, kendaraan, barang ke dalam kabin. Posisi ramp door selalu di buritan fuselage.  Adapun spesifikasi teknis yang dikehendaki pengguna (TNI AU) pada pengadaan helikopter angkut berat ini adalah helikopter transport pasukan dan SAR tempur.

Semula, AW-101 Merlin digadang-gadang akan dibeli sebagai helikopter VIP kepresidenan, dengan konfigurasi sesuai hakikat tugas utamanya, yaitu membawa presiden-wakil presiden dan VIP. Jika mengacu ke sini maka ramp door tidak diperlukan, karena fokusnya pada keamanan-keselamatan dan kenyamanan VIP. 

Saat itu (sekitar akhir 2014 hingga 2016) bagi publik peminat kemiliteran terjadi pro-kontra soal perlu atau tidak perlu dan harus-tidak harus memiliki helikopter baru VIP kepresidenan. Hal ini terutama di ranah media massa dan media sosial. Apalagi ada UU Nomor 16/2012 tentang Industri Pertahanan berhadapan dengan tuntutan tugas militer.

Pintu belakang heli AW-101 TNI AU (photo : defence.pk)

Adapun TNI AU memiliki skuadron udara helikopter khusus VIP, yaitu Skuadron Udara 45 VIP yang bermarkas di Pangkalan Udara Utama Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta. Skuadron udara ini bermaterialkan NAS-332 Super Puma.

Namun atas perintah Presiden Joko Widodo, pengadaan helikopter baru untuk VIP itu dibatalkan. Namun ternyata muncul perjanjian kontrak No KJP/3000/1192/DA/RM/2016/AU tanggal 29 Juli 2016 antara Markas Besar TNI AU dengan PT Diratama Jaya Mandiri tentang pengadaan heli angkut AW-101 Merlin. 

"Rp738 miliar itu pun untuk VVIP, tapi kemudian untuk heli angkut juga habisnya dalam jumlah yang sama padahal spesifikasinya lebih tinggi VVIP, itu saja sudah kelihatan (korupsi)," kata Nurmantyo.

Helikopter AW 101 Merlin yang disebut untuk angkut berat-personel dan SAR tempur itu akhirnya datang pada akhir Januari 2017, secara diam-diam.Sejak dia datang hingga kini, belum pernah dipertunjukkan langsung pada publik, kecuali sekali saja kepada pers. Itupun secara terbatas. 

"Desember 2015 memang sudah ada perintah untuk menghentikan pengadaan helikopter, satu buah. Kemudian awal 2016 helikopter VVIP diubah menjadi heli angkut dan juga hanya satu buah. Memang betul TNI AU belum memiliki helikopter (yang dilengkapi) ramp door itu," kata Nurmantyo.

Menambah keterangan Nurmantyo, Tjahjanto berkata, "Tapi kenyataannya pada 2017 heli datang pada akhir Januari dan helikopter itu masih tidak sesuai spesifikasi sehingga heli tersebut belum kami terima sebagai kekuatan AU dan speknya belum memenuhi versi militer."

Saat ini helikopter AW 101 Merlin itu masih berada di salah satu hanggar di Pangkalan Udara Utama TNI AU Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta. 

"Helinya belum diterima sebagai inventaris TNI masih di Halim, ada garis polisi. Belum diterima sebagai (unsur) kekuatan TNI," kata Rahardjo, kemudian.

Karena nilai strategisnya, maka proses pengadaan dan pembelian arsenal dan perlengkapan TNI melalui proses dan mekanisme yang panjang dan melibatkan matra-matra yang bersangkutan di TNI, Markas Besar TNI, Kementerian Pertahanan, Kementerian Keuangan, Bappenas, dan lain-lain. Khusus untuk peralatan perang, tender terbuka tidak pernah diumumkan kepada publik. 


U.S. Transfers Hamilton-Class Cutter to Vietnam

27 Mei 2017

USCGC Morgenthau WHEC-722 which will be renamed as CSB 8020 into Vietnam Coast Guard (photo : FleetMon)

U.S. transfers high endurance cutter to Vietnam coast guard

HONOLULU — The U.S. Coast Guard transferred a high endurance cutter to the Vietnam coast guard during a ceremony in Honolulu, Thursday at 10 a.m. 

The ship, which will be renamed CSB 8020, is expected to improve the Vietnam coast guard’s maritime domain awareness, increase its capacity to perform maritime law enforcement operations, and conduct search and rescue and other humanitarian response operations.

"This cutter provides a concrete and significant symbol of the U.S-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership," said U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Michael J. Haycock, assistant commandant for acquisition and chief acquisition officer. "The Coast Guard is honored to see this vessel continue to preserve global peace and prosperity as a part of the Vietnam coast guard."

The CSB 8020 was transferred to the Vietnam coast guard from the U.S. Government through the Excess Defense Articles program. The EDA offers excess military equipment to U.S. partner and allied countries in support of their military and security modernization efforts.


26 Mei 2017

Ukraine Offers Joint Production of Guided Air-to-Air Missiles

26 Mei 2017

R-27 guided missiles at the Ukrobronoprom's booth. (photo : J.Sabak)

Indonesian marines begin using Ukrainian BTR-4M armored personnel carriers

The all-purpose maritime battalion of Indonesian marines have officially begun to use a test batch of BTR-4M armored personnel carriers produced at Ukraine's Kharkiv-based Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. The contract was signed in February 2014 between the state-run SpetsTechnoExport Concern, which is part of Ukrainian state-run Ukroboronprom, and Indonesia's Defense Ministry.

Ukroboronprom's press service on Thursday cited SpetsTechnoExport CEO Pavlo Barbul as saying the first five BTR-4 vehicles have completed testing and have been transferred to Indonesia's military for use.

"The procedure for transferring Ukrainian BTRs to Indonesia's military has taken place. Since the start of May, Indonesia marines have been using them," Barbul said.

As earlier reported, the contract to produce and send a test batch of five BTR-4Ms was signed in February 2014. The contract provides the option for further supplies of 50 vehicles. The first batch was offloaded in Indonesia in 2016.

The success of the Indonesia contract comes within the framework of increased capacity of Ukraine's military industrial complex after supplying BTR-4s to Ukraine's armed forces.

Indonesia is one of Ukraine's best potential partners in the Asian Pacific region. Ukrainian tank and armored vehicles, as well as aviation equipment, have been provided to Indonesia on a bilateral basis, as well as repair and modernization services.

Kyiv and Jakarta have stepped up talks about increased military cooperation. Indonesia today is interested in the creation of a joint enterprise for the production of guided air-to-air missiles, Ukrainian radar systems and Ukrainian military cargo planes.


Phillipines Eyes Russian Submarines

26 Mei 2017

Amur Class Submarine (photo : Angad Singh)

DND mulls purchase of Russian weaponry

MANILA -- The Philippines is planning to acquire weapons, including advanced diesel-electric submarines from Russia

This was disclosed by Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana in an interview on PNA Exclusive in Moscow, Russia around 2 p.m. Tuesday (7 p.m., Manila time).

"Yes, we have plans to purchase weapons from them. They have also very sophisticated and advanced weaponry. We will look into them, we have not decided what equipment but off the bat, we are looking, we would like to develop our submarine force so we will look into their submarines one of these days," he added.

Lorenzana was with President Rodrigo Duterte on his official trip to Russia which was cut short by the ongoing clash between government forces and Maute Group terrorists in Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur.

"If we can buy submarines or if they are affordable for us, or if the Philippine Navy would be willing to go there because we will give it to the Navy to decide what kind of submarine they would like to purchase. That is one of the plans that the PN (wants) is to develop some submarine capabilities," the DND chief pointed out.

And when asked on where these vessels will be based, Lorenzana said that they are looking into that detail.

"We will look into that. We don’t have any submarine base yet in the Philippines but if we will purchase already then we have to develop a submarine base to keep those submarines safe," Lorenzana pointed out.

Another Russian-made weapon being looked by the Philippines is sniper rifles and precision-guided munitions which can be used for the country's brand-new FA-50 "Fighting Eagle" jet aircraft and AW-109 attack helicopters.

"So one of the things that we are considering is the sniper rifles of the Russians, they have very good sniper rifles. They also have very good precision-guided munition that we can use with our FA-50s, and our attack helicopters. Those are the items. But we have to see more because sometime this year, there will be this defense exhibition that they are going to hold here and we will send some people to look into it," the DND chief added. 


Singapore and Indian Navies Conclude Annual Bilateral Exercise

26 Mei 2017

The RSN and IN ships sailing in formation. R1: RSS Formidable; R2 (left to right): INS Kamorta, INS Sahyadri, RSS Victory; R3 (left to right): RSS Supreme, INS Jyoti, INS Shivalik. (photo : Sing Mindef)

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Indian Navy (IN) conducted the Singapore-Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX) from 18 to 24 May 2017. Hosted by Singapore, the exercise comprised a shore phase held at RSS Singapura - Changi Naval Base and a sea phase in the South China Sea. This year's exercise is the 24th iteration of the annual bilateral exercise held since 1994.

The RSN deployed two frigates (RSS Formidable, equipped with an S-70B naval helicopter, and RSS Supreme) and a missile corvette (RSS Victory), while the IN participated with two frigates (INS Sahyadri and INS Shivalik), a corvette (INS Kamorta), an oiler (INS Jyoti) and a P8-I maritime patrol aircraft.

SIMBEX 2017 saw the inaugural participation of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)'s F-15SG fighter aircraft. Aside from the two F-15SG fighter aircraft, the RSAF also deployed two F-16D+ fighter aircraft and a Fokker-50 maritime patrol aircraft for the exercise.

INS Shivalik, India's stealth frigate. (photo : Shiv Aroor)

During the exercise, the two navies conducted a series of advanced naval warfare serials, including air defence exercises and gunnery live-firings. The sea phase culminated in a mission-oriented surface action group exercise wherein assets and personnel from the two navies worked together to plan and execute a series of warfare missions.

Over the years, SIMBEX has grown in scope and complexity, expanding beyond its traditional emphasis on anti-submarine warfare to incorporate elements of maritime security, anti-air and anti-surface warfare. CO RSS Formidable, Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Albert Khoo said, "SIMBEX has progressed both in scale and complexity over the years – from a serial-based exercise to today's mission-based exercise incorporating scenarios with threats from surface, underwater and air."

Apart from SIMBEX, the two navies also interact regularly through professional exchange programmes, staff talks and training courses. Testament to the warm and long-standing defence ties between both countries, INS Sahyadri and INS Kamorta joined in the RSN's Golden Jubilee celebrations, participating in both the inaugural Singapore International Maritime Review at RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base on 15 May 2017, and the International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEX) Asia from 16 to 18 May 2017. Both navies are also exploring new and enhanced areas of cooperation in the maritime domain.

(Sing Mindef)

Eks NCO TD Uji Keberkesanan Sistem Network Centric Operation

26 Mei 2017

Eksesais Network Centric Operation oleh Briged Keempat Infantri Malaysia Mekanize (photos : BTDM)

Tentera Darat Malaysia telah menguji keberkesanan Sistem Network Centric Operation melalui pelaksanan Eks NCO TD 2017 yang diadakan  di kawasan Kuantan, Pahang dan Dungun, Terengganu selama tiga hari bermula dari 10 hingga 12 Mei 2017.

Eksesais ini bertujuan untuk melihat sejauh mana peralatan sistem baharu dalam perkhidmatan yang membawa kepada pengintegrasian  angkatan sepenuhnya dan Markas Briged Keempat Infantri Malaysia Mekanize (MK 4 Bgd Mek) dilantik sebagai pelaksana eksesais yang mana berjaya mengenalpasti keberkesanan serta kekurangan sistem ini yang perlu diberi penambahbaikan pada masa akan datang.

Majlis penutup eksesais disempurnakan oleh Panglima 4 Bgd Mek, Brig Jen Dato’ Md Din Hj Abu di Felda Bukit Sagu yang melibatkan 26 pegawai dan 88 anggota Lain-Lain Pangkat (LLP) serta wakil dari Syarikat Sapura.

Panglima 4 Briged Mekanize, Brig Jen Datuk Md Din Abu berkata, eksesais NCO Tentera Darat yang dijalankan itu bertujuan untuk melihat sejauh mana peralatan sistem baru dalam perkhidmatan yang membawa kepada pengintegrasian  angkatan sepenuhnya.

Dalam ucapan Panglima 4 Bgd Mek semasa majlis penutup, beliau mahukan eksesais tersebut menjadi medan untuk melatih pegawai dan anggota dalam merancang pelaksanaan gerakan berpandukan protap briged sedia ada.

“Saya melihat, eksesais yang diadakan dapat mempertingkatkan kebolehan pemerintah di peringkat kompeni dan batalion dalam merancang penggunaan aset-aset yang ada di dalam unit gabungan membabitkan peperangan konvensional  selain penggunaan teknologi dapat dinilai keberkesanannya serta dapat mengenal pasti kelemahan sistem NCO yang digunakan,” katanya.

Turut hadir semasa penutup eksesais, Ketua Staf Am MK 4 Bgd, Lt Kol Mat Khalid Hamzah.


BAE Systems Australia Begins $30 million SATCOM Upgrade for RAN

26 Mei 2017

MASTIS as part of wideband military satcom (image : Aus DoD)

BAE Systems Australia will deliver a major capability improvement to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with the upgrade of maritime satellite communications terminals in a four year, $30 million project.

The upgrade of maritime satellite communications terminals (MASTIS - Maritime element of the Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System) will provide a major enhancement to the RAN operations and life at sea.

The upgrade will be undertaken at BAE Systems facilities at Edinburgh Parks in South Australia and   North Ryde in Sydney and will result in the creation of up to 20 new jobs. The upgrade is an extension to BAE Systems Australia’s existing MASTIS support contract.

The upgrade will be achieved through the delivery of vastly increased bandwidth which will provide more efficient usage of defence satellite capacity and enhanced network interoperability between ships, aircraft and land based platforms.

The MASTIS terminals are equipped with two antennas which are capable of transmitting and receiving in X and Ka-bands simultaneously and they are able to connect to two different satellites at the same time.

This dual-band, dual-antenna approach will provide the Navy with advanced SATCOM availability and a substantial increase in the ship's data capabilities, even under heavy interference conditions.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said:
“The upgrade will provide the RAN with a capability edge that will significantly improve its ability to keep our nation safe by providing the very latest in satellite communications interoperability.”

MASTIS terminals are fitted in three variants in the RAN fleet including the dual antenna terminal variant fitted to Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships and Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD). The upgrade addresses all of the Navy’s in-service MASTIS fleet of 17 ship fitted systems and 1 training suite.

MASTIS terminals were designed, developed and delivered by BAE Systems and entered service in 2005. The upgrade will see BAE Systems working with AIRBUS Defence and Space, which supplied a significant portion of the original terminals including the three axis stabilised antenna system.

(BAE Systems)

25 Mei 2017

Ukraine Offers Radars, UAVs and Air Defense to Phillipines

25 Mei 2017

Ukrainian made UAV (photo : iec expo)

"SpetsTeсhnoExport" starts cooperation in defense industry with Philippines

Pavlo Barbul, Director of SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport” and Oleg Hladkovskiy,  First Deputy to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine, during the working visit to the Republic of the Philippines, held an official meeting with the Secretary of National Defense Delfin N.Lorenzana and a number of negotiations with the senior leadership of defense offices of the country. The parties discussed the potential of cooperation between the countries, particularly in the field of shipbuilding, production of air defense means, UAV's, radar equipment and weapon systems.

"In fact, the Philippines with its market and economy are opening up huge prospects for Ukrainian developers and manufacturers. Shipbuilding, various weapon systems, radars, UAVs - this is nowhere near a full list of what Ukraine can offer as part of a mutually beneficial defense cooperation", - said the First Deputy to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.

This visit has to be a new starting point for the development of efficient cooperation and contribute to strengthening of national security of both states. 


Latihan Kuasa Tembakan (LKT 2017) Uji Kehebatan Aset TDM

25 Mei 2017

Latihan Kuasa Tembakan 2017 (all photos : BTDM)

Gemas 'dibedil'

Gemas: Bagaikan berada di medan perang sebenar apabila tembakan mortar dan dentuman meriam bertubi-tubi membedil Lapang Sasar Kem Syed Sirajuddin Gemas, di sini.

Gegaran dirasai cukup membuat kumpulan petugas media terpegun sepanjang menyertai Latihan Kuasa Tembakan (LKT) 2017 oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM).

Bunyi letupan kuat memaksa peserta menggunakan penutup telinga bagi melindungi gegendang daripada cedera.

Bagaimanapun perkara itu tidak mematahkan semangat pengunjung yang hadir untuk melihat lebih dekat aset pasukan Mekanise dan Persenjataan Infantri milik Tentera Darat (TD) dan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) seperti kereta perisai, kereta kebal, helikopter dan pesawat tempur.

Lebih menguja apabila pengunjung dapat melihat keberkesanan aset ATM menggunakan peralatan persenjataan dalam mengatur serangan dari darat dan udara dengan melakukan tembakan tepat ke arah lokasi sasaran.

Panglima Tentera Darat Jeneral Datuk Seri Zulkiple Kassim berkata, latihan itu dikenali sebagai Demonstrasi Kuasa Tembakan (DKT) dan diadakan sebagai aktiviti tahunan bertujuan memberi pendedahan kepada Siswa Kursus Pemerintah dan Staf Malaysia (KPSM) dari Maktab Turus Angkatan Tentera (MTAT) kepada kuasa tembakan.

Katanya, penyertaan KPSM tahun ini membabitkan 165 siswa termasuk 45 penuntut dari luar negara.

“Siswa tempatan membabitkan 78 pegawai Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM), 20 pegawai Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM), 20 pegawai Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM), dua pegawai dari agensi penguatkuasaan lain membabit Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) dan Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM).

“Kursus ini turut disertai 45 penuntut dari 28 negara antaranya Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Labonan, Meldives, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka dan Arab Saudi,” katanya ketika ditemui pada sidang media Latihan Kuasa Tembakan 2017, di sini, kelmarin.

Turut hadir Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jeneral Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor dan Panglima Wilayah Udara Satu TUDM, Mejar Jeneral Datuk Mohd Faudzi Ahmad.

Mengulas mengenai latihan itu, Zulkiple berkata, ia diadakan membabitkan dua segmen iaitu Segmen Dinamik dan Pameran Statik serta Segmen Tembakan Tidak Langsung.

Katanya, objektif latihan diadakan untuk mempamerkan keupayaan kuasa tembakan dan impak ke atas sasaran sistem persenjataan di dalam inventori TDM termasuk keupayaan pesawat TUDM.

“Ia membabitkan 1,700 pegawai dan anggota tentera dengan aset ketenteraan seperti kenderaan berperisai seperti AV8 GEMPITA, ADNAN, kereta kebal PT91M Pendekar 125mm, meriam 105mm PH L5, Meriam 155mm G5 MK III serta aset udara antaranya Helikopter Agusta, Nuri, pesawat Sukhoi SU-30MKM FA 18D Hornet dan Hawk 208.

“Latihan ini juga secara tidak langsung memberi peluang anggota menggunakan aset terbabit bagi memahirkan diri serta menentukan keberkesanan senjata berikutan ia memberi kesan besar dalam pertempuran,” katanya.

Katanya, dia berpuas hati dengan kecekapan dan kemahiran yang dipamerkan pegawai serta anggota menerusi latihan berkenaan.

Menurutnya, kelainan pada latihan tahun ini adalah penggunaan senjata baharu iaitu Agusta-7.62mm Gatling Gun M 134D.

“Senjata ini digunakan untuk menembak dari atas helikopter Agusta. Kita dapat lihat keberkesanan senjata terbabit ketika digunakan.

“Selain itu, kita lihat keberkesanan kenderaan berperisai AV8 GEMPITA yang diterima ATM sejak 2014 dan kita sangat berpuas hati melihat keupayaan kenderaan ini,” katanya.

(Harian Metro)