25 Agustus 2018

Duterte Declines U.S. Offer to Sell F-16 Jets to the Philippines

25 Agustus 2018

F-16PF for Philippines (photos : Maxdefense)

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte is saying no thanks to the United States' offer to sell F-16 jets to the Philippines.

Speaking at the 12th anniversary celebration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Eastern Mindanao Command in Davao City Thursday, the President said three U.S. Cabinet members wrote him a letter to make the offer.

He was referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

"We hope to partner in other significant defense procurement of our mutual benefit including through the Lockheed Martin F-16 multi roll fighter platform and your attack helicopter platform among other U.S. systems," said the letter which the President read.

President Duterte declined the proposed deal, saying the military does not need F-16 jets because the Philippines is not at war with any country.

"We do not need any F-16s. It would be utterly useless to buy it, but I need attack helicopters and small planes for the counter-insurgency," he said.

However, the President said he wanted to meet with the three American officials to talk about the proposed deal and the ties between the U.S. and the Philippines.

He recalled how American lawmakers earlier opposed plans for the U.S. to sell assault rifles to the Philippines over human rights concerns in his drug war.

"I want to meet three of them. Mamili sila ng… hindi ako pupunta nang Amerika. There will never be a time na pupunta akong Amerika," Duterte said.

[Translation:I want to meet the three of them. They can choose... I will not go to America. There will never be a time that I will go to America.]

Duterte added, "How sure na makuha ko yung binili ko? Kung bilhin ko yung isang dosenang F-16, madeliver kaya nila? Ni hindi nga nila madeliver yung M16."

[Translation:What the assurance that I will get what I bought.  If I buy a dozen F16s, will they be able to deliver? They can't even deliver the M16s.]

The President also had a condition before the meeting could proceed — the return of the Balangiga Bells.

During his second State of the Nation Address, Duterte called on the U.S. to return the bells, which American soldiers claimed as spoils of war after they retaliated against Filipino villagers and guerrillas who attacked a U.S. garrison in Balangiga, Eastern Samar in 1901.

"Can the passage of time cure an injustice… just because it was 100 years ago, so it is erased? Kung hindi nila isauli iyang Balangiga Bells, wala tayong pag-usapan," he said.

[Translation: Can the passage of time cure an injustice... just because it was 100 years ago, so it is erased? If the Balangiga Bella are not returned, there is nothing to talk about.]

President Duterte has recently been verbally attacking the U.S. for discouraging the Philippines from buying Russian submarines.

He criticized the U.S. for selling six refurbished choppers to the Philippines, three of which already crashed, killing some Filipino pilots.

He dared the U.S. to "prove to me first that you are in utter good faith."

"Mahirap 'yang sabihin mo na [That's hard when you say] 'we are friends.' We are friends but remember you made us a colony years ago. 'Wag mo sabihin na [Don't say]… it was not a friendship agreed upon, mutually satisfying. It was a friendship imposed on us," he said.


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  1. duterte dont be so idiot let this oppotunirty passed by,grab it ...let bygone be bygone enough with the dramas and antagonism towards america..

  2. minta apache, cobra haha!🤠🤠🤠

    bner jugak sich, uda kejadian m16, f35 turki, f16 pakistan, capek2 pesen, duit ketahan barang tak dateng, heleuh.
    tp kalo bahrain beda administratur laen crita, lanjut kirim haha!😆😆😆

    pemikiran dia mungkin, lebih baek dapet hibah, reksiko rugi lebih kecil. trus duit yg ada lbh baek shoping ke negara laen yg gak byk aturan, sama donk kyk taktik kita haha!😳😳😳

    1. Beli weapon dari mamarika banyak persyaratannya om...nah kl philippines sabar nunggu sampe thn 2025,boleh deh philippines beli IFX,persyaratan gk ribet,malahan di kasi bonus beli 3 biji IFX gratis anoa atau badak 1 biji xixixi

    2. http://intisari.grid.id/read/03924777/heli-h-47-chinook-pisang-terbang-yang-masih-ditunggu-tni-ad-untuk-misi-tempur-dan-tangani-bencana-alam?page=all baca ternyata 2016 chinook sdah ditandatangani bro malon semakin ketinggalan dah 😂😂

    3. om pit itu kayak dagang kulakan di brader len dech haha!😄😄😄

    4. "Intisari-Online.com - Jika tidak ada aral melintang pada tahun 2019 mendatang Pusat Penerbangan TNI AD (Puspenerbad) akan menerima 12 unit heli transpor H-47 Chinook dari AS."

      wah kalo si pisang terbang ampe datang bneran, pesta pora kita om andre haha!🎉🎉🎉

    5. Sadis mas... punya BlackHawk aja amazing banget apalagi kalo beneran TNI bisa punya Chinook?

      Krezy eta mah.. mantap

    6. Loe gila ya..kapan sih indon ada ifx??..indon already withdraw dr projek kfx kerna ngak ada uwang....wkwkwkwk

    7. Masih lanjut lah beruk 😆
      beruk malonsial miskin makin ketinggalan 😆😆😆😆

    8. Scan@ makanya banyak2 baca news mahathir anjing supaya ko tak cem katak dibawah tempurung wkwkwk

    9. bansa anjing kurap malaysia tuh dah punya kepakaran bina apa?? Dadah ?? Video luncah ???

  3. Perhaps some Cobra Attack Helis will meet the requirement needed.
    I dont think Phillipina can afford the Apaches since it is bloody expensive.

    8 Cobras and 8 Mi17s will be the best option in term of usages and funding as well.

  4. Beli senjata begitu mau digunakan banyak aturan yg harus dituruti, mau menang sendiri AS.

    1. Usa kuwi pancene asu yo mas ? 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  5. He is throwing an opportunity away! Besides those rifle issues is about the PNP not the military.

  6. He says that they are not at was with a country hence there is no need for the f16s but in this article which i will link, he says that buying the f16s is a mistake because it is a 70s era fighter and is no match for China's airpower??
    Make your mind sir. First you say no need because it is no use now you say no because you don't need it because you are not at war??


    1. All Asian Nations for now cannot match and competes with China Air Superiority even we have F15 F16 or maybe F35. China definitely in the same league as US. Even if Phil get offered for let say the most sophisticated jet like F35 do we think they can afford the fundings when for sub and even sukhoi (which we knew has cheaper price than US jets) he referring to get it with soft loans.

      Asean Jets owners only compete among Asean Nations not to stand in the frontline with China, fighter Jets is political stuffs right now and unlikely we will use it for about 10 years to come.

    2. It is true that china is powerful. However, what these 2 issues he brought up past and present shows one thing. Excuses. Like prata fliping. Dont say no i do not want this because of this or no i do not want this because of another reason which counters your previous statment. In a sense opposing reasons but same stance. He cannot expect others to give him good platforms if he is not happy with the f16. If he does not want a fighter because it is no match for a specific threat, it SHOWS that you are far and lag behind others. Which is an unfortunate fact. So what then? Rather not buy something and start somewhere? Rather maintain current standards without improving? Or demand something better but is to far off like asking for 5th gen fighters. It is important to be realistic. You know u have a problem and u know u cannot fixed it but surely u have to start from somewhere.
      A good example is Malaysia, their airforce has serious issues. Rather than saying no we do not want this because we cannot, they came out with a plan similar to the navy 15 to 5. Of course it goes back to politics if the plan lives on and gets into effect.
      Where as here he says no we dont want f16 as it is not useful. Looking at the current state the PAF is in, an F16 blk 70 or a grifen would be considered a quantam jump in the PAF capability without a doubt. Let the end users(PAF) decide. Stop playing political games. It is not doing justice to the men and women who have sacrifice alot in defending the country. Even if it is some hidden tactic he is playing, he is only worring them. The US has been quite tolerant so far so good for them.

    3. Yes indeed... Durterte is playing mind games r8 now.. Trump as we know has a big temper but US Congress dat will decide for what US gonna do to Philipine.No matter how hard mr Durterte act to play, US wont let diz country getting far away from them.

      So.. I think US still in the upper hand right now and Phil will get what they want. By the way is Subic and Clark base still operating for now ?

  7. Its gonna be like indo deal 24 f16v some cobra -w and the bell416. If u fallow duterte he will talk trash so he can bargain better. And let us not forget phil is non nato ally and has an mdt with the US. The only problem is the polictical will to make budget. F16 a b series was offerd during 92 until 2018 the offer is still open . Some soure said during 92 f18 was offerd but ramos declined.
    High times for AFP

    1. Like i said before, Durterte is a smart and clever general... he s now using his tactics to get the best of both worlds (russian and us) stuffs. In the end of the day sooner or later Phil will get the Viper series. With maybe lower price than other nations procurement with the similar type and super soft loans from US.

      Its Durterte s way.. and I like the way he acts..Hail..!

    2. If that is indeed his way then he better becareful when playing his cards. Do not test other nations patience. Especially when they have been putting up with his fuss. Even if he mean well. As president, he is responsible for ensuring the nations survival. He should do it with responsibility and honesty to the best of his ability. I see many phillipinos losing respect for him whenever i visit their blogs. It is like playing dirty. Whether u mean well or not, it is irresponsible. He represents his country. He should represent his country well.

    3. Agree with you Superstar. THUMBS UP for the good analysis. Unlike all other nation buying military stuff even the price is overhead.

      Good Duterte.

  8. too much bravado will end up nothing.. grab this opportunity and buy those f16.. we have the budget and we need those birds badly.. please mr president!!!

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  10. Wah hebat philipina tak mau punya pesawat Ef Enam Belas..... 

    si beruk malon kalau dikasih hibah pasti gak akan nolak. Malassia negara miskin dan bodoh


    1. Persoalan nya ngga punya duit buat ongkos angkut nya bro apa lagi upgrade..😆 meriam hibah dan burung emprit kecil yang ngga jelas nasib aja udah di masukin inventory army Malon di Wikipedia 😆😆😆😆

    2. Biasa dihibah dan mohon sedekah F16 negara baboon? Kikiki.. indon senang digondolin.

    3. Beruk Malon miskin ambik meriam hibah pun tak de wang.. Indonesia yang kaya hibah upgrade 750 juta US tak soalan pun.. beruk Malon miskin senang di gondolin 😆😆😆😆

    4. Indonesia dapat hibah dgn guna wang 750 million US,malon dapat hibah guna rasuah wkwkwk

  11. Philipine baiknya agak bersabar sebentar lagi malaysia akan jual sukhoinya karena tidak punya biaya perawatan, philipine akan dapat pesawat tempur dengan harga murah, namun setelah dilakukan pembelian harus segera di upgrade karena sudah lama tidak di upgrade

  12. It is a tactic of duterte he knows whats hes doing...if the budget is out then the dnd and afp will be the one to choose

  13. Duterte nak beli lembu pendek anoa..atau gelaranya rimau sawah..wkwkwkwkwkwk


    2. Harimau kurap Malon makin ketinggalan 😆😆😆

    3. Tak ada bangsa bangsa yang sudi beli kendaraan taktis tempel sticker nya malaysia kembara ternoda..

  14. Cb indo yang beli dari amerika pasti d bolehin,

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