18 Maret 2016

About ASU-85 Self-Propelled Guns of Vietnam

18 Maret 2016

 ASU-85 self-propelled guns of Vietnam (photos : BaoDatViet)

Border War In 1979, Soviet aid to Vietnam has large weapons, including self-propelled guns ASU-85 that Vietnam called SU-85.

In May 10/2015, 168 Artillery Brigade under the Military Region conducted two rounds of water testing shot for SU-85. This is the amphibious assault guns ASU-85 road not used commonly in units Soviet paratroopers in the decade 1960-1970.

Thus, after many years of long-term archive, to date some Vietnam artillery units, including units of the military-fire gave ASU-85 self-propelled guns back staffing, training ready fight.

Amphibious assault guns ASU-85 air using PT-76 chassis, the famous swimming tank has been involved in several major campaigns, up resounding victories during the two resistance wars against the US and war border protection.

ASU-85 was redesigned rather than PT-76, it is no longer the main turrets firepower that is attached directly to the body of the tank, through which the overall height and weight reduction from the original car, special particularly suitable for the transport aircraft.

ASU-85 self-propelled gun used fire and assist the infantry attack or defense, it can kill tanks, light armored vehicles. One of the remarkable advantages of this gun is relatively small but fast maneuverability in various terrain, including swampy areas, or with steep slopes, make sure to follow firepower aid? for the military wing, including advances in high-speed practice.

D70 85mm caliber main gun, a maximum range of 10km, is derived from D-48 anti-tank guns can fire anti-tank ammunition, high explosive projectile thrown pieces with the number 45 members. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm PKT SGMT or with the 2,000 members of bullets.

TShK-2-79 viewfinder simultaneously control both the main battery and coaxial machine gun. With high explosive anti-tank rounds 3BK-7, ASU-85 can easily destroy the tanks, light armored vehicles with 192mm steel armor penetration hit 60 degrees in angle from approximately 1,000m distance.

When firing in the dark conditions, poor lighting, crew gunners supported by TPN1-79-11 night vision goggles combined with reconnaissance equipment infrared L-2. Vehicles equipped with radio communication system R-113 and the internal communication system R-120 crew.

According to photos published version ASU-85 self-propelled artillery of the 168 Brigade is equipped with machine guns 12.7mm dshk-M with the park some 600 bullets, may be the most modern version of the line this cannon, NATO designation is ASU-85 M1974.

However, this version (sometimes called ASU-85M) only have the number of shells is 39 members, down slightly compared to the previous version. In the Soviet Union, ASU-85 cannon weighs 15.5 tons, fitted with cargo compartment of a variety of transport aircraft and in accordance with the ability of the hook hanging helicopter Mi-6 large as or Mi- ten.

Vietnam Air Force previously had also operated a number of helicopters Mi-6 moon, contributing to a very positive move for the MiG-21 fighters to areas or airports evacuated to makeshift enemy ambush.

Today, Mi-6 was eliminated border, while air transport Vietnam mainly use smaller aircraft, with the load and limited cargo compartment does not have any non-road vehicles can conduct ASU-85 transport or airdrop mobility.

Known as self-propelled artillery landed, but in fact, with Vietnam, ASU-85 is essentially a conventional self-propelled gun as the other type 2S1 or 2S3, it is no longer whether, not missiles braking and not "go cloudy, the wind" again.

The ASU-85 was re-put into use has contributed to enhanced firepower Military Region level, particularly suitable for areas with complex terrain, fragmented, hilly, steep, does not require firing range too far.

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